Peter Briger’s Contribution in Fortress Investment Group

Before he joined Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was well groomed by experience. For fifteen years, Pete was at Goldman Sachs, a well reputable company in investment and finance. Peter Briger learnt the trade and sharpened his skills. While at Goldman Sachs, Peter also served on numerous committees. This participation broadened Peter’s exposure and inspired him with ideas. Some of these committees were Asian Management Committee, Global Control and Compliance and Japan Executive Committee among others and more

By the time Peter was joining Fortress Investment Group, he was ready to serve the company. Peter was appointed in several leadership roles at Fortress. Among the roles he played were heading divisions such as the Asian Distressed Debt business, Trading business, and Whole Loan Sales among others. Every function and duty Peter has handled it with diligence and integrity.

Peter does not just view Fortress Investment Group as his workplace. He believes the company is a part of him and he should give it his best. This perception has inspired him to make innovation in the company. These creations are to make Fortress Investment Group a better service provider to clients. It is a step of development and growth for the company. For example, Briger created the Fortress Credit Department. Through Peter’s supervision and guidance, the division manages asset investment.

Peter Briger is a people person and is competent in managing people. In all areas where Peter oversees, he works with many people. Every individual he works with is glad to do so. Peter understands professionalism, and he possesses exceptional leadership skills. All employees enjoy working with him and respect him for valuing them. Peter is always keen to mentor interested employees. Some employees are young and gaining experience. Peter helps them to advance their skills as they work and gain knowledge.

Besides professional work, Peter is a philanthropist. Helping in community development and environmental preservation is important to him. Peter is part of the volunteers supporting Central Park Conservancy. He is also involved in voluntary work for other organizations. The community is an essential stakeholder of Fortress Investment Group. Peter makes every effort to ensure the company is participative in community activities. Before Peter could achieve all he has today, he began with a degree of arts at Princeton University. After completion, Peter enrolled for a master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He gives a lot of credit to his educational background. It has played a significant role in building his successful career.