Malcolm CaSselle and His Methods to Leverage Blockchain Tech to His Advantage

Despite the doubt that people have about cryptocurrency, it is here to stay, to challenge the status quo, and to upend the current assumptions we have about online commerce. In the gaming industry, one company that has shown a tremendous and passionate drive to excel in cryptocurrency is Wax, a gaming company that sells game skins.

The Virtual Assets That Sells

We know that everyone is into gaming right now, and the more people are part of it, the more profitable its potentials can be. This is what the company OPSkins is currently taking advantage of, and it has done so successfully. Now that they have conquered the world of providing cross-border micropayments in gaming assets for gaming consumers, it has now decided to expand by being part of cryptocurrency in the form of the company it just launched, called Wax.

WAX is Worldwide Asset eXchange and what it does is that it allows for virtual asset trading and opens up a P2P Marketplace where people can trade virtual assets upon the foundation of the renowned blockchain. This means more secure, more anonymous and less vulnerable form of trading valuables online. WAX is also a stand out because it solves two things in the gaming industry: fraud and fragmentation. The efforts of wax to address these issues have been extremely fantastic in delivering valuable products that its consumers will pay money for.

About Malcolm CasSelle, President of Wax

Although Wax is impressive on its own, it is made even more fantastic by the fact that it is led by the excellent and bold entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle. Being the president of Wax means that he’s leading to where it should be and away from where it should not be stagnating in. His previous experience as the president of the company called “tronc” is an excellent training field for him to manage the tasks he’s facing for Wax today. Other companies that Malcolm has made successful include Mediapass, Facebook, Zynga and Xfire.

Right now, Mr. Malcolm is passionate in driving the potentials of blockchain technology to the top and to challenge the current methods of global online commerce.