Cassio Audi and the Music Career That He Possessed Before Transitions into Business Administration

Long before Cassio Audi endeavored into the business world he that was someone that was known for his musical talents. Cassio was known, at one time, as a drummer and writer for a band called Viper. It was through this band that Cassio Audi became a musician with writing contributions to an album that was at the top of the charts. He worked on 2 albums with Viper can become known as a prolific song writer.

Many people may not know it, but Cassio Audi has played a major part in helping to popularize the concept of rock music to a Latin American audience. Many people will say that he was a pioneer in this area. He was already a huge fan of groups like Iron Maiden so it would only be a matter of time before Cassio Audi started to emulate what he saw through the rock music scene in America.

A good number of people are able look at what rocker Cassio Audi has done with all of the music that he wrote, and they are surprised by his move into the business administration industry. The Viper band become quite successful with Cassio Audi in place, but this is a band that Audi would leave in 1989 as he found a new life with a world in business. He definitely made a powerful impact on the Latin American music industry, but he wanted to be sure that people would recognize that rock music was a big concept that needed to spread outside of the United States.

Cassio Audi has made a good career in finance, but he was also a big fan of business finance. He would become a business leader that was just as talented in the world of music as he was as a business leader.

Talos Energy discovering nearly 2 billion gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Talos Energy just made an exciting find. The Zama-1 well, commonly referred to as Zama, was believed to have up to 2 billion gallons of oil. Talos Energy recently started drilling about 37 miles off the southern coast of the gulf of mexico in Puerto Dos Bocas. This find is exciting first because up until recently, Mexico did not allow outside companies to drill in their water and secondly because this find is one of the twenty largest finds in shallow water in recent history.

Talos Energy is a Houston Texas based offshore oil company. The president and chief executive of Talos Energy said that it could take up to four years to develope this oil find. While this is a large oil find, deciding on how to develope it cannot be made hastily. Many analysts feel as though this find could open up to more drilling south of the United States border. Within the past three years Mexico began reforming their off shore oil drilling practices and opening them up to out of country drillers. This find could encourage Mexico to perform more off shore drilling and oil fields. Prior to 2014, before the deregulation began, Mexico only had one oil production company, Petróleos Mexicanos. They decided to help improve the country’s insufficient energy revenues by allowing other companies to drill in their waters.

The offshore drilling find made by Talos Energy caused their shares to rise to nearly 30pc when it announced the discovery of the Zama oil well. This discovery was made by Talos Energy and Mexican firm Sierra Oil and Gas. This find could produce worldwide positive ramifications.

Cassio Audi Reaches For Success As A Drummer And Investment Specialist

The Brazilian heavy metal band Viper have passed through a number of members over the years as the band has gone from strength to strength as one of the best known heavy metal bands in the world. Of all the members who have been members of Viper over its more than 25 year history, former drummer Cassio Audi has had one of the most successful and varied careers of all the members; Audi was one of the original members of Viper when the heavy metal legends formed in 1985 and has gone on to become one of the best known investment specialists in Brazil.

Over the course of his five year career with Viper, Cassio Audi set out the template for heavy metal drummers in Brazil with a style created under the influence of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden; the original members of Viper have cited Iron Maiden as their major influence, meaning Iron Maiden drummers Clive Burr and Nicko McBrain have all played a role in developing the musical style of Cassio Audi that was heard for the first time on the demo recordings, “The Killera Sword”.

Cassio Audi remained a member of Viper until 1989, appearing as the drummer on their 1987 debut studio album “Soldiers of Sunrise” that is now sen as an early classic album of the Brazilian heavy metal genre. Cassio Audi remains an important part of the Viper community, but set out on a very different career path in 1989 when he made the decision to return to education; after receiving his MBA from Sao Paulo University, Audi has also been a major part of the Brazilian financial community that he continues to work in as he provides information and tips for everyday investors to improve their investment portfolio.

