The Extroidianary Life Of Labor Leader Jim Larkin

When the ITGWU was established there were under ten percent of all Irish workers in the union and almost of the unions were British based.

The activists in Dublin fought for a movement based in Ireland and as an official at NUDL Jim Larkin believed labor should be international. He saw the connection between the labor movement and republicanism and wanted all workers to have One Big Union.

As the leader of the ITGWU Jim Larkin became a victim of insecurity and worried a lot about money. Despite his frugal living his dreams and schemes required capital. He wanted the ITGWU headquarters to become a cultural powerhouse instead of resorting to expensive strikes.

In 1911 Jim Larkin launched the Irish Worker. The paper was successful and showed he had editorial abilities. When the Great Labor Unrest materialized several weeks later the ITGWU was drawn into the conflict. Jim Larkin met the challenge and soon the union members grew from 5,000 to 15,000 members.

Due to the strategies of the ITGWU the Irish Trades Union Congress established the labor party in 1912. This was the height of Jim Larkin’s power and popularity.

This ended during the Lockout of 1913. This war pitted 20,000 workers against 404 employers, established Jim Larkin’s reputation as a labor champion, and almost destroyed his health.

Jim Larkin left for the United States in 1914 to pursue a career as a public speaker. In 1923, he stated he was there for a liaison with Clan na Gael but was unable to earn a living as a socialist speaker.

The Germans bankrolled him from 1915 until 1917 to disrupt the United States munitions industry until he refused to participate in sabotage operations causing a break with the Germans. He went to New York and joined the Socialist Party but was arrested and convicted of criminal anarchy in 1919.

Jim Larkin became well known in 1907 during the meeting in Belfast’s Queen’s Square and the dock strike. He was deported to England in 1923 but eventually made his way back to Dublin. Jim Larkin suffered expulsion from the ITGWU in 1924.

By the 1930’s Jim Larkin had removed himself from the spotlight and was concentrating on the WUI which was failing.

He had mellowed by the 1940’s and became gentler and kinder as he placed his ambitions in the past. His opposition of the Trade Union Act in 1941 helped in the restoration of his name and North-East Dublin elected him Labor TD.

He stayed active until the end of his life when he fell through the floor at the WUI’s Thomas Ashe Hall while supervising repair work. On January 30th of 1947 Jim Larkin died at the Meath Hospital.

His friend Archbishop John Charles McQuaid quickly came to his deathbed. This was when his conversion and final reconciliation with the church occurred.

The Larkin legend ended after the Lockout reached its 50th anniversary. His life has been celebrated in art and literature despite the cruelty he inflicted on labor from 1907 until 1913. He is best remembered as a magnificent leader.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Getting Support to continue Assisting Cancer Patients

According to a report by PRNewswire on Aug 30, 2017, prostate cancer is affecting men more than any other cancer. Due to this reason, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), the National Football League Alumni (NFLA), and LabCorp have teamed up in educating men on how to access screening for prostate cancer. There target is to reach over 150,000 men whose age is greater than 40 years.

The exercise will run through September and October 2017. The men under this category were advised to register so that they will be screened by Labcorp. The screening will be taking place in all the 1750 locations where Labcorp has its presence. During the process, the first 2000 men will be screened for free while the rest that have registered will pay 25 dollars only. The exercise is expected to run for a period of 6 months.

Men whose families have an history of prostrate cancer were advised not to miss on this exercise and also the African-American men. This campaign is also been advertised in the media so that more men are reached. Edwards, who is a legendary coach of NFLA acknowledged that he had several of his friends diagnosed with the disease and therefore he was determined to raise awareness to men.

A national conference meant for kick starting the big campaign was held on 30th August 2017. Many of those affected gave talks. During the conference, all the American cancer treatment centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and Tulsa were represented. One driving force for sensitizing men to get screened was that screening was the first step towards treating cancer. The team is screening men, advancing the screening techniques and giving treatment options for prostate cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a global company that was formed by five hospitals in America to serve cancer patients. The company offers services such as screening, testing, treatment, surgery, immunotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy.

