Susan McGalla Encourages Women’s Executive Scholarships

Susan McGalla is an executive and senior consultant who has worked in American business for a number of decades. Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and attended Mount Union College. During her time there she displayed a strong sense of leadership and served on the college board of advisors while she earned a degree in business and marketing.

Susan McGalla soon found success in the business world where she became the President of American Eagle Outfitters. She then went on to work for the company Wet Seal LLC and became the Chief Executive Officer. Susan McGalla has strong connections to the community where she served on the Board of Trustees for the University of Pittsburgh. She has Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Susan McGalla currently sits on the board of HFF Inc. This company provides commercial real estate services.

Susan McGalla has personally served as an example of the success women can have in the business world. She currently works to promote women in business with a specific focus on Women’s Executive Scholarships. This is a relatively new way to promote women in business, and Susan McGalla encourages these scholarships over traditional women’s leadership councils. Susan McGalla explains that these women’s leadership councils tend to isolate women from the rest of a business, and that the major purpose of these women’s leadership councils is for them to falsely show that a business is trying to encourage women’s executive leadership. However, a program such as a women’s executive scholarship program offers an active means for a women to enter into executive roles in a company. This provides the experience and connections that women need in order to find success leading major corporations.

Susan McGalla is able to provide many reasons why companies should promote both women’s leadership and leadership by women of color. She is able to show that a company with women’s leadership generally performs fifteen percent better than a company with no women’s leadership. Susan McGalla also shows the lack of women’s representation in C- leadership roles while showing the benefits that come from placing women in these roles.



How ClassDojo Has Empowered Educators and Made Learners Enjoy Classroom and School Work

Education technology is an industry that has shown an upward trajectory right since the beginning of 2015. Even though revenue in the industry dropped from $1.5 billion in 2015 to $1.4 this year, education tech entrepreneurs are optimistic that 2018 will come with an improved market. Among the education tech applications that have disrupted the traditional model of school operation include ClassDojo, Nearpod, and Classcraft. ClassDojo, in particular, has championed the transition of learning from analog to digital learning. It is a communication platform that all education stakeholders have successfully exploited as a transformative tool in the education sector.

A Teacher-Friendly Platform

ClassDojo’s highlight achievement is the way it has empowered teachers for effective content delivery to students as well as bringing parents on board in a move aimed at creating a positive culture in the schools. Thanks to the platform, kids now find learning fun and engaging both inside and outside the classroom. However, ClassDojo and other education tech applications have a lot on their hands and must deliver optimally if they are to keep up with the upward trajectory. Besides, they must re-strategize and come up with marketing channels whereby they pass through teachers as opposed to entering the market through school administrators and support staff.Creating a rapport with teachers is a sure way of getting honest reviews and advice on the areas to upgrade on. ClassDojo co-founder, Mr. Sam Chaudhary, got an upper hand over competitors by interacting with teachers and getting to hear their challenges and experience firsthand. He also interacts with students as well as their parents from whom he gets feedback from them on the learning development process. By so doing, ClassDojo has created a platform that is teacher-friendly and that addresses their real-time challenges. It enables the teacher to involve parents at every stage of student development, something that was nearly impossible in the past. It is more of a parent-teacher conference taken to a level higher.


ClassDojo has received an overwhelming acceptance in the United States. Today, about 9 out of 10 K-8 school districts use the platform. By making its services free for all teachers, the app has found favor in the eyes of educators thus its unprecedented success.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Builds the Most Innovative App

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows a lot about dating apps because she is the founder of a dating app company. Bumble is the company that she started, but it appears that there is a lot more in store for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the golden child of the dating app industry, but now she wants to test her luck with other areas of social media like networking and building friendships. These are things that she plans to take on as she competes with other apps like LinkedIn.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a lot on her plate, and it appears that she is one of the entrepreneurs that tends to stay on the innovative path because she wants to explore new territory. Whitney is not someone that is afraid of risk. When it comes to expanding company she knows that there are potential risk to some audiences as she tries to lure new users to Bumble. The reality, however, is that the chance for greater exposure and expansion is much greater than the risk that she is taking. Right now it appears that Whitney Wolfe Herd is at the peak of her career, but the reality is that she is just getting started.

