Get a Radiant and Flawless Skin Today with Makari

Dull and dark skin can be as a result of overexposure to the sun, stress, poor lifestyle choices as well as prolonged use of cosmetic products that are chemical based. Being an era of great inventions, the cosmetic market is flooded with lots of skin-lightening lotions and creams. However, such products contain harmful ingredients that can ultimately end up damaging your skin. Oftentimes these products are also sold at higher prices thus not favorable to all customers.

To save yourself some money and time, here are some natural remedies that you can use to effectively lighten and brighten your skin complexion and boost your self-esteem.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and also have bleaching properties and elements that can help lighten your skin tone. Regular consumption of freshly made orange juice can greatly improve your overall skin suppleness and texture. You can lighten your skin by mixing two tablespoons of fresh orange juice and a small amount of powdered turmeric. This mixture is then applied to the face and washed after 20 minutes. By doing this on daily basis, you are guaranteed of a flawless skin.
Honey acts as a moisturizing and bleaching agent. Having the antibacterial properties, honey helps fade acne scars as well as age spots. To remove dead skin cells from your face, it is advisable to apply pure honey on your face then wash it off after few minutes with lukewarm water.
Oatmeal is another important ingredient that helps in skin exfoliating. To get rid of dead and old skin cells, you can mix tomato juice with oatmeal then apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for around 20 minutes then wash it off using cold water on daily basis.
If you are looking for a company that offers quality skin lightening products then Makari is the place to be. Makari is a leading service provider of amazing skin lightening products that guarantees you a radiant and fair skin. For over ten years this firm still holds a good reputation following the quality of brands it delivers to its customers. Makari provides a wide array of skin lightening products that are fairly price dranging from Body Beautifying Whitening Milk, Clarifying Whitening Exfolio to Caviar Clarifying Glycrein among others. Additionally, customers are also given a free Makari sample and this is quite amazing.

All You Need To Know About Kevin Seawright

A new interview uncovered that Kevin Seawright is CFO and also the executive vice president for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Just recently, an interview was conducted for the world to know more about his outlook on career, family and philosophy.

Kevin is known by many to have a very interesting life, and this spans in the private and public sectors.

He started his work in the finance sector in a government position at Baltimore. After working in this position for 11 years, he earned several awards and decided to go to the private sector.

Kevin became the Executive Vice President and the CFO for Newark CEDC just a year ago. Throughout his life, Mr. Seawright has devoted himself to supporting the urban centers grow and also improve the lives of the people staying there.

He is known for transforming his attitude and thoughts so that he can adapt to the difficult situations that arise that need answers.

During the interview, Kevin said that he was introduced in the industry by his own parents when he was very young. When he was 12years, he used to work for youth programs in his home area, changing the lives of several people.

Apart from his parent’s motivation and upbringing, Kevin had a lot of diligence and dedication to transform the lives of people in Philadelphia, and this has contributed to his achievements.

According to Kevin Seawright, formal education acquired in college is an important training and teaching tool. Formal and online education helped him a lot when he was learning, and this has made him very open to all forms of education that can help an individual to be productive in their work.

Online education is gaining popularity in the modern world, with over 32% students in college taking their courses online.

According to Crunchbase and Xing, Kevin Seawright is involved in organizations that are developed to strengthen and also empower communities. He recently finished a 3part course in the executive leadership at the University of Notre Dame.

The course teaches students the principles of being leaders in transformational companies, various techniques to help keep the students in the modern competitive market, attaining and maintaining consensus during boards and also granting strategies.

According to Kevin, an individual’s success revolves around his own family. He considers himself a successful man because of the good relationship he has with his family.

His daughter is the person who is very close to him both in the nuclear and extended family. His daughter has a very good relation with the rest of the family due to the accomplishments he has taught her. His daughter, Tia is the first thing that makes him happy.

Seawright also loves watching her play softball and basketball. He loves watching the 12-year-old grow into a lady and also do well in her studies. Tia is the most important person in his life. He loves coaching and playing basketball in his free time.  He’s got a full bio available on the Newark website.

Town Residential Sees Major Changes

The real estate market in New York City is a very difficult business to be a part of. There are many people who want to live in the city or who want different homes in the city that simply cannot do it because there is so many people living there. The demand for homes in New York City is much higher than the supply that the city has to offer.


