ClassDojo-Empowering Teachers, Students, and Families

ClassDojo is a new way for parents, students, teachers, and school leaders to stay connected. It is a communication app designed specifically for use within the classroom. The ClassDojo app makes it possible to share messages, videos, and photos throughout the school day and it is sparking an enthusiasm in students, since they can now share what they have been doing in school with their parents-instantly. ClassDojo is used in 90% of K-8 schools in the United States and in over 180 countries today. ClassDojo is also one of the 35 most innovative apps of the year in 2016.


ClassDojo’s Classroom app lets teachers and students build their very own classroom culture and lets them choose creativity and teamwork to share their feedback on their progress with each other.


The Messages feature lets teachers, school leaders, and students message each other instantly without having to pick up the phone. These messages can be translated into 35 different languages. Teachers can even use the “Quit Time” option to control when the messages can be received.


The Stories feature makes it possible for pictures and videos to be instantly updated from the school day. Each and every class, school , and student has their very own unique story to tell and the Stories feature gives them the opportunity to share it with others. The School Story feature makes it possible for families to stay connected to their school and the Class Story allows teachers to stay connected to families that are connected to their class. It lets students create their own story, complete with a timeline of what they have been learning.


ClassDojo is keeping everyone connected and informed and is making learning exciting again through its innovative app. ClassDojo has received many awards, including the Innovation by Design Award, as well.

Why Choosing Equities First is a Wonderful Option For High Net-Worth Individuals and Business Owners Who Are Seeking To Borrow Capital In The Forms of Loans

Equities First isn’t your ordinary capital lender by any means, as they’re a lending organization that is willing to work with a myriad of different businesses and individuals. They particularly specialize in helping both businesses and high net-worth individuals in obtaining the amounts of capital that they need to pursue their endeavors. Whether you’re a business who is seeking to borrow capital to pursue further endeavors, such as expanding your business, to buy assets such as machinery, tools, or even buildings, or a high net-worth individual who is seeking to borrow capital as a form of a non-purpose loan, Equities First may be able to provide you with the assistance that you’re requesting.

Equities First is a great company that is solely existing to help those who are essentially striving to help themselves. There’s no doubts about the fact that capital can often make more capital. A business that puts capital into their business operations usually does so in order to make more capital. If they put money into their business to buy machinery, it is highly likely the piece(s) of machine that they have bought are meant to have an effect of making more money.

Equities First is a company that is placing a considerable amount of importance on assisting high net-worth individuals with borrowing the amounts of capital that they request in their loan applications. A high net-worth individual may be wanting to borrow money for a non-purpose loan. A non-purpose loan consists of utilizing securities as forms of collateral, with the loan’s proceeds being utilized to purchase things that aren’t additional securities.

If you’re wanting to learn more about lending organization of Equities First, please don’t hesitate to read through the many reviews that have been left about them. You may decide that they are probably an organization that is the most suitable for you.

Making A Living With Traveling Vineyard

Starting a business is a desire for many people. There are many ways to start a business but it can be overwhelming for some. One effective way to start a business is to join a company that sells items.

Traveling Vineyard is a company that a part of the direct sales association. This company has individuals who want to be entrepreneurs, selling their wine through several different avenues. Traveling Vineyard works well with their wine guides, to ensure that they have everything they need to be a success. If the wine guides are successful, Traveling Vineyard is successful.

Individuals who have a desire to become a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard has to sign up for information. Once they read the information and want to continue the process, they will sign up. New wine guides will be partnered with an experienced wine guide that can help them learn the ropes.

After they have gotten a sense of what the business of Traveling Vineyard is, new wine guides will be sent a starter kit that will help them with their first two wine parties. The starter kit, also called a success kit, will have all of the items needed for their two parties.

Have a Boston or Philadelphia Landmark in Your Wedding Photo:

A wedding photo is meant to capture a couple’s special day. It can be even more special when taken next to a famous landmark in a city like Boston or Philadelphia. Fortunately, George Street Photo and Video Address has offices in both cities.

With hundreds of years’ worth of history, the possibilities in Boston are endless. Boston Common has wonderful natural and man-made features perfect for a photo backdrop. The pond, flowers, and trees of the Public Garden is another venue to consider. For sports fans, no landmark in Boston is more iconic than Fenway Park.

In Philadelphia, blend history and the big day with a photo shoot at Independence Hall. Any shoot in Philadelphia would have to include the Liberty Bell. Have the skyline of the city in the background with photos from the One Liberty Observation Deck.

End Citizens United Raises $4 Million In Three Months

End Citizens United has raised $4 million for its renewed campaign to have more Democrats elected to the Congress. The money was raised within the first three months of this year.

The group is confident that it will raise more than $35 million before the 2018 midterm elections for the Congress.

