Eva Moskowitz of Success Academy wins the Broad Prize again

June 2017 seems to be a good month for Eva Moskowitz after the state appeal court gave her chain of Success Academy Charter Schools a great victory. She was also given $720,000 in a ruling that stated that the New York City had surpassed its authority when they tried to enforce its pre-K agreement on the chain of schools. Eva Moskowitz went to Washington where she received the Broad Prize which is usually given out every year to a charter school controller who has shown great academic results among the students of color and low-income students. Success Academy has 41 schools that educate over 14,000 students most of them from the low-income families. The Academy won the Broad Prize in the year 2016 as well.

Authentication of Eva Moskowitz’s Charter school peers was an incidental timing for her and the schools because it helped to unveil their Ed Institute which is an online collection of unrestricted curriculums, training resources, and tools which form the foundation of their victory. Moskowitz operates the largest Charter school network across the city, and she remains to be an influential figure in education. The Broad honor said that whether devotedly or begrudgingly, she deserve people’s respect for the benefits she has brought to the families she has been serving. The students at Success Academy carry out their state tests with great enthusiasm and authority. The poorest-performing school in success academy pushed about 90 percent of the students above grade level in state’s math tests in the year 2016.

Eva Moskowitz’s chain of schools does not have spectacular results in English Language Arts (ELA) at a glance because 75 percent of students in the poorest campus scored above grade level in reading in 2016. Apparently, if one can consider the nature of their language proficiency which suffers other factors external from school, it is fair to argue that this was a great accomplishment for low-income children to attain such levels. Success Academy applies a model in all its network of schools without any obvious outlier, and this is a great achievement for its size. Most of the people who criticize Success Academy wonder why the charter attains the results it is has been attaining while others want to know the activities the students in these schools partake in during the day.

The foundation of success Academy lies on the online platform whereby they offer the K-4 ELA curriculum. It guides the teachers on how they should construct their lessons in the form of guided reading, shared texts and also reading out loud to the kids. They are also provided with a list of recommended books. The students at Success Academy are exposed to an in-depth learning with rich contents in both reading and writing education. This fulfills New York’s standardized teaching requirement termed as balanced literacy whereby students are not only taught on writing but also reading so that the knowledge acquired is all rounded. Eva Moskowitz states that every school should place all functions that are not academic under the operations team so as to free the teachers and other school leaders to concentrate on students results exclusively. Also, parents should be involved in their children’s education rather considering them as barriers to progress.