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows singles that utilize the app are getting better matches because they are finding common ground with people that they meet through the app. What this means is that they will probably use the app less as they get closer to their perfect match. When this happens they will typically disband use of the app all together.

Wolfe is not trying to have this to happen. She wants people that utilize Bumble to know that there is a bridge for networking and building better opportunities to advance in your career. She also want people to know that they can utilize Bumble to find friends in their area even if they do not have their mind geared towards dating. These are all things that people can consider when they are looking at Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe Herd definitely knows how to build anticipation for Bumble because she continues to bring new things to this app. She is always looking for a way to make Bumble better, and that is why more people are getting plugged into what she is doing. They want to know about the changes that she is making in app technology with the app that everyone is buzzing about.

Nick Vertucci Gives People Access to a New Way Invest in Real Estate

There are a lot of people that are becoming familiar with real estate guru Nick Vertucci because he has a lot to say about better real estate investing. Nick has proven, over the years, that he knows what it takes to make successful investments in real estate. People that are new to real estate investing can go right to his website and read just a few of the many success stories. He is confident in what he is doing, and he believes that many people can benefit from the knowledge that he has.

Nick Vertucci started his academy in real estate, and this has helped a lot of people get their footing when it comes to investing in real estate. There are a lot of people that are going to be able to get the hands-on training that they need to repair homes that they invest in. There are a lot of shows about fixing up home and selling these finished projects, but many people do not know where they need to start. It is people like Nick Vertucci that are giving people access to real estate starting points where they can really make better decisions.

Flipping homes is something that a lot of people want to do, but a lot of people may not know where they need to start. The great thing about Nick Vertucci is his own experience. He did not start in real estate. His career was a in law enforcement, but he was able to make a move in real estate and go through the trial and error. Now he is able to give this information back to the people that are trying to start in the place where he started.

Vertucci has a real estate academy that can help all of those that may have consider the possibilities of putting their money into multiple real estate ventures. He teaches people how to make multiple investments and continue moving on to the next. Nick is all about flipping homes, making profits and getting ready for the next investment. This is why people consider his advice.

Brilliant Plans Laid Out By Louis Chenevert That Brought Success to UTC

For those people who have made it in any business sector, they can always confirm that it does not come easy but rather through much dedication and effort. One man who has such testimony is Louis Chenevert who is has a brilliant career in the business and finance sector. Louis Chenevert was a former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation which is an international firm that engages in the production of high-quality products in various fields such as airplane engines. United Technologies Corporation is a huge firm that contributes a lot to the US economy since Louis Chenevert took its leadership.

Before his term as the CEO Louis Chenevert had served in other business sectors such as Pratt & Whitney where he was the production manager. He was also the chairman of the UTC before assuming the CEO position and also a board member of multiple companies in the finance sector. During his tenure, he made sure that the company became a prolific firm which employs thousands of skilled workers. One of his excellent achievements was realized when he was able to hold the company to maintain its production, market and its workers when the world was facing a global recession that made many companies reduce the number of employees by firing them and even some shutting down completely. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert believed in employing the latest technology in executing his role. He always knew that technology leads to the production of high-quality products that will enhance efficiency. This was the reason he was able to invest a lot in technology in UTC where the organization is perceived as one of the most advanced firms in applying technology to deliver professional work. He is always concerned about building a motivated team of workers who can work in group work. Louis Chenevert always emphasizes that a coherent team always deliver excellent work because they can share useful ideas thus being able to come up with unique products. He made his workers appreciate their positions by interacting with them occasionally where they could feel comfortable working around their CEO unlike the case in many organizations where workers fear their executives.

During his term at the United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert developed the interest to invest in the future to enable his current work to propel and become an achievement to look back an confirm that his efforts were worth taking. Louis Chenevert always makes a followup on the latest technologies and made sure that he employed the latest technologies in the UTC. This was a remarkable move as UTC became one of the most successful firms who build the most advanced jet engines used to propel many aircrafts all over the world. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

Louis Chenevert was always to leave the organizations where he worked much better than he found it. This is advice which he offers to company executives to invest in technologies and human resource. Building strong and motivated team can make a firm develop a long-term plan which can help a firm to run effectively fo a long time even making it easier to the incoming executives have an easy time in running the firm. If leaders are committed to their set objectives and have interest in making their work recognized and admired, most of the firms would remain stable for a long time. United Technologies Corporation remains a high profile company up to date and employs many people from the efforts of Louis Chenevert.