Get The Benefits Of A Bold Beauty Secret With Lime Crime

Do you want to be a part of a leading cosmetic brand that offers real results among their competitors? Lime Crime is a wonderful collection of lipstick and eye-shadow beauty care products. Their products are unmatched by their competitors with a unique blend of colors and shades. Their designer, Doe Deere, is always a successful marketing analyst, and technological expert was the first of her kind to use the super-foil base in her cosmetics. Experience a cruelty-free, yet, wonderful brand that is safe to use every day including on sensitive skin. Build your confidence with face-to-face encounters including LC products.

Your go-to makeup products should make you feel good about yourself and your your makeup brand. Unfortunately, cheap imitators will blend and cause the need for multiple reapplications at the wrong time. Make the most out of your cosmetics with a superior line of cosmetics that stands out from their competitors with cool names like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. That’s right; become a part of the new bold color revolution that is popular among young adults and entertainment professionals. Discover great colors that go with any hairdo or outfit. LC is a name that is trusted among thousands of girls and guys worldwide.

Are you tired of dull colors during your morning routine, and you’re looking for a cosmetic upgrade? Lime Crime delivers with unmatched shades like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Hydrate your skin with a healthy cosmetic blend that is safe to use every day. Choose bold colors that will help you stand out in the crowd. You can learn more about LC products by visiting their Instagram which hosts over 2.4 million followers, and growing. Lime Crime also offers a detailed website with all of their products clearly listed, and the option of free shipping promotional offers.

How Gregory James Aziz has enhanced the Performance of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is an outstanding entrepreneur who is greatly appreciated to his business skills that helped in transforming National Steel Car into one of North America’s leading manufacturers. He has owned the firm for the past two decades and also served as its CEO and President. National Steel Car has grown to become a leader in the railroad freight cars manufacturing business. The company has established its factory in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz is an economics degree holder from the University of Ontario.

Aziz’s family are business people, and they own a company that is known as Affiliate Foods. The firm has specialized in importing and wholesaling fresh foods. Greg J. Aziz started working for it as soon as he completed his studies and was later promoted to serve as its head. He led the business for 16 years and grew it into a global importer. Most of its foods were sourced from Europe, South Africa, and South America. Affiliate Foods had established a clients’ base in Eastern Canada and the United States.

The businessman’s passion for investment banking made him quit his job at the firm and relocate to New York in the 1980s. He noticed the potential in National Steel Car and decided to acquire it in 1994. Gregory Aziz immediately started working towards making the railroad freight car business a top company in the region. He has put together talented engineers and who have developed the best vehicles in the market. Aziz has excellent business skills, and he spent five years to increase the productivity of the business to 12,000 vehicles from the initial 3,500. The firm had 600 employees when he joined it, and they have currently increased to 3000.

Gregory J. Aziz is devoted to making sure that all railroad freight cars that are manufactured by this company use the best technology. The excellent standards of National Steel Car enabled it to earn ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company has been North America’s leading railroad freight vehicles manufacturer for about 18 years. In 1996, it was honored by TTX SECO for offering high-quality products to the market. Aziz is currently determined to ensure that National Steel Car penetrates the international market.

Aziz has participated in charity activities in different ways. He has funded Hamilton-based organizations such as Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, Theatre Aquarius, Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, and the United Way. His company welcomes its employees for Christmas parties annually.


Samuel Strauch Does What He Loves

A graduate of Hofstra University with some studying at Harvard and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Samuel Strauch broke into his own in 2002 with the launch of his own company, Metrik Real Estate.

After a start in banking, and then returning to help his own family’s real estate business in Miami, Samuel Strauch looked around and noticed a rising trend of new real estate developments and the growth from a vacation destination to a full-fledged beach-side metropolis. With his connections in the Latin American community already waiting in the wings as investors and potential clients, and his own history in the type of business, it didn’t take much to get Metrik off the ground. And once it was moving, Metrik did not stop growing. Today Samuel Strauch’s company branches through equity sourcing, acquisitions, development, management, and of course the brokerage of real estate, from South Florida into parts of Latin America, intent to help their customers with all their needs and dreams.


But Samuel Strauch is still human, despite being an entrepreneur. In an interview by IdeaMensch, he points out that he has had errors in judgement, keeping on employees for trust as opposed to how well they do their jobs and notes that it hurt the company, but it was a learning experience for everyone involved. Despite a history of bad relationships and disappointments that he’s had while running the company, he admits that he has learned a lot from life and met a lot of good people purely because he’s kept an open mind. Samuel Strauch cites that he would do nothing differently because of how the positives outweigh the negatives.