When Town Residential first started their jaunt into real estate, they wanted to be something different. They didn’t want to be just another failed New York City real estate agency and they worked hard to make sure that they were able to be as successful as possible. This was something that allowed them to push hard and work the hardest so that they were able to be more successful than others who had tried to do the same thing and failed.


The success that they had was only due to their hard work. The work that they put in translated to them being able to do much more than any of the other real estate agencies and offered them the opportunity to be among the best of the best in New York City. It is something that has allowed them to march their way up the real estate ladder and has given them the chance to become even more successful in different areas of real estate in New York City. They have branched out as far as they can go now.


Since Town Residential was first started with the intent to serve people who wanted homes in New York City, this is where the majority of their business lies. It is something that they feel strongly about and something that they are good at so they continue to do it no matter what the market in New York City looks like. It has allowed them the chance to do things that they have never even been able to do before and has truly set them apart from some of the other real estate agencies in New York City. They have been so successful.


Now that Town Residential has seen so much success, they plan to keep growing in the New York City area. Even though they have only been in business for three years, they have made major waves in the real estate market in that amount of time. They are now one of the fastest growing and largest real estate companies in the city. With the recent opening of their tenth office on the Hudson, they have been able to land the spot of the fastest growing agency in Manhattan which has set them farther apart from other agencies.


The Oslo Freedom Forum Shows The Credentials Of Thor Halvorssen

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has spent much of his career lookign to find ways of bringing increasing numbers of people into the activism community through any ways possible. Halvorssen refuses to discuss the political allegiances of his staff at the HRF as he feels the dedication to the cause of human rights protection is much more important than any personal feelings an individual may have.

The credentials of Thor Halvorssen could barely have been higher after his decision to create the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has become the world’s largest event for human rights activists to attend.

Thor Halvorssen does not follow the traditional path carved out by those who came before him in the human rights activism community, but instead is interested in the results he and his foundation have developed for individuals and groups around the world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of his time at each Oslo Freedom Forum working to form relationships between activists and celebrities, journalists, and others who wish to make their presence felt in the human rights activism community.

Thor Halvorssen has made sure he is looking to develop links to each and every area of the public arena, which he feels should all be used to bring attention to the problems facing people in many under reported areas of the world. Halvorssen has spent a large period of time bringing the attention of the public to celebrity endorsements of tyrants and dictators from around the world who stars of music, TV, and film have appeared with in recent years.

Through his work with the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of time looking to bring the human rights abuses of socialist governments around the world to the attention of the public.

Thor Halvorssen has often clashed with other activists over socialist governments robbing individuals of their human rights, which he feels is no different to more conservative governments causing similar problems for the people of the world.

Can JustFab Work for You?

JustFab is a company that is made for every woman who wants convenience. There are many ways that things are convenient for people who visit JustFab on Forbes, but one of the best things that women like about it is that they don’t really need to worry about actually shopping when they make the decision to buy new clothing. Not having to shop is one of the biggest draws to the JustFab model and is something that is much easier for everyone who uses the site. It is a site that was created for convenience.

Don Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, designed the site for women who like to shop but who also do not like the action of shopping. It can be difficult to make it to the store each month and it can also be hard for women who want to try something different to actually pick it up off of the rack. JustFab makes it easy by sending the woman an outfit each month that they know she is going to love no matter what it is or what season they are currently in.

How does JustFab know that? Because they have personal stylists for each woman who visits the website. The personal stylists according to Don Ressler use a series of questions that women answer at the beginning of their subscription. They use the answers to find outfits that will be perfect for the woman and to ensure that they are getting the best out of everything. This is something that is easy for women to do and something that is better for women who don’t like to have too many options. The site prevents women from becoming overwhelmed with all of the clothing choices on LinkedIn that are available at the typical clothing store that would be found in town or at a shopping mall.

Because of this, JustFab has skyrocketed to the top of the shopping charts for women according to Don Ressler. It is a site that many women visit each day and something that more people sign up for all the time. There are many different options and women are guaranteed to never get the same outfit twice. The outfits change on a regular basis and they are able to suit the season that you are in no matter where you are located in the world. JustFab also offers certain guarantees for women who don’t necessarily love the outfit that they got.