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Michel Terpins Made Good Choices for Racing

As a racecar driver, Michel Terpins has always had the ability to make sure he is making good choices. He likes to show people he is a great driver and that is evident in the wins he has. It is what has helped him make the right choices and bring the right type of attention to the things he is doing. Everything he has done goes back to the way he is doing his best and the way he can help other people. For Michel Terpins, this is something that will continue to help him make the right decisions and will continue to allow him the chance to make sure people know what he’s doing. There have been ways in which he can help people with other things and all of that goes back to the way he has the support of his family behind him in everything he does.

For Michel Terpins, there have been different things that he can do. He likes to work on various options and that’s what has given him a chance to do more. He also likes people to realize they are going to be able to enjoy the things he has to offer. When they watch him race, they are able to see how much time and energy he has put into practice. All of the options he has with racing have been a direct result of his dedication. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to show people how they can see him be successful.

For years, Michel Terpins has relied on his family to be his support system. They know what he can do and they are supportive of the opportunities he has in racing. He has always wanted to make sure there are different ways they can enjoy themselves and they know what they are doing. Michel Terpins likes to race with his brother who is also a racer. Together, they work to make sure they are winning everything they can. They are great at what they do and never let anything get in their way while they are racing.

What Global Reach Means for the OSI Group

When the OSI Group first started being a popular company in China, they knew they would need to do something to make the business better. They didn’t want to continue using the logistics that came from the business part of shipping products to different companies so they needed to make sure they had a center in China. Because there were so many issues with starting a center in China, the OSI Group had to spend a lot of time making sure they were doing things the right way. They knew if they didn’t do this, they would have to try different things on their own.

As long as the OSI Group was doing their best, they would have the opportunities it would take to be a positive influence in the food industry. They knew it would take a lot of work but they also knew it would require them to do different things on their own if they were going to make sure they were doing all the right things with the food industry. The OSI Group never relied on any other company and got all of their own business on their own. They knew they would need to continue pushing to make things better but they also knew things would get better if they worked hard on the different opportunities they had.

Despite being in an industry that is anything but sustainable, the OSI Group has remained extremely sustainable. This is what has allowed them to gain some of the clients they currently have. In fact, their sustainability efforts have led to the company growing in ways other people would have never imagined. They knew they had to try different things and they also knew they would need to make the best choices possible if they were going to offer the food service they had to other people.

The changes the OSI Group has made throughout the time they have been in business have been positive ones. In fact, the company has been so influential other companies are now following the same things they are doing. It has helped them grow and has helped shape the food service industry for the future. The OSI Group hopes their influence will allow other companies to try the same sustainable practices they have. They do this so they’ll have a chance to really make the industry better than it has ever been before.

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Waiakea Water Bottled Company Natural Processing Method

Nowadays, bottled water business is over $100 billion industry internationally. It has several players with Italians being the current leaders of packaged water. Waiakea is a bottled water company based in Hawaii. Their marketing and production strategy makes them stand out from their competitors. The company name is derived from Hawaii language “Waiakea” which means deep waters.

Waiakea an innovative company established in 2012 uses a unique filtering process. The volcano trading water company filters its waters through porous volcanic rock. Its water runs 14,000 feet via the Mauna Loa Volcano. Being an environmentally mindful bottled water firm Waiakea is a generous contributor to global water issues.

The inspiration of Waiakea founder Ryan Emmons was the Hawaii culture. Coming across Mauna Loa Volcano, contributed to Ryan ideas of being unique in the populated industry. The company participates intensely in charitable support. Through the collaboration with Pump Aid, Waiakea donated 650 liters of clean water to the needy. The water company is part of care for the land initiative. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Water Source Support

The establishment of the company was based on future sustainability. Waiakea, volcano water company has a potential to produce up to 740 million gallons in a day. The consumption rate of United States of American is 2 million gallons every day. With the recharge rate of 1.5 gallons, it’s an assured sustainability. Waiakea daily donations and sales are less than 1% of existing water.

