Dr. Rohrich is Changing People’s Lives Through Plastic Surgery

DrRohrich, as he is commonly referred to, is an internationally known plastic surgeon and author who specializes in nose lifting, face-reconstruction, breast surgery and many more. In fact, so skilled is he in his work that he is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in America.

On February 18, 2018, DrRohrich is set to attend the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium’s 52nd Edition that will take place in Miami. Baker Gordon Symposium is considered one of the largest live surgery symposia in America. Organizers of this event focus on the evolution and advances in terms of technology in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. DrRohrich is one of the esteemed guests at the event and is expected to play numerous roles like giving lectures, co-coordinating several panels and also make a number of presentations.

Born on August 5, 1953, DrRohrich is a medical doctor who has made a name for himself in the field of plastic surgery. That is not all DrRohrich is a distinguished professor and yet his works in rhinoplasty and aging facial aesthetics are known globally. This can be seen in the numerous medical boards he is either part of or he chairs. For instance, DrRohrich is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Texas South-western Medical Centre’s Department of Plastic Surgery.

DrRohrich was raised in Zeeland, North Dakota. He attended the University of North Dakota and the North Dakota State University.It from these two universities that he got his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, both with the highest honors. Dr. Rohrich then went on to join Baylor College of Medicine. It was from here that he got his degree in medicine. He started practicing plastic surgery for a while at the University of Michigan Medical Centre. DrRohrich then went for further training in England. He specialized in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University. Upon completion, DrRohrich did a fellowship at Harvard Medical school. Thereafter in 1986, DrRohrich joined UT South-western Medical Centre’s Plastic Surgery Division.

When DrRohrich joined UT Western Medical Centre he took over the role as chairman of the plastic surgery division in 1991. Moreover, DrRohrich has delivered numerous presentations in plastic surgery and chaired over 100 symposia on the same. DrRohrich’s contribution to the world of plastic surgery is evident with the active roles he plays everywhere he goes. He has even co-authored numerous books like “Plastic and Reconstructive surgery,” talking about rhinoplasty, breast surgery, medical safety and many more.

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Romney’s Prognosis Good after Prostate Cancer Surgery, Says Renowned Urologic Oncologist Dr. David Samadi

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently announced that a successful prostate surgery was performed on him last summer to treat a slow-growing tumor. Many see the disclosure of this medical procedure as a sign that Romney is going to run for the soon-to-be-vacated Utah Senate seat. The surgery in question was done by Dr. Thomas Ahlering at UC Irvine Hospital in California, and Romney’s prognosis for the future is said to be good.

According to Dr. David Samadi, an expert in the field of prostate surgery, Romney is one of 161,361 men who were diagnosed with some form of prostate cancer in 2017. Prostate cancer almost always appears in older men; about 60 percent of those diagnosed are at least 65, and it’s almost unheard of for prostate cancer to appear in men aged 40 or younger. Mr. Romney was 70 years old at the time of the surgery.

Dr. Samadi reports that in cases of prostate cancer, men must usually decide if they wants the tumor to be treated with surgery or radiation. Dr. Samadi usually suggests surgery to his patients for a variety of reasons. Men whose cancer is contained to the prostate gland have better results from surgery than radiation according to multiple studies, and men who undergo radiation therapy are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer. It is also more difficult for surgery to be performed after radiation has already been used if the cancer does come back. However, Dr. Samadi suggests that men with prostate cancer should ask their surgeon about their experience in treating prostate cancer, and how many surgeries they’ve performed, before making a decision.

About Dr. Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a certified urologic oncologist and one of the world’s most accomplished prostate surgeons, having successfully treated hundreds of patients. He is also an expert in robotic surgery; using the da Vinci robotic surgery system, he has performed over 7000 robotic prostate surgeries.

David Samadi received his fellowship training at the world-renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where he learned to treat prostate cancer as well as bladder and testicular cancer. He currently serves as the Chairman of Urology as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital. Previously, Dr. Samadi was the Vice-Chair of Urology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, and he has also served as a health and medical consultant for Fox News since 2009.

