Ronald Fowlkes Primes First Spear For Major Success

Ronald Fowlkes is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps and is a graduate of the well-respected Army Jump School. Fowlkes has worked for the police department of the city of St. Louis and was a team leader for the city’s SWAT team.


Fowlkes was first exposed to the company First Spear while still serving as a Marine and continued to monitor the organization throughout the rest of his military career as well as during his time with the St. Louis Police Department. He found himself to always be impressed with the company.


Fowlkes has spent more than twenty years now designing, developing, and delivering the highest quality gear possible to be used by police personnel and members of the armed forces.


Ronald Fowlkes honed his skills at selling military style products as well as performing the duties of a business development manager while working with a company known as ITW. He would later further sharpen his skills as a business development manager with Eagle Industries.


Fowlkes’ present position is the Director of Business Development as he now works with the company he has been so impressed with for years, First Spear. His job calls for him to coordinate with leaders in the military and law enforcement communities to facilitate the enhancement of both the design and marketing efforts of the company.


While performing his duties with First Spear, Fowlkes has been able to make creative use of the two decades of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table. The unique experiences that Fowlkes has had also made him especially qualified to understand the needed objectives to allow the company to become a leader in its industry.


Fowlkes is well known within the ranks of First Spear as a tireless worker that pays no regard to what is considered to be the normal workday. The company has many international customers so Fowlkes routine is the get to the office early and to make himself available for communication at all hours to assure that all of the company’s customers have access to him when needed.


Once at the office, Fowlkes answers any emails he has received and returns phone calls. He pays special attention to large orders made by customers, many who are members of NATO, and assures that all is on schedule with production pipeline for these orders.


Fowlkes has made it known that the energy that fuels his tireless workday comes from drinking Mountain Dew soda. The military veteran who first attempted to apply for the Marine Corp at the age of 10, only to be disappointed with the repeated news that he would have to wait until he was 17 to serve his country, says he swore off coffee early in his military career.


Ronald Fowlkes is married with children and an avid fan of hockey.