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Betting on the NBA

One of the greatest benefits of watching basketball is that you can garner some information that will allow you to make money. In this day and age, sports betting is at an all time high, and you can guarantee that plenty of bets are placed on any game that you watch. If this is something that interests you, there are a lot of steps that you will be able to take. With this in mind, you should consider the ins and outs of success for betting on NBA odds and begin by following some of these tips below.

Become Familiar With The Platform

Any sports bettor will tell you that finding a great platform is half the battle. Because of this, once you have found a platform, you can take solace in the fact that your bets will go through and you will be able to spend some serious money with them in the hopes of earning money. In this regard, is an excellent website that you should turn to make this a reality. This website is trusted and has been used by people for years who enjoy placing NBA sports bets.

Stay Up To Date With NBA News

It is important that you do everything that you can to remain abreast of everything happening in the NBA. When you take it upon yourself to learn as much as you can about the players, teams and injuries, you will have everything that you need to make sound bets. With this in mind, is an excellent site that will be useful to you in this regard. The platform makes it so easy to learn about the odds for each bet and make a great decision anytime that you are deciding to place money on an individual player bet, to cover the spread or otherwise bet on NBA games.

Learn The Proper Ways To Bet

Finally, it is important that you understand what is expected of you in terms of fees and charges for an account, in addition to know which types of bets you should make. By taking full advantage of these various platforms, you will be in a great position to increase your money and have fun betting on sports.

Betting on the NBA is one of the most exciting things you can do in the sports betting world, so with the season approaching, make sure you do your research and start an account with

Remalda Alters Lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company

Remalda is a major pharmaceutical company and has recently filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company. Recently, Remalda filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw in the Nevada court system. This lawsuit asserted that Laidlaw violated its fiduciary duty to Remalda when Remalda agreed to hire them. The lawsuit has changed to reflect an additional claim Remalda is making regarding materials that Laidlaw furnished Remalda with. Remalda claims that these materials were misleading and therefore violating the fiduciary law that requires Laidlaw to act in the best financial interest of Remalda. While many advisers aren’t fiduciaries, those that claim they are fiduciaries must act in the best interest of their client. In the lawsuit, Remalda is seeking damages that reflect the financial losses the company has suffered as a result of misleading information disseminated by Laidlaw. In the meantime, the court system has issued an injunction that bars Laidlaw from disseminating any further materials until the lawsuit is settled. A victory in the lawsuit would represent a major victory for both Remalda and its shareholders while dealing a major blow to the reputation of Laidlaw and its heads, Matthew Eitner and James Ahearn.

Matthew Eitner, CEO of Laidlaw, and James Ahern, senior managing partner, lead Laidlaw, a company with over 170 years of experience in the arena of investments and securities managements. With hundreds of offices scattered across the United States and Europe, Laidlaw serves a wide customer base. Laidlaw is one of the largest companies in the arena.

Laidlaw has developed its reputation by helping customers and clients reach their goals with unique and cutting edge business strategies. The investment team focuses its efforts on healthcare investments and combines a unique mix of young ideas employed by veteran and experienced leadership.

InnovaCare Health Changing The Landscape of Medicare Advantage Health Plans

When it comes to the ever-changing landscape of health insurance, the different options that an individual can choose from has changed greatly, especially over the past two years. Many individuals that have standard Medicare insurance receive their benefits from the original Medicare provider plan. However, there are new options in receiving government assisted healthcare.

Some individuals have gone the route of choosing Medicare Advantage Plans of InnovaCare Health, a series of programs that work in conjunction with standard Medicare. Through this agreement, the government covers a specific amount for individual to maintain their insurance plan to a point, and the MAP picks up certain other costs, supplementing the Medicare coverage.

If an individual decides to enroll in this plan, their payment setup includes a partial payment on top of the standard Medicare allowance. Unfortunately for many the payments are not set in stone, which can lead to great confusion in terms of the type of coverage one receives, as well as the payments that are actually due now and in the future.

The Medicare Advantage Plans are offered in three different arrangements which offers flexibility for users to choose a specific plan to suit their individual needs. Included in these choices are options for HMOs, or Health Maintenance Organizations, as well as PPOs, also known as Preferred Provider Organizations, as well as PPFS, also known as Private Fee For Service programs. Within the framework of these programs other programs exist that may serve extending needs beyond the general scope of these specific coverages.

