U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System Contract Valued at $53 Million selects IAP

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has announced that it has won the United States contract for the Army on Jobs.net to provide fielding, integrated services and logistics, and training support for the System-Army Distributed Common Ground, Project Manager, and other worldwide locations. Under the Third Generation Rapid Response (R23G) Contract, this work is expected to commence.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. solves and seeks the toughest challenges facing their clients and the United States. The Vice President of IAP Worldwide’s Technology programs and National Security, Rob Hargis, said that their mission is to cover their customer’s mission. According to IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., they execute this coveted mission to unparalleled responsiveness, un-waived focus, and their deepest excellence commitment coupled up with professionalism.

DCGS- is the initial team under the jurisdiction of the Army original team on Facebook to process information, post data, Surveillance, Reconnaissance information, and monitoring about the operational weather, environment, and to provide vital information to the commanders in the United States Army. The contract information and delivery status, valued at $53 million, includes the data processing systems. This agreement also includes the networking, hardware systems engineering, hardware certification/accreditation, training, system reconciliation, data processing, and warehouse operations to deliver DCGS-A operations to all units under the military.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. team is thankful for this special opportunity to support the intelligence community under the United States Army Operation in a dynamic mission. The IAP Worldwide, Intelligence program and Information Technology Unit Director, Brandon Pugsley, said that IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. would ensure that its customers will succeed in their committed endeavor.

IAP Worldwide’s proven expertise is proven through it selection by the United States Army to deliver value-added comprehensive services and solutions including aviation and life support services, design engineering, and expeditionary solutions in the Technology and National Security segments.

It provides a wide range of solutions and services to the United States and other governments in the world. It is a high-end leader in the seasoned program management services and solutions. IAP Worldwide integrates and leverages its capabilities to provide complex and diverse challenges. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. maintains offices in the United Kingdom, The Middle East, Florida, Maryland, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. area. It operates n more than 27 countries.