Ecological Processing Methods and Certification

The environmentally conscious firm has implemented strategies to reduce emissions and minimize their carbon impression. Their packaging bottles get produced from reusable polyethylene terephthalate. They obtained CarbonNeutral certificate issued by Natural Capital Partners to use renewable energy and reduce emissions. Waiakea company has won numerous awards, making it a green producer of bottled water. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.


Waiakea water production journey is naturally, unique and difficult to duplicate. The water undergoes natural purification through its 14 kilometers journey a process that emits acid making it purely alkaline. Removal of acid for most of the existing water companies does not happen naturally. Their chemical free water process is different from that of Waiakea, which makes it unique.
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Techstyle continues to do JustFab

What seems to truly be blossoming in the financial realm right now is ecommerce and any sort of online retail. The companies that are now operating in such a way have such an edge on traditional retailers. Everyone’s attention is grabbed by companies with a massive email list of people to send products, discount codes, special promotions and points, free shipping, and a myriad of other offers. The constant enticing of coming across the screen of the third human hand that’s know as the mobile phone. We quickly make judgments that if I don’t take advantage of this sale now it will be gone forever. And with the touch of thumb to screen most is delivered to our doorstep no problem. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are working to take company Techstyle, to the next level.

Adam Goldenberg created his own business at the age of 13, and eventually by the age of which became a website called Gamer’s Alliance. This became so popular that at 17, he told the rights to Intermix which is the parent company to the social media site MySpace. He later worked for Intermix as the youngest ever COO of a company and soon after leaving began two companies, JustFab and DermStore.

Don Ressler also worked for Intermix and through several ventures helped sell the company to NewsCorp for an estimated 670 million dollars. He spent several years creating and running his own ecommerce and online businesses. He has through these companies accumulated over 1 billion dollars in sales. The combined efforts of both Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg now are transforming Techstyle into a true masterpiece.

With an estimated 700 million dollars of revenue expected this year, these two geniuses are clearly doing something right. Now only has the company made money, but has over 2,000 employees and 4.5 million members. As a company one of the goals these two discuss is how they can absolutely shock both the fashion and technology world. With technology they desire to give the members constantly new and vibrant technology experiences. These experiences you naturally want to tell others about. Then for fashion the company seeks to use personalization and seeing how consumers shop via online to determine what is most eye catching to the people.

Techstyle will most likely continue to innovate fashion and technology. Changing both industries through the excellent leadership of the business start-up geniuses.

The Success Story of Dr. Jennifer Walden in Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in was born in Austin Texas. Her father was a dental surgeon while her mother was a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden enrolled at Anderson high school and later joined the University of Texas where she got her undergraduate degree in Biology. She then received her Medical Doctorate from University of Texas Medical Branch graduating with highest honors being the salutatorian of the university. She also got elected as the president of Texas Alpha chapter of Alpha Omega Honor’s society. During this time, she did an internship at prestigious plastic surgery associates in Miami.

During her stay at Texas, she obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan ear, eye, and throat hospital. For the next seven and a half years she moved to New York where she participated in clinical trials that led to the re-introduction of silicone breast implants. In 2011 due to the birth of her twins, she moved to Texas where she opened up a private clinic in Westlake Hills. In December 2015 Dr. Jennifer was recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. She also acts as the spokeswoman for both American societies for aesthetic surgery and the American society of plastic surgeons.

Being a certified surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery and fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jennifer has specialized in cosmetic, aesthetic, plastic surgery. She has also performed a large volume of breast augmentation. She is the co-author of Aesthetic Plastic surgery. In her publication, she defines her career in depth. Dr. Jennifer Walden also outlines the cost of the procedures she does for her patients.

In her book, she also looks into some of her patient’s experiences she encourages her patients never to be ashamed of doing any surgery with the intention to change one’s appearance. She says her joy is to end her day knowing that she has at least helped someone mostly from her gender.