Fantasy Football Defense Rankings 2017

It is not easy to draft a defense team in fantasy football. Most of the mid level defenses for last season have stocked up and can end up being surprise sleepers just as was the case with the Vikings in 2016. The defense ranking for 2017 has already been sorted out, and the cheat sheet is available.

The current rankings for the team are listed below, but this is bound to change with time. Top of the list is Denver Broncos who have finished among the top two for two consecutive years. They were among the top five in points allowed and were ranked position six with four touch downs.

Second on the list is Kansas City Chefs. They performed well in almost all of last season’s facets of defense. In the third position is Seattle Seahawks whose schedule will lighten up remarkably after one week. These are the top three so far in the 2017 Fantasy Football Defense rankings.

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