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Employees Can Look To The DeVos Family For a Great Example of Running a Business and Being a Leader

Almost every employee has a dream of being the owner of a business or just merely holding a leadership position. The only thing is that there are a lot of responsibilities that a lot of employees are not aware of. They often don’t gain awareness of these responsibilities until it is too late. Being a business owner is a completely different activity from other ways of earning income. This is why it is important for people to prepare for anything that they are trying to get into. Without the right preparation, every attempt at running a business is going to fail. Also, holding leadership positions is also going to not work out well for people without the right skill sets.


Fortunately, people can look to Dick DeVos as an example of a successful business owner. One of the reasons that he is very successful is that he is aware of the markets that he is involved in. He takes the time to be aware of any changes in the market so that he can adapt his business accordingly. When he took over his fathers business, Amway, he has looked for ways to make sure that his business could work well with the changes.


One thing that he has done for Amway was let go of all of the positions that he has concluded are no longer helpful for the company because of market changes. This has not only helped save his company money but also helped increase the amount of income that his company gets. One good thing is that he is aware of the changes that come with the market and the factors that contribute to the change.


One of the ways to succeed in business is to keep on top of the market changes. When people are behind the market when it comes to these changes, then they are likely to lose their company because of failure. After all, it is not enough to make money, they have to make a certain amount of money within a certain amount of time so that they can support their company.


Troy McQuagge: Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Loved By All

This past January, the most sought-after award was presented to the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., Troy McQuagge. He was named the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards.℠ This award is not easy to obtain, as it chooses only one individual per industry out of the whole world to honor; each person is nominated by companies all over the globe, large and small alike, for the nominees’ displaying distinction and top-notch business performance.

When McQuagge took on the task of transforming USHEALTH Group in 2010, he started by revamping the agency responsible for product-delivery, USHEALTH Advisors. He effectively equipped advisers to be more effective, efficient, and productive than ever before, which raised company profit to unparalleled levels amidst the competitive marketplace of individual health insurance. Soon after in 2014, Mr. McQuagge’s position in the company was elevated to President and CEO.

After receiving the above-mentioned award McQuagge remarked that the honor belonged not only to him, but to every person at USHEALTH Group, and was indicative of the company’s dedication to fixing unaffordable health coverage. He indicated that now customers could have health insurance that grows along with their needs, rather than needs stifling their benefits.

McQuagge has more than 30 years of experience in sales under his belt, and continues to work for USHEALTH. His company spends countless hours and large sums of money doing charity work with the help of his employees. Together they have rebuilt homes affected by Hurricane Katrina, donated shoes, baby formula, and clothes to The Crisis Nursery, a non-profit children’s home, gave a total of $70,000 to HOPEKids, a non-profit organization provides for kids fighting cancer, and donated over $100,000 to the Semper Fi Fund which remodels and rebuilds homes to donate, mortgage-free, to veterans and their families.

Troy McQuagge has always had an entrepreneurial spirit that permeates his career as a corporate executive. Although he presently makes his home in Coppell, Texas, he is originally from Panama City, Florida where he obtained a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida in 1983. His first job after college was with Allstate, and by 1995, he joined United Insurance Companies where he earned the title of president in 1997. From there, the rest is history!

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The Miracle of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish tradition that modern day people from around the world are flocking to at amazing rates. The practice includes a unique interpretation of the bible; despite having once been considered esoteric, or only to be understood by a small number of people, the practice is now widespread and taught to people of all backgrounds. Many of those who practice Kabbalah believe that the recent increase in interest may directly reflect an ancient prediction from the book of Zohar, a holy book which guides those seeking high spiritual attainment through Kabbalah. The prediction states society struggles at the end of the twentieth century will lead people to seek out the meaning of life through the practice of Kabbalah.

Regardless of what is attracting people to the faith, it is clear that Kabbalah offering rewarding spiritual guidance to many. In a time and place where people are at liberty to choose their own belief system, Kabbalah is an ever-popular choice. The Kabbalah Center, headquartered is in Los Angeles, California, has, for years, provided followers with a resource Kabbalah center which provides guidance and classes of Kabbalistic study. The Kabbalah Center has several worldwide branches, many of which are spread throughout the United States.