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InnovaCare Subsidiary MMM Healthcare Acquires First+Plus Medicare Advantage Members

InnovaCare Inc Company Profile

One of the reasons why the medical landscape has changed so drastically over the past few years is the need to provide individuals with lower cost health insurance options like InnovaCare Health. There have been many stories of how individuals have found themselves on the brink of ruin due to a medical emergency. Individual companies that offer these extension services to standardized Medicare is a great boon to the community.

The originator of the Medicare Advantage Plan, medical insurer InnovaCare Healthcare are on a quest: to provide the best health care to individuals at a price they can afford. The founder of the company Rick Shinto, who also serves as the president and CEO has spent more than 20 years in the field of healthcare. He has held positions with companies such as MedPartners, Cal Optima Health Plan, and Medical Pathways.

He works alongside Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. She brings over 20 years of governmental medical programs experience to her position with the company.

Andy Wirth Gives Details on the Proposed Gondola Project Between Alpine and Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth has been a key figure of development at Squaw Valley. In recent times, he revealed plans to connect the two iconic mountains that host Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows Resort.

Both Ski resorts operate under the ownership of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. According to Andy Wirth, the connection will involve a base-to-base Gondola. Through this medium of transportation, skiers and snowboarders will take less time to move from one resort to the other.

The base-to base gondola will involve a large suspension cable hanging between the two mountains. Through the large cable, small carts carrying skiers, visitors and snowboarders will move from one resort to the other easily.

It will be expected to start from the bottom of Squaw Valley then pass through the ridge between the two resorts or mountains and end at the base of the Alpine Meadows. The move to connect the two resorts did not surprise many since rumors of such a plan began after the Alpine/Squaw Valley merger. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Though the development has experienced resistance from unhappy local skiers, Squaw Valley has been seeking for public support for the proposed base-to-base gondola through its website.

Proposed plans for the development are also expected to be handed out to Placer County and United States Forest Service. In addition, Squaw Valley boasts of expansion plans of its base-area village.

A Close Look at Andy Wirth

Wirth currently serves Chief Executive Officer and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holding, which is the owner of two top ski resorts around Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Ski Resorts.

His big breakthrough came after leaving Intrawest, the company that bought Steamboat Springs in 2007, to join Squaw Valley as President as well as Chief Executive Officer.

Andy is the current chairperson of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. Earlier this year, he was privileged to be appointed as the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation president and Chairperson.

Apart from his executive positions, he is a philanthropic figure who takes part in community service in the Lake Tahoe area. Consequently, he supports various organizations and initiatives such as the Truckee River Watershed Council, Girls on the Run Sierra Chapter, The McConkey Foundation, High Fives, The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Community House, and the Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee.

Securus Releases Press Releases on GTL Integrity Breaches

Securus Technologies will release a number of reports, articles, findings and facts that will highlight the integrity breaches of GTL, a provider of inmate communications. Securus Technologies provides technology solutions for both criminal and civil justice for investigation, monitoring, corrections and public safety. This will be the first press release in the anticipated series by Securus that will highlight the various integrity breaches and wrongdoings that were committed by GTL.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, expressed his distaste by the actions of GTL as the company stooped way below the expected integrity bar of carriers in their industry. The first series will involve a 17-page Order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission numbered U-20784-B. This order regarded the various actions that GTL was guilty of doing when it provided services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

The PSC of Louisiana found some wrongdoings below that were conducted by GTL from their investigations. It also programmed the telephones to rate the calls on a basis of rates that were higher than the ones permitted under the PSC rate caps and tariffs. GTL also inflated its telephone charges artificially by adding some money to the calls after such calls were rated. GTL also billed some calls more than just once. As a result of these practices, GTL overcharged the taxpayers by $1,243,000.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has its headquarters at Dallas, Texas and serves over 2600 law enforcement, corrections and public safety agencies. It serves over 1,000,000 inmates based in North America. Securus Technologies has set its eyes on ensuring that it is committed to serving and connecting through the provision of emergency response, public information, communication, investigation, information management, inmate self-service among others. 

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.