Oncotarget Proceeds Ahead with Achievements

Oncotarget had began its origins as a multidisciplinary journal in 2010 with an initial primary focus on oncology, the study of preventing diseases, especially those that are linked to cancer.

There is one factor that separates Oncotarget from other journals: it has democratization as one of its core values.

This shown through the implementation of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License that Oncotarget actively support

What the implementation of this license means is that researchers can publicly share the published reports have already been published on Oncotarget already with other researchers.

The sharing of published reports isn’t just for scientists and researchers who are in the same field or the just the field oncology. It’s open for everyone to actively to see.

While oncology was the primary topic of choice for Oncology, the journal has also acquired a taste for adjacent topics such as cell death, immunology, and autophagy.

Because of the aforementioned license and the democratized nature of Oncotarget altogether, this has resulted in reports being published into the journal at a much faster rate. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Moving Forward with Media Objectives

In related news, Oncotarget is continuing to progress its objective to transform its position in the media landscape to reach out to an audience.

Oncotarget had earlier stated that their objective would be to increase the frequency of the publication of the journal itself from a simple weekly publication into a journal that publishes entries on a twice-weekly basis. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

As a result, readers would be can confidently accept entries to be published in the journal.

The other problem is also being solved with readers and consumers of Oncotarget’s media platform being able to know about the recent breakthroughs in the published reports in the journal.

Oncotarget earlier stated that it would create a podcast so listeners would be able to hear about what was going with the published reports in the journal itself.

The podcast’s objective would be to serve the listeners in hearing about the breakthroughs in the Oncotarget’s journal

The podcast episodes’ length are very brief so each episode is easy to listen to.

This manner of media consumption allows the content to be much more accessible and much more digestible.

The podcast is currently available on Stitcher, Soundcloud, Player.FM, and iTunes.

Oncotarget’s Other Worthy Achievements

Oncotarget played an exceptional role in their accomplishments, as well.

The journal itself has impact factor with the score of 5.168. Because of this, Oncotarget is gaining influence.

This can be contributed to Oncotarget’s open and free nature.

With the added statements from Oncotarget about the success and the gaining influence, the journal has been taking efforts to begin publishing two issues per week.

The new twice-weekly issues being released on Tuesday and on Friday consistently.

Also, Oncotarget researchers have been able to identify proven new therapeutic strategies to treat thyroid cancer.

Know more: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget

Oncotarget’s rewarding accomplishments have been recognized and notable.