Kabbalah masters have made great strides in making Kabbalah teachings accessible to many westerners. From setting up centers in most western popular cities, to offer convenient 10-week Kabbalah classes, and even offering online learning opportunities. The center has worked to make a religion, once only accessible to a few elite minds, accessible to all. This profound system of wisdom is now a beckoning force for many people who seek an alternative and positive way to deal with their lives’ conflicts. While traditional religions and science attempt to offer answers to the accumulation of daily questions, Kabbalah does so in a unique and powerful way that no other belief system is capable of.

For those individuals seeking to attain a higher understand of the world around them, their role as part of humanity, and as part of nature, the Kabbalah Center may offer those answers!

How Omar Yunes Has Helped Sushi Itto to Gain a Foothold in the Mexican Market

Recently, Mexican restaurateur Omar Yunes was honored as the best franchisee in the world. Mr. Yunes was awarded at a glamorous ceremony held in Florence, Italy on December 5th 2016. The award is attributed to the crucial role that he has played in helping Japanese food chain Sushi Itto to gain a footprint in the lucrative Mexican market. He has made immense contributions to the growth of the brand, something that warranted his memorable win.

Mr. Yunes made history by becoming the sole franchisee of the food chain in Mexico at the tender age of 21 years. Despite his tentative beginnings, he has been resilient in his efforts to leave a mark in the hospitality industry. At the moment, he operated 13 fully-fledged franchise outlets in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla, which is no mean feat. The 13 outlets that he owns account for one-tenth of the total number of restaurants that operate under the Sushi Itto brand.

Acknowledging Team Effort

While accepting his award, Mr. Yunes was quick to point out that it would never have been possible had it not been for the effort that his employees put in their work. In addition, he expressed his appreciation with the fact that Sushi Itto has not been overbearing, something that has enabled him to innovate and evolve constantly. This way, his outlets have carved a niche for themselves by providing excellent service, unique hospitality, and a remarkable flavor.

Brief Notes about Mr. Yunes

Mr. Yunes has made a mark in the corporate world for being an astute investor in the hospitality and real estate sectors. He established himself as a young entrepreneur after signing up as a franchise owner at a relatively young age of 21. Since then, he hasn’t looked back judging from the successful ventures that he has made.

What sets Omar apart from the rest is his resilience and hands-on approach to business matters. He is directly involved in the operation of all his ventures. In addition, he is always on the forefront encouraging his employees to pursue their lifetime goals. He also offers investment advice in his free time besides searching for investment opportunities both in Mexico and abroad.

OSI Group Continues To Build Its Global Vision By Making Strategic Acquisitions

OSI Group is one of the leading suppliers of value-added food products to the food service industry and retail food companies across the world. The company was founded over a century ago, which translates to a well-grounded experience in the food industry.

The firm has established a strong infrastructure that gives it the capability to deliver quality services anywhere in the world. The firm has its presence in 17 countries with over 65 facilities across these countries, which only adds to the global strength of OSI Group. The company guarantees the clients a tailor-made experience that will satisfy their food requirements. The firm possesses strong skills in supply chains and culinary, which the clients can leverage from. It is firmly founded on strong company values of integrity, teamwork, and continued innovation.


OSI Group clientele base is vast and spread across the world. In a bid to fulfill its commitment to them, the company invests in acquiring other food brands. Last year, the firm bought a plant owned by Tyson Foods in Chicago. The plant came in handy in helping the company meet the production requirements. The proximity to other existing plants owned by the firm provides the much-needed infrastructure. The company also acquired a European convenience food manufacturer, Baho Foods. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries. Therefore, acquiring the company widened the Group’s presence in Europe. The already existing capabilities in Europe only became stronger with the acquisition. The firm’s presence in Europe was further expanded with the acquisition of Flagship Europe, a supplier of frozen poultry and other products to the market. The company’s clients’ needs are constantly evolving. Acquiring the brand was a well-thought strategic move to satisfy these needs.


OSI Group always strives to be sustainable to the environment. It makes efforts to ensure that the environment risks are properly controlled. These efforts were recognized by the British Safety Council last year. The organization awarded the Group with a Globe of Honour Award. The award came after the company underwent an environment management audit the prior year. The firm achieved a five-star rating and was among 18 other companies to receive the award.

