The Ambassadorship of Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in Britain in 1962 to Jewish parents and has since his childhood remained an Orthodox Jew.

He is by far one of the leading Israeli diplomats, but during his representation at the St James Embassy, nothing in his believes wavered. He made this fact plain to all those that he came across while in office.

Great Faith to Build Bridges

Daniel Taub believes in building bridges in life and having a strong faith in humanity. He has been in the midst of an insurmountable crisis but remained steadfast in putting Israeli’s government case to real prospection. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Taub shares that their strategic cooperation in education, research, and academic expansion indicates the serious and good relations between Britain and Israel.

Working towards a Peaceful World

Taub has been in the forefront in fighting against Iranian production of nuclear material. He points out the opportunities and the brighter side in the whole situation.

The resilience and the peace accord with Jordan and Egypt come to mind. These agreements have played a key role in ensuring no finances are channeled towards the coffers of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Daniel Taub shares a number of the opportunities being realized under the administration of Barack Obama, making their relations with the United States incomparable. It is interesting to see quiet alignments with countries like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States in the East.

The Common Israeli and British Interests

Taub says that relations between the Labor Party in Israel and the British Labor Party need to be strengthened. The two political outfits have so much in common, from the belief in the freedom of speech, space for the transgender and the homosexuals as well as the position of women and minorities in the communities.

These are progressive values that can be shared anywhere in the world and have become a guiding mark during the ambassadorship of diplomat Daniel Taub.

Thoughts on the Future of Europe

Daniel Taub intimates that Britain is not like the other European countries by virtue of the fact that the government in London is overly co-operative and helpful.

He stresses the fact that he represents Israel, and not the Jewish community at St James’s since his most important role is to build bridges between Israel and Britain, an endeavor he passionately pursues.

He admits having benefited from great generosity, both at home and in the diaspora.

Their stay in Britain has been characterized by very hospitable and incredible people, establishing relationships that he wishes to nourish. These are contributions towards a better world.

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