The Charity of Rodrigo Terpins

The 2015 23rd edition of the Sertoes Rally had a cross-country course that passed through the Brazilian states of Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo, and Parana. Right before its commencement, the rally’s social concerns arm, SAS Brasil, held a charity dinner. During this dinner, the Bull Sertoes Rally Team gave for the first time. However, they have officially stated that this was only the first of a planned continual charitable giving ben of the team throughout the future. The funds raised at the SAS dinner were used to for the purchased and installation of water filters and delivery of medicines to the needy cities through which the race was to pass that year.


One of SAS’ primary goals is to bring needed resources to people groups who don’t have access to them. The four-day project that followed the dinner brought these needed resources to over 2,000 people. While the water filters and medicines were the main focus of the project, during this time SAS also provided dental care, educational lectures, cinema, sports competitions, and the construction of cisterns for water collection. The Bull Sertoes Team was founded and is headed by the race car star brothers, Michel and Rodrigo Terpins.


During the 2015 rally, Rodrigo Terpins partnered with Fabrocio Bianchini while Michel teamed with Fabio Pedroso. The Bull Sertoes team is sponsored by 100% Events, Xarla, Bull Sertões, Motul, and Ohlins. The course this year was 3,300 km long. The Support Park that year was set up at the Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia. Prior to the race, the individual teams modified their cars to make them more powerful and competitive. These modifications included the installation of brand new, top-of-the-line V8 engines.


Michel first started racing at the rally in 2002 in the motorcycle category. Shortly afterward, however, his veteran driver brother, Rodrigo, started training him in race car driving and soon started partnering with him in races. The Sertoes Rally is the largest and most popular annual off-road event in Brazil. The Sertoes contains several different stages of racing, the first two stages of which count toward the individual racing team’s standing in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. For more info you can checkout

Employees Can Look To The DeVos Family For a Great Example of Running a Business and Being a Leader

Almost every employee has a dream of being the owner of a business or just merely holding a leadership position. The only thing is that there are a lot of responsibilities that a lot of employees are not aware of. They often don’t gain awareness of these responsibilities until it is too late. Being a business owner is a completely different activity from other ways of earning income. This is why it is important for people to prepare for anything that they are trying to get into. Without the right preparation, every attempt at running a business is going to fail. Also, holding leadership positions is also going to not work out well for people without the right skill sets.


Fortunately, people can look to Dick DeVos as an example of a successful business owner. One of the reasons that he is very successful is that he is aware of the markets that he is involved in. He takes the time to be aware of any changes in the market so that he can adapt his business accordingly. When he took over his fathers business, Amway, he has looked for ways to make sure that his business could work well with the changes.


One thing that he has done for Amway was let go of all of the positions that he has concluded are no longer helpful for the company because of market changes. This has not only helped save his company money but also helped increase the amount of income that his company gets. One good thing is that he is aware of the changes that come with the market and the factors that contribute to the change.


One of the ways to succeed in business is to keep on top of the market changes. When people are behind the market when it comes to these changes, then they are likely to lose their company because of failure. After all, it is not enough to make money, they have to make a certain amount of money within a certain amount of time so that they can support their company.