The Oslo Freedom Forum Shows The Credentials Of Thor Halvorssen

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has spent much of his career lookign to find ways of bringing increasing numbers of people into the activism community through any ways possible.

The credentials of Thor Halvorssen could barely have been higher after his decision to create the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has become the world’s largest event for human rights activists to attend.

Thor Halvorssen does not follow the traditional path carved out by those who came before him in the human rights activism community, but instead is interested in the results he and his foundation have developed for individuals and groups around the world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of his time at each Oslo Freedom Forum working to form relationships between activists and celebrities, journalists, and others who wish to make their presence felt in the human rights activism community.

Thor Halvorssen has made sure he is looking to develop links to each and every area of the public arena, which he feels should all be used to bring attention to the problems facing people in many under reported areas of the world. Halvorssen has spent a large period of time bringing the attention of the public to celebrity endorsements of tyrants and dictators from around the world who stars of music, TV, and film have appeared with in recent years.

Through his work with the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of time looking to bring the human rights abuses of socialist governments around the world to the attention of the public.

Thor Halvorssen has often clashed with other activists over socialist governments robbing individuals of their human rights, which he feels is no different to more conservative governments causing similar problems for the people of the world.

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