Samuel Strauch also encourages people to do what makes them happy. For him, that is art and photography, as well as investing in other businesses, like restaurants.

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Rocketship Charter Schools Open Doors For Kids Who Otherwise Would Not Have The Education They Need to be Successful

Not all schools are the same, this is the motto that Rocketship is using to help more children in local communities. What started out 10 years ago in a basement has led to countless students being helped to expand their education.

In the ten years that Rocketship has been in business, it has learned that there are many things that matter in how a school works to teach it’s students. In those years, these are the lessons that it has learned:

  1. Students and teachers and family members must all work together to educate children. It takes a village to raise a family and this speaks volumes when it comes to how Rocketship helps educate children. By bringing families into the lessons and what is being taught, it keeps the parent engaged with the learning and it helps them to harness their power in how a child is learning. This is important for a number of reasons.
  1. It does not matter the color or ethnic background of a child. All children are entitled to having a solid education and when you take that away from certain children due to color or race, it showcases bigotry which is what Rocketship avoids. They bring children in from all races and they help give children the education they deserve and need in order to be successful in life.
  1. Change is needed to help children keep learning. If a teacher is open to the idea of change, they are better able to help the children they are teaching. Not all children learn the same way and that is also said to be true about the people teaching them. It is important that a teacher look to ways that it can improve over time and with weekly sessions with teachers, the teacher is able to better understand what it can do differently to help children learn.

Rocketship is entirely a non-profit and they work to keep that status. By maintaining this status and opening doors in communities where there is lower incomes, the program is able to help children who are normally unable to receive the education they need be able to achieve the education they deserve. That is why Rocketship is so vital to the communities it serves.


Karl Heideck’s Service To Philadelphia

Karl Heideck gives the people of the city of Philadelphia more than he takes. In fact, where he takes, he takes less than he has earned. He gives the whole city legal counsel, advising them on how everyday legal advances affect the way they should do business and how they should comply with commercial legal requirements. He is an established author who comprehensively explains laws and ordinances, and how they affect:
• Employment and contacts
• Legal research
• Product liability
• Taxation
• Commercial and civil litigation

As an Attorney, Karl Heideck charges his clients although he does not charge his readership for his timely and proactive legal articles. However, he does offer his clients more than they pay for, he offers more content, consideration and wit than any money would afford for legal services. He especially handles legal matters to do with compliance, employment, contracts and risk management. His close to ten years of experience working as an associate at the Conrad O’Brien and the Pepper Hamilton LLP has made him one of Philadelphia’s most sort after civil litigants. His secret to civil litigation lies within his exceptional mediation skills. He resolves the majority of the civil disputes for which gets hired out of court. However, his in-court skills are also revered in the judicial spheres of Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature from Swarthmore College. In the year 2009, he was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Law after he graduated from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law with honors. He has continued to serve the general public dutifully by explaining everyday changes to laws that affect how the people of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania at large.

Karl Heideck published an article about litigation explaining the role of litigators in a society and why consulting litigators could help businesses and individuals who feel that their economic rights have been violated. In the article, he also gave tips to litigators on how to be successful. He explains that while criminal litigators rid offenders from the society by condemning them to reform them and to set precedence, civil litigators help the society to claim back what they lose to prejudice and self-centered commercial entities.