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Significance of Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies as a firm has implemented the technological application with the aim of transforming the correctional facilities that are located in many parts of the United States. The focus of the company is in the arena of communication that gives the chance inmates in the jail to communicate with their families. The other primary area is the parole tracking. The government has benefited much from the decision of the firm in the sense that it has boosted their way of obtaining the needed sensitive information. The company has marked its dedication in transforming the prisons through the programs that have been integrated into more than 2600 correctional facilities. The step has been given a lot of support in the community since inmates have access to the systems of communication. The ideas that have created impact in the community through the efforts of the Securus Technologies are linked to the leadership of the Rick Smith. He is the present CEO of the organization has excellent skills in the various field. Furthermore, he has a vast experience that he gained while providing the services to the different companies in the United States. He has passion in the field of technology, and this is the primary factor that has made him implemented such ideas in Securus Technologies. There are several concepts that Rick has applied in the company, and most of them have helped the organization navigate to the required position on matters that are associated with the community help. Additionally, the firm has experts that are specialized in the different field, and this has let to the perfect coordination of the services within various departments.

The dedication of the Securus Technologies has stretched its limits of services provided in many prisoners of 45 states. The significant bodies that have lauded the effort that is being put by the firm are the law enforcing authorities. The data that are availed by the organization are utilized by the body to come up with the right ways of countering the matters that are associated with the drugs in the community. The valuation of the facilities that are used to run the organization is worth $600. All these have been registered with Securus Technologies. The company aims to counter the contraband cell phones through the help of the new invention called Wireless Containment Solution This has made the management of the contraband cell phones easy for the organization. The team of experts that has been set by the company is running the system well. The new platform that has been put in place also allows the inmates to send the messages to anybody they wish. The firm has also come up with the modern software that is used in tracking the stolen property and sensitive items such as firearms.

Securus technologies have impacted the society through the transformation of the prison condition.


Banco Bradesco SA Gets A New Chairman As It Prepares To Uncover A New CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the chairman and president of Banco Bradesco SA, the second largest private bank in Brazil. Mr. Trabuco has been the president of the bank for close to eight years. However, he was recently appointed the chairman of the Osasco based bank. The appointment of Mr. Trabuco to the chairmanship of the bank occurred following the resignation of Lazaro de Mello Brandao who had held the chairmanship position for 25 years. Brandao, 91, resigned on October 11, 2017.

Mr. Trabuco was named the president of the board of directors just a few months before he bows out as the CEO of Bradesco. Mr. Trabuco, 66, will turn 67 this year yet the bank’s constitution stipulates that CEOs should not be older than 67. Although Mr. Trabuco will turn 67 in October, he is expected to step down earlier—March—to allow for a smooth handover of office. After stepping down, Mr. Trabuco will serve Bradesco exclusively as the chairman of the board of directors.

Meanwhile, Bradesco is engrossed in finding a professional who will not only match up to Mr. Trabuco but also other CEOs that came before him, Amado Aguiar, Brandao, and Marcio Cypriano. All the mentioned individuals served Bradesco to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. Because of the present complexity of Bradesco, a new CEO is likely to be a long-serving employee of the bank, someone who understands the culture of Bradesco on valor.com.br. In fact, Mr. Trabuco hinted that the bank is not expected to advertise the vacancy beyond Bradesco. With “outsiders” eliminated, a handful of Bradesco’s employees stand a chance to succeed Mr. Trabuco. They include heads of departments, subsidiaries, or other crucial roles. Some of them have already been identified, and they include André Rodrigues Cano, Octavio de Lazari, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, Josué Augusto Pancini, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Alexandre da Silva Gluher, and Mauricio Machado de Minas.