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Eva Moskowitz of Success Academy wins the Broad Prize again

June 2017 seems to be a good month for Eva Moskowitz after the state appeal court gave her chain of Success Academy Charter Schools a great victory. She was also given $720,000 in a ruling that stated that the New York City had surpassed its authority when they tried to enforce its pre-K agreement on the chain of schools. Eva Moskowitz went to Washington where she received the Broad Prize which is usually given out every year to a charter school controller who has shown great academic results among the students of color and low-income students. Success Academy has 41 schools that educate over 14,000 students most of them from the low-income families. The Academy won the Broad Prize in the year 2016 as well.

Authentication of Eva Moskowitz’s Charter school peers was an incidental timing for her and the schools because it helped to unveil their Ed Institute which is an online collection of unrestricted curriculums, training resources, and tools which form the foundation of their victory. Moskowitz operates the largest Charter school network across the city, and she remains to be an influential figure in education. The Broad honor said that whether devotedly or begrudgingly, she deserve people’s respect for the benefits she has brought to the families she has been serving. The students at Success Academy carry out their state tests with great enthusiasm and authority. The poorest-performing school in success academy pushed about 90 percent of the students above grade level in state’s math tests in the year 2016.

Eva Moskowitz’s chain of schools does not have spectacular results in English Language Arts (ELA) at a glance because 75 percent of students in the poorest campus scored above grade level in reading in 2016. Apparently, if one can consider the nature of their language proficiency which suffers other factors external from school, it is fair to argue that this was a great accomplishment for low-income children to attain such levels. Success Academy applies a model in all its network of schools without any obvious outlier, and this is a great achievement for its size. Most of the people who criticize Success Academy wonder why the charter attains the results it is has been attaining while others want to know the activities the students in these schools partake in during the day.

The foundation of success Academy lies on the online platform whereby they offer the K-4 ELA curriculum. It guides the teachers on how they should construct their lessons in the form of guided reading, shared texts and also reading out loud to the kids. They are also provided with a list of recommended books. The students at Success Academy are exposed to an in-depth learning with rich contents in both reading and writing education. This fulfills New York’s standardized teaching requirement termed as balanced literacy whereby students are not only taught on writing but also reading so that the knowledge acquired is all rounded. Eva Moskowitz states that every school should place all functions that are not academic under the operations team so as to free the teachers and other school leaders to concentrate on students results exclusively. Also, parents should be involved in their children’s education rather considering them as barriers to progress.


Tammy Mazzocco: Ohio Champion in Real Estate Management

In the recent years, the demand for real estate has been on the rise with time. This growth has been evident mainly in cities such as Ohio which has recorded a very high increase in demand. The number of new houses has gone up which is a significant percentage increase within the past one month. No fluctuation of the prices has been seen in the decreasing trend since last year.

In New Albany, 240 homes are targeted to be built by property developers. This will in turn increase the cost of homes. The developers believe that the increased demands for a home will, in turn, engage commercial businesses in a greater way leading to increased housing demand.

Ohio has been named a suitable area for real estate business due to the affordable living standards which are quite low. It is one stop hub for jobs that suits many citizens of the United States. The booming technology growth, education system, and the fact that you can easily earn wages makes it a suitable place for real estate market.

As the demand for real estate properties is going up, most people who are looking to buy a new home in Ohio have to undergo a high price manipulation. The great gain that lies is that an agent will sell it at a high profit. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco has majored in real estate for more than twenty years. Tammy Mazzocco began her journey at Edwards Realty Company as a secretary and later worked for several years leading to her acquiring a license in 1995. Tammy Mazzocco has a great personal motivation when it comes to serving customers who makes her the best choice in Ohio and beyond when it comes to selling and buying of homes. Check out LinkedIn for more details.

Tammy Mazzocco’s dedication and determination to helping customers enables her to treat them like family. This has helped many people who look forward to buying a new home to always cling to her as the chief consultant.

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