According to information published by the USA TODAY, the $35 million will be an increase from the agency’s previous fund of $25 million. The organization believes that with more funds, it can support many democratic candidates and provide them with adequate resources to be elected into the Congress. The group is funding politicians into the Congress with the hope of creating an environment that will make it easy for a constitutional amendment that will seek to reverse the decision made by the Supreme Court on the sources of campaign funds. The group believes that the ruling, which was in favor of an agency known as Citizens United, will lead to the entry of dirty money into politics through super Political Action Committees (PACs). This information was originally reported on USA Today.

The PAC’s president, Tiffany Muller, said that over 100,000 people have contributed to the group in the first quarter of 2017. Out of these, over 40,000 donors donated to the PAC for the first time. Tiffany, who is also the group’s executive director, posited that the influx of new donors is an indication of Americans taking action against the Supreme Court’s ruling. She added that all the collected funds will be channeled towards ‘campaign-finance reform.’ According to End Citizens United’s official documents, the average contribution to the organization in this year’s campaign has hit $12 million. This amount is significantly higher than the average contribution made to the organization in the run-up to last year’s election. For Muller, it is a sign of the public trying to fight back against Trump’s win and his controversial appointments. One of his most criticized appointments is that of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

One of the first campaigns that will be financed by the political action committee is Georgia’s congressional campaign. The group has encouraged its supporters to contribute $500,000 to Democratic candidate, Jon Ossoff. He is new to politics. Jon is campaigning to fill the seat left vacant after Tom Price was nominated to serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. With the passage of time, the group will continue to support the election of different Democrats. Before supporting a candidate, the group will make sure that he or she is ready to fight for End Citizens United’s course.

End Citizens United

End Citizen United is a political action committee formed to spearhead a constitutional amendment that would reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling of 2011 on election-campaign funding. The group raises money from small donors and uses the money to finance congressional candidates who are supporting its goal. The agency was established in 2015. The PAC is seeking to fight back against a ruling made by the Supreme Court in 2010. The decision allowed special interest groups and billionaires to expend untraceable and unlimited money in America’s elections. The objective of the agency is to reform the campaign finance system. This information was originally mentioned on End Citizens United’s website.



Bruno Fagali Is A Highly Renowned Brazilian Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a competent Brazilian Lawyer and he has handled numerous cases for clients throughout the nation. With so many lawyers in Brazil, it can be tough knowing who to hire when dealing with a difficult legal matter.

No matter the legal situation you’re going through, you need to be sure you hire a reputable and experienced lawyer. This is a person that will help protect your rights and guide you through the complex legal process.

Many businesses, institutions and entrepreneurs rely on Brazilian Lawyer to provide them with top notch legal representation.

It is important to find one of the most reliable and experienced lawyers in your area. And there are several ways to go about it.

You ask your friends and family if they can recommend a good lawyer that handles your type of case. Getting recommendation from trusted people is a great way to find a reliable lawyer. Find out about the lawyer’s general attitude, his practice habits, and his fees. With this information, you will be able to decide whether to hire the lawyer or look for someone else.

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In Brazil, Bruno Fagali is regarded as one of the top lawyers in his field. According to Google+, Bruno Fagali has been in practice for years and he has a good understanding of the process involved in resolving a case efficiently.

Bruno Fagali is passionate about ensuring his client’s satisfaction and he will work closely with you to get you the best outcome possible in your situation.

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The New PR: Online Reputation Management

For your information, your online reputation is altered and created what everyone says about you. For this reason, perceptions are not facts. However, they can be opinions, rumors, and conjectures. Michael Brown, the former president of FEMA, was limbered because he never responded to Hurricane Katrina. He spends several months trying to cure his bad reputation through numerous appearances and interviews. For technologies onscreen, Michael took a chance to hire a LED system display manufacturer to sell a signage product. An avalanche of online buzz and press coverage has erupted from that moment. Moreover, he has a management program take care of his reputation.

There are many people in the world suffering from news and web information about companies, people, and places. Will you like what you see if you Google your business today? When you Google your company, you may not be happy with what you see despite the numerous blog posts. The search comes from a consistent index of what is searched about your brand. You should include a press release for search engine optimization.

Your reputation is not bad if you don’t see any bad search on Google results. You should also try to search Starbucks if you are unsure about Google. This search provides a list of hated sites, brands, and negative conversations about brands. While big companies like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and automakers are targeting disenfranchised employees, they mean that they care about their reputation as much as profit.

The question is not about how you manage your online reputation. However, it is all about how you manage your reputation. It doesn’t mean that your reputation cannot be ruined if it has not happened already. You should be ready whenever it happens. Individuals and organizations should develop a search engine program for reputation management. A standard 21st-century protocol is efficient for this course.

A robust planning, research, and foundation is required for the development of an effective online reputation management campaign. You should target the relevant people to be informed while avoiding attention from those outside the conversation. For appropriate forums, you should optimize press releases for related searches.