Read more: Trabuco will assume the presidency of Bradesco’s board; bank to appoint new chief executive in March

The professionals on the list of “likely Mr. Trabuco’s successors” have some things in common. Apart from all of them leading their respective professional niches, they have worked at Bradesco for significant periods. Pancini, 57, is the longest-serving of the seven having joined the bank in 1975 while Minas has been at Bradesco for the least time having joined the bank nine years ago. While the ages of the seven may seem insignificant, from previous appointments, Bradesco confirmed that its CEOs must be in their 50s according to valor.com.br. Brandao, Cypriano, and Trabuco were elevated to the presidency of Bradesco in their 50s; Brandao was 55, Cypriano 56, and Trabuco 58. Of the seven professionals, Cano is the oldest—59—and Noronha is the youngest—52.

The immediate former chairman and the serving chairman just like the professionals likely to succeed Mr. Trabuco have striking similarities. Although they joined Bradesco at different times, Brandao and Mr. Trabuco commenced their careers as clerks. They then earned promotions up the corporate ladder. Presently, both have held the presidency and the chairmanship posts. However, the two differ in certain aspects. While Brandao advocated for the filling of leadership positions of the bank with Bradesco’s high-performing employees, Mr. Trabuco supported the same while being open to the idea of enriching Bradesco’s talent pool by bringing in leaders from other institutions.

Mr. Trabuco joined Bradesco as a teenager—17 years—and had not gone through any institution of higher learning. However, he remained eager to attend college. While at Bradesco, Mr. Trabuco attended Sao Paulo State University where he pursued philosophy. Still keen to learn, Mr. Trabuco enrolled at the Fundação School of Sociology and Politics where he pursued socio-psychology. Will Mr. Trabuco serve as chairman as long as Brandao did?

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2017/10/1926243-proximo-presidente-do-bradesco-saira-da-diretoria-do-banco-diz-trabuco.shtml

Omar Boraie Is One City’s Savior

Omar Boraie and his company Boraie Development LLC have been the sole reason why New Brunswick, New Jersey has grown to become the hotbed of activity that is today.

Omar Boraie had a dream for New Brunswick. He wanted it to be as thriving as any of the European cities he saw it during his time of travel. He shared this vision with other corporate leaders who only frowned upon his ambitions. They thought that New Brunswick was dying and they would soon have to move their businesses elsewhere. Omar Boraie knew that they were wrong and it took him four decades to prove it.

According to Patch, when you visit Boraie.com, you will realize that Omar Boraie has been constructing real estate in the New Brunswick area for over three decades. Over the last 30 years, he has donated $150 million of his own personal wealth to make New Brunswick after the image in his mind. He has built both commercial real estate and residential real estate. Any profit he made from these he immediately reinvested into the city that he loves.

Omar Boraie knew that if New Brunswick were to thrive, it would need to stand on four pillars. The first pillar was to be family-oriented. The second pillar was to bring businesses and jobs to the city. The third pillar would be to reward businesses for not relocating. The fourth pillar would be to bring the middle class back to the city of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie worked with several nonprofits in the area, such as New Jersey Stage, to provide community activities for families to bond. These activities included real-a-longs with parents, free movie nights for the community, and time at the local waterpark. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Omar then began enticing businesses to the area by providing them the real estate they needed for a cost that could not be beaten. By providing office space for rent, he was able to attract the middle-class workers such as doctors, lawyers, and attorneys.

Omar then spent time working with the large local corporations to remain in the area. The big fish in the pond was Johnson and Johnson, and once they decided to stay, all other businesses got in line.

Omar Boraie would lastly focus on securing the professionals in the city by building the residential homes. Many of his buildings came complete with dog walks and tennis courts to appeal to the upper-middle-class. You can visit his website boraie.com to see more.

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Dr. David Samadi Is A Successful Surgeon

Dr. David Samadi is someone who is a talented surgeon and who has changed the lives of many for the better through the work that he does. This man is someone who has come up with new ways to take on surgery and help those who are dealing with prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi has served as a urology professor, sharing his knowledge with others and helping them to learn through him. He has also spent time hosting a well-known show on TV that is focused on the world of medicine. This is a man who has much knowledge and who is willing to share that knowledge with others.

