Roberto Santiago, the Brains Behind Brazil’s Most Famous Mall

Anyone who has visited Brazil is familiar with the Manaira shopping mall. It is prominent for its exceptional products and services. It boasts some five-star hotels where you and your family can get away, or if you are looking for a venue to conduct business meetings, then this is the place to do so. Here visitors can shop, bank, eat and even play within. It has everything under one roof. Now, most people know about it but have you ever sat and wondered about who the brains behind its existence? Due to its high flying success, you might think that it belongs to someone who was brought up in an affluent family but it is quite contrary to that.

It belongs to Roberto Santiago a fifty-nine-year-old man born in Joao Pessoa back in the year 1958. He began working at a very tender age. Santiago has good writing skills, and that was the beginning of his road to success. Being born and brought up in Brazil, he had a lot of knowledge about his country, and that is how he started writing blogs. Due to his excellent writing skills and interesting blogs, Roberto earned a good reputation for himself and that way he ended up creating exposure for himself in the world of business. He put this exposure to his advantage by starting a small café at a place known as Café Santa Rosa. Through the profits earned, he began a company which manufactured and designed cardboards. These would later be supplied to other businesses for packaging purposes. He got his impressive business skills from the University center of Joao Pessoa where he got an undergraduate degree in Business administration. He also attended the Pio X-Marist College in the same town. He did not stop there instead Roberto took another step to success by moving into real estate. Here he bought his first piece of land where the Manaira shopping mall now lies. The mall has continued to grow better every day since its establishment two decades ago and is currently the most famous in Brazil. It boasts immense space in which can accommodate up to five concerts at the same time and the latest technology. It has state of the art movie theatres and even fitness centers. As if not enough, Roberto Santiago recently opened another mall which he named Mangeira. Similar to Manaira, it also boasts the latest technology and a lot of space. It is a one stop destination with everything that you might need. Through his many investments, Santiago has managed to make the lives of the people of Joao Pessoa through the provision of employment. He plays a significant role in the country’s economy through his investments which attract hundreds of visitors. Apart from being a great businessperson, he is also involved in many other activities such as the motor cross, bowling and is also a script writer. He is surely someone everyone seeking success should look upto.