Adam Goldenberg Spearheads the Active Wear Industry

JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg is revolutionizing how people work out with Fabletics, an online active wear shop that utilizes a membership and the customer’s personal preferences to find the best clothes at affordable prices. Both Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler understand that the importance of putting the customer first in the buying process is key to great success. That is just what they have done with Fabletics; through a personalized shopping experience that is tailored to the customers, they ensure that the client is satisfied with their care even without being in a physical store. Adam Goldenberg also recognizes that buyer feedback is a valuable tool to improve and refine his business, which is why Fabletics is open to communication to see how people were reacting to not just the clothes, but the prices, buying process, and the quality. With these doors open to the customer’s point of view at, Goldenberg and Ressler know exactly what their customers want, and work to make that happen.

In 2016, Fabletics announced that their clothing line was going to be “all-inclusive”, introducing a wider arrangement of sizes to fit many different types of women. Many clothing retailers, especially brand name active wear companies, do not cater to what is typically seen as larger sizes on Fabletics pounced on this notion, knowing that all women want the chance to look good and feel good about what they are doing. They will be introducing sizes up to 3X, and waist sizes 16-24W. It is a step that is bold as it is wonderful for the company. Co-founder of Fabletics Kate Hudson is ecstatic with the news on, hoping that the new additions will entice women from all walks of life whether they are a natural athlete, or just starting out.

Despite some criticisms, JustFab is hopeful for the future. Goldenberg and Ressler have the experience needed to ensure that the company continues to thrive as a unicorn in the realm of business. Their hiring process ensures that candidates have a passion for what they do despite their qualifications, and their focus on their top performing team members makes for guaranteed top customer service in the industry. Adam Goldenberg also knows how to read the numbers; if something goes wrong, he is notified within a few minutes, and he works to fix it as soon as possible to keep the customer experience smooth and pleasurable. With these practices in mind, JustFab is geared to do greater things; adding a men’s line, expanding their size range, and more in a few short years.

Yanni Hufnagel Contributing to an Elite College Basketball Team

Mr Yanni Hufnagel is one of the most highly regarded assistant basketball coaches today. He is an assistant coach at the renowned University of Harvard and has been at the position since 2009. The basketball team is called Crimson, and in 2013 they had to play against the team of the University of Memphis who is trained by Coach Josh Pastner.


The reason for the excitement that surrounded the game between the two teams had a lot to do with the fact that both Mr Yanni Hufnagel and Coach Josh Pastner are Jewish. There are very few Jewish basketball players and coaches. The last time that two Jewish coaches met for a game was years ago, and it involved Red Holzman and Red Auerbach.


Mr Yanni Hufnagel received significant recognition in the results of a survey from 2011 which was conducted by CDS Sports among over 150 basketball coaches. Coach Josh Pastner was one of the participants in the survey, and he picked Mr Yanni Hufnagel as one of the top assistant coaches that are bound to help the team reach new heights. He also stated that Mr Yanni Hufnagel is a better recruiter than him.


Mr Yanni Hufnagel used to work for Cornell as well as for New Jersey Nets. He received news from one of his former colleagues – Mr Ryan Krueger. They worked together in New Jersey. Mr Ryan Krueger told Mr Yanni Hufnagel about the spot available at the Harvard University. Mr Yanni Hufnagel was very energetic and open about his passion for being a basketball coach. He was offered the position soon after and he was hired by Coach Jeff Capel who interviewed him for the post. Since he joined the team, Mr Yanni Hufnagel has contributed to the enhancement of the basketball team through his recruitment skills.


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White Shark Media Review – What They Can Do For You

White Shark Media is the definition of a growing brand that is going to change the way you do your marketing and overall business. They have transformed the way countless companies have done their marketing through the power of SEO, SEM, and Google Adwords, among many other types of business strategies. Working with them guarantees that you are going to move forward as a company and see growth in different ways.


What Do They Offer?


White Shark Media is the definition of a growing up business agency that can help further your brand. They offer marketing and advertising for both small and medium-sized businesses. The best thing is the fact that they know what direction your brand is going and will give you exactly what you need. If they know Adwords is what you need and not basic SEO, then they will help build your brand efficiently through the power of different strategies.


When my company worked with them, we were glad that they really took us in and allowed for us to grow with them. They taught us how to navigate with what they were doing so that the business and the marketing would be transparent. They strived to provide a good atmosphere for me and my brand to help ensure that we see progress for the future. They know how to make you know what you can do to further improve your marketing strategies. They will work with you and not just for you. This is not a set-it and forget-it system. They are constantly working together with your brand so your company can move forward and you can see results for your brand for the future. White Shark Media is great to work with if you want to see your business thrive online and reach new heights for your brand.