When Dr. David Samadi was given the chance to explain just what it is that he does for a living, he shared that he treats those who are dealing with prostate cancer. He diagnoses prostate cancer in people and then he helps them figure out the right way to move on from that diagnosis. He is someone who came up with a robotic surgery technique that has worked to help many individuals. Through the new way of doing surgery that he has come up with, individuals can move beyond their cancer while dealing with fewer side effects than expected.

There are some who know when they are very young just what they would like to do with their life and the kind of career that they would like to have in the future. Dr. David Samadi has shared that he knew when he was a young boy that he would like to work as a doctor and affect lives in that way. When he heard about robotic surgery, he wanted to get involved in that specific area of medicine, and he has done just that.

When given the chance to share if there was ever a time when he wasn’t excited about his career choice or was disillusioned by the way that the world of medicine worked, Dr. David Samadi shared that was the case at one point. He shared that he was frustrated when he first started working at a hospital because he felt that things moved too slowly for the patients there. He had to learn to accept that things were working out just as they should.

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Adam Milstein’s Work in Real Estate, Advocacy and Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is one of America’s most respected individuals. He is one of the most popular philanthropists, and he is an advocate for the Israeli-American community in the US. The co-founder, and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein does a lot of work in spreading the Jewish culture across the country and beyond. He is also in charge of the national affairs of the Council.

Most people also know Milstein because of his support for various organizations. He sits on boards of these organizations, and they include Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Israeli on Campus Colaition, as well as the Jewish Funders Network. Milstein believes that in order to make a change, you must be part of the change yourself.

More about Milstein’s Past

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel, where he was also born. He came from a humble background. His father, a real estate developer, was married to his mother, a homemaker. Both his parents were immigrants, and they married in Haifa in 1950.

When he was old enough, Milstein joined, and served in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). After the compulsory service, he decided to enroll for a degree in Business and Economics at the Israeli Institute of Technology, otherwise known as the Technion.

After obtaining his degree, and working for his father’s company for a while, Milstein moved to the United States with his young family. By this time, he had married his wife, Gila. They have three children together. When he moved to the US, Milstein pursued a Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California. Adam Milstein decided to pursue a career in real estate. He started out as a real estate broker, before he decided to establish his own real estate investment firm. He is the proud co-founder, and managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.


When he is not handling his real estate firm matters, Milstein loves to take part in philanthropic activities. He has an organization, Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which he co-founded with his wife. The Foundation has made an impact on the lives of many people.

Buying Bitcoin Stocks A Bad Idea? Paul Mampilly Says So

When Paul Mampilly speaks about a new company or new trend on the market, people listen intently because he’ll usually say whether investing in it is good or bad, and more often than not he ends up being right. Mampilly is a former bank and hedge fund portfolio manager who now writes newsletters and blogs for Banyan Hill, a financial advice website. He’s given his analysis on stocks from all industries and one of his latest investment targets was Bitcoins.

Mampilly said that had he taken a closer look a couple years ago when Bitcoin had started to take off, he would have recommended his followers capitalize on those stocks at the time with the cryptocurrency surged. But right now he’s saying investors probably should stay away from Bitcoin because it’s on a bubble that appears to be about to burst. The way he explained it was that if a certain investment becomes too popular, usually the stock prices end up going higher than where their original peak levels would have been, but once that bubble ends up growing too big, it’s going to burst. Mampilly sees what’s happening with Bitcoin now as similar to what happened in 1999 with the DotCom crash and later in 2008 with the subprime mortgage crisis.

Mampilly actually made several predictions about where the stock market was headed including the 2008 crisis and also was an early buyer in Facebook and Netflix. He is originally from Dubai where his family moved to when his father needed a better paying job, though his family history is Indian in origin. Mampilly got his bachelor’s in finance and accounting from Montclair State University and his professional career began as a research assistant for Deutsche Bank. Mampilly started growing client portfolios at a steady rate with his knowledge that he was hired by several other big banks including ING, Banker’s Trust and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Paul Mampilly was featured in Barron’s at one point when he became a managing director at Kinetics International Fund and found investments for client funds that yielded over 40% in annual returns, and also raised the AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion. He was also the winner of the 2008-2009 Templeton Foundation competition. He started writing independent newsletters because he was dissatisfied with only giving advice to the wealthy investors, so he retired from the hedge fund business and took up independent advising so that middle class investors could take complete charge of their investments.

