Rocketship Charter Schools Open Doors For Kids Who Otherwise Would Not Have The Education They Need to be Successful

Not all schools are the same, this is the motto that Rocketship is using to help more children in local communities. What started out 10 years ago in a basement has led to countless students being helped to expand their education.

In the ten years that Rocketship has been in business, it has learned that there are many things that matter in how a school works to teach it’s students. In those years, these are the lessons that it has learned:

  1. Students and teachers and family members must all work together to educate children. It takes a village to raise a family and this speaks volumes when it comes to how Rocketship helps educate children. By bringing families into the lessons and what is being taught, it keeps the parent engaged with the learning and it helps them to harness their power in how a child is learning. This is important for a number of reasons.
  1. It does not matter the color or ethnic background of a child. All children are entitled to having a solid education and when you take that away from certain children due to color or race, it showcases bigotry which is what Rocketship avoids. They bring children in from all races and they help give children the education they deserve and need in order to be successful in life.
  1. Change is needed to help children keep learning. If a teacher is open to the idea of change, they are better able to help the children they are teaching. Not all children learn the same way and that is also said to be true about the people teaching them. It is important that a teacher look to ways that it can improve over time and with weekly sessions with teachers, the teacher is able to better understand what it can do differently to help children learn.

Rocketship is entirely a non-profit and they work to keep that status. By maintaining this status and opening doors in communities where there is lower incomes, the program is able to help children who are normally unable to receive the education they need be able to achieve the education they deserve. That is why Rocketship is so vital to the communities it serves.