Madison Street Capital – article recap

From Finance to Disaster, Madison street Capital is There to Help

Taking care of banking work of the middle market is what Madison Street Capital does best. They have garnered a stellar reputation of sorts, both domestically as well as internationally in the process. The headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois but they have offices in Oregon, Africa, and Asia as well. Their area of expertise is exit strategies, pairing buyers and sellers, putting together complex contracts, dealing with bankruptcy, M & A, and tax services. Some of the most important clients of Madison Street Capital include Central Iowa Energy, Bond Medical Group, and Fiber Science.
When it comes to corporate finance, the company puts its international expertise into action. Clients who are looking for experience in financial reporting, asset management, price allocation or business valuation, they know that they can count on a company like Madison Street Capital. An excellent example of a merger that Maddison Street oversaw was the merger between Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value. DCG is based in Pennsylvania and is a leader of sorts in software estimation services, value management, and project support. Spitfire Group, on the other hand, is a leading business and technology consulting company. The merger went so well that the staff of both companies had nothing but praise for Maddison Street Capitol and their amazing staff. Learn more:
Another feather in the cap was when Madison Street Capital reputation was solidified when they got several awards from M&A Advisory Award committee. The awards are given for several categories including financing, restructuring, and transactions. One of the reasons why the company won these awards is because of their involvement in Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Associates. Apart from the company as whole receiving top honors, the staff members also manage to garner awards. A recent example would be when the co-founder of the company, Anthony Marsala, got the 40 under forty to look out for, from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst.
However, Madison Street Capital is not only about business and finance. They are also actively involved in the philanthropic side of things as well, by being involved with the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster fund. They help out by promoting a strong business environment within these communities. United Way is a respected participant in many areas of community development, such as disaster relief, the partnership with local schools and voluntary neighborhood associations.

Dr Walden: A Pioneer in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Walden is widely acclaimed for her ability in the field of cosmetic surgery, being featured on TV networks such as ABC, Fox, VH1, and E! for her outstanding work in the field. Graduating as salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical school, and being one of the only women to sit on the board for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she has led the way in every aspect of the profession.

Using the most innovating and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D scanning equipment, she is able to provide her patients an experience unlike any other. By being able to visualize what they will look like prior to any surgery actually being done, they are able to go forward with a procedure without any reservations. Previously this was one of the largest issues with cosmetic surgery: the uncertainty. Dr. Walden has managed to effectively eliminate that fear.

Dr. Walden not only provides an excellent experience for her patients, she has also contributed to the profession as a whole. Authoring and Co-Authoring several books, as well as a textbook, she has improved the skills of cosmetic surgeons all over the country; thus improving the experiences of patients from coast to coast.

Although she currently lives and works in Texas, she has also been a big part of the New York Medical community. While completing her fellowship at a hospital in Manhattan, she was a part of an effort to reintroduce silicone breast implants. This turned out to be a great success and, as with many of her developments, are became a practice still used today.

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Roberto Santiago, the Brains Behind Brazil’s Most Famous Mall

Anyone who has visited Brazil is familiar with the Manaira shopping mall. It is prominent for its exceptional products and services. It boasts some five-star hotels where you and your family can get away, or if you are looking for a venue to conduct business meetings, then this is the place to do so. Here visitors can shop, bank, eat and even play within. It has everything under one roof. Now, most people know about it but have you ever sat and wondered about who the brains behind its existence? Due to its high flying success, you might think that it belongs to someone who was brought up in an affluent family but it is quite contrary to that.

It belongs to Roberto Santiago a fifty-nine-year-old man born in Joao Pessoa back in the year 1958. He began working at a very tender age. Santiago has good writing skills, and that was the beginning of his road to success. Being born and brought up in Brazil, he had a lot of knowledge about his country, and that is how he started writing blogs. Due to his excellent writing skills and interesting blogs, Roberto earned a good reputation for himself and that way he ended up creating exposure for himself in the world of business. He put this exposure to his advantage by starting a small café at a place known as Café Santa Rosa. Through the profits earned, he began a company which manufactured and designed cardboards. These would later be supplied to other businesses for packaging purposes. He got his impressive business skills from the University center of Joao Pessoa where he got an undergraduate degree in Business administration. He also attended the Pio X-Marist College in the same town. He did not stop there instead Roberto took another step to success by moving into real estate. Here he bought his first piece of land where the Manaira shopping mall now lies. The mall has continued to grow better every day since its establishment two decades ago and is currently the most famous in Brazil. It boasts immense space in which can accommodate up to five concerts at the same time and the latest technology. It has state of the art movie theatres and even fitness centers. As if not enough, Roberto Santiago recently opened another mall which he named Mangeira. Similar to Manaira, it also boasts the latest technology and a lot of space. It is a one stop destination with everything that you might need. Through his many investments, Santiago has managed to make the lives of the people of Joao Pessoa through the provision of employment. He plays a significant role in the country’s economy through his investments which attract hundreds of visitors. Apart from being a great businessperson, he is also involved in many other activities such as the motor cross, bowling and is also a script writer. He is surely someone everyone seeking success should look upto.