Vijay Eswaran’s perspective on Life

“Are we not just all two minutes away from the abyss?” is the statement put out by a young monk. When you look keenly into the account, you realize that the meaning is indeed very apparent.

Many of us do not realize or even try to recognize how close we are from the abyss. Never have we ever thought that whatever we are experiencing could be the last experience we are having.

Acknowledging the reality that we could all stop existing any point is the beginning of positive change. Until then, we will just be living a lie since nothing else is real.

We are all products of our inherent nature and the people around us who are helping us through our journey in life. Time is very valuable, and we don’t have control over it. It is therefore essential to do everything with urgency. Living in gravity allows every part of our being to have an inner drive to do things that you desire.

It is always a fantastic feeling when you wake up every morning with the energy to accomplish your goals for the specific day. A life lived with no purpose at all is a life wasted.

There is need to willingly and freely sacrifice a lot to achieve your goals in life.Thus, train yourself each day to develop the desire to do things before circumstances force you. The determinant of the quality of life we live is our decisions and the constant ability to change to be better.

According to Vijay Eswaran Life usually gets tougher at you mature, and it is at this time that most people fail to adapt and quit. The inner drive is very important especially at this point of giving up; it provides you the strength to keep fighting. Strive always to stay focused and never to lose your treasuredvalues.

The only focus that you should have in your mind is the present moment and nothing else. Expectations should never be on our minds as they cause disappointments. When we make ourselves ready at this moment, it is only then that right things happen in our lives. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: