Omar Boraie Is One City’s Savior

Omar Boraie and his company Boraie Development LLC have been the sole reason why New Brunswick, New Jersey has grown to become the hotbed of activity that is today.

Omar Boraie had a dream for New Brunswick. He wanted it to be as thriving as any of the European cities he saw it during his time of travel. He shared this vision with other corporate leaders who only frowned upon his ambitions. They thought that New Brunswick was dying and they would soon have to move their businesses elsewhere. Omar Boraie knew that they were wrong and it took him four decades to prove it.

According to Patch, when you visit, you will realize that Omar Boraie has been constructing real estate in the New Brunswick area for over three decades. Over the last 30 years, he has donated $150 million of his own personal wealth to make New Brunswick after the image in his mind. He has built both commercial real estate and residential real estate. Any profit he made from these he immediately reinvested into the city that he loves.

Omar Boraie knew that if New Brunswick were to thrive, it would need to stand on four pillars. The first pillar was to be family-oriented. The second pillar was to bring businesses and jobs to the city. The third pillar would be to reward businesses for not relocating. The fourth pillar would be to bring the middle class back to the city of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie worked with several nonprofits in the area, such as New Jersey Stage, to provide community activities for families to bond. These activities included real-a-longs with parents, free movie nights for the community, and time at the local waterpark. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Omar then began enticing businesses to the area by providing them the real estate they needed for a cost that could not be beaten. By providing office space for rent, he was able to attract the middle-class workers such as doctors, lawyers, and attorneys.

Omar then spent time working with the large local corporations to remain in the area. The big fish in the pond was Johnson and Johnson, and once they decided to stay, all other businesses got in line.

Omar Boraie would lastly focus on securing the professionals in the city by building the residential homes. Many of his buildings came complete with dog walks and tennis courts to appeal to the upper-middle-class. You can visit his website to see more.

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