Paul Mampilly

Constructing for Relief-Barbara Stokes

She is passionate about helping others, and have a decent life by creating homes. Barbara Stoke is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH) based in Alabama. After her High school graduation, Ms. Stoke joined Mercer University, and she later graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Barbara Stokes is a go-getter, and while still studying at the Mercer University, she continued to learn other causes including Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Structures and Properties of materials, manufacturing and management. Read this article at businessinsider.com.

After her graduation, she served at Pisces Corporation and Boeing where she gained a vast experience. In 2008 Barbara together with Scoot Stokes established green Structures Homes Alabama LLC which is a Disaster Relief contractor with their Head Offices located in Huntsville, Alabama. Along with her team, Ms. Barbara has been of a great benefit to the organization as well as the government and the private sector. Barbara Stokes has contracting skills which she gained while working with the United States government and the FEMA missions. Recently the Chief Executive Officer of GSH announced that their organization is creating more jobs in Northern Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Minnesota. Barbara Stokes can be described as a phenomenal leader in the relief Construction sector. She brings her more than 30 years of experience in Green Structure Homes. Barbara Stoke is not only a leader in the Relief Construction Company, but she is also involved in the community activities in Huntsville, and she is also an active mother of three children.

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Green Structure Homes based in Alabama offers a unique style of construction to the residence. The construction firm builds a modular wood frame and steel homes. The company ensures that their structures have modern features, environmentally friendly, and they are durable to endure natural calamities. Green Structure Home shave ben using the latest technology to construct their homes which is quick, efficient and accurate. Homes have been built by the company are of a great benefit to the homeowners as their insurance premiums are reduced, maintenance cost, as well as energy. GSH is committed to providing long lasting solution to their customers who include the government and the private sector. The construction firm serves Northern America by providing an on-site construction of mobile residence as well as modular structures. Green Structure Homes also supports those affected by natural calamities including hurricane. Texas will also benefit with Green Structure Homes Construction services of innovative and safe homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

Barbara Stokes Brings Attention to Help With Green Structure Homes Delivered

Barbara Stokes has always wanted people to realize she is the best thing for Green Structure Homes Delivered. She knew a lot about the company before she even started working there and that gave her the motivation she needed to help the company grow. For Barbara Stokes, the best part of the business is being able to give people what they are looking for. She also has a lot of inspiration in her head about the things she can do to be as helpful as possible for the company. All of the inspiration she has comes from what she can do in her life aside from work and that’s what has given her the chance to try different things. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

When she is with her family, she draws inspiration from them. She knows what they are looking for and what they want her to do so she can feel confident about her work she does in her family life. In addition to helping them out with different things, Barbara Stokes knows there is a way for her to try her best with opportunities she has had in the past. Barbara Stokes likes everyone to know what she does with her family and they are often appreciative of the things they can experience while they are with her.

When she isn’t helping her family, Barbara Stokes is doing what she can to help others. She has a spirit of giving and that is evident in the things she does for others. Barbara Stokes has always wanted people to realize they can rely on her. She helps the homeless, she feeds the needy and she tries her best to show people they can experience a better life because of what she has done for them. It has all added up and has made things better for her because of the issues she has been able to combat over the years. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Even though Barbara Stokes does what she can to help people, she also knows her career should be an important thing she can focus on. She has always tried to focus on putting others first and the career aspect has had benefitted greatly from that. Barbara Stokes knew her career would get better if she did the best she could and that’s what has allowed her to continue growing it. Now, she is successful and is looking back on all the great opportunities she created for herself.

View: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Huntsville-Alabama-Based-Company-Awarded-28-5-Million-FEMA-Contract-1002883259