Joe Arpaio’s Acquittal

Joe Arpaio was Donald Trump’s darling. He supported Donald Trump all throughout his election and presidency. Arpaio had a high position in law enforcement, and we all know how amative Donald Trump is of law enforcement.

In his position as Sheriff, Arpaio took a very conservative, straight-to-the-point stance of enforcing the rules and not caring about anyone’s feelings.

This contrasts with more liberal minded people, who believe that there are more dimensions to judging situations than just, “Oh, he technically broke what was written on paper, go get him and make him suffer!” Arpaio’s straight-to-the-point stance meshes well with the approach that Donald Trump takes. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

This is the reason why Donald Trump acquitted Sheriff Arpaio when Arpaio was about to receive jail time for pursuing people in his jurisdiction who entered the United States through illegal means.

Why It is Believed That Sheriff Arpaio Was Intolerant and Insensitive

Well, immigrants are human beings with respectable hopes, dreams and feelings. As a matter of fact, if many American citizens were in the shoes of Latin Americans, they would probably be hopping the border, too. There is a tremendous amount of violence going on in Latin American countries.

Many of these people absolutely have to come here in order to not live in a virtual war zone where every day brings the possibility of being another body in the street. Some people are escaping unreasonable friends and family members who want to do harm to them. Others are in situations where their families are starving to death in their countries of origin.

Something else to think about is the fact that for many, many years, people from Mexico have been seasonally going back and forth from Mexico to America for work. These migrants do not want to stay in America; they want to work, make money, and go back to their homeland where their friends, families and cultures are. They are not looking to “go on welfare” or use the system like a piece of toilet paper.

This migratory pattern has been going on for numerous generations. It was in full swing when the United States began its attempt to crack down on undocumented immigration over the Mexican border in 1924.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The founding of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was based on the idea that racial minorities need a strong voice in America. They always needed a strong voice, and it was a real shame that they were belittled so much in society.

However, as large pieces of America’s growing population are increasingly becoming everything other than “non-Hispanic white,” racial minorities need to be more vocal. Large blocks of America’s population are becoming “non-white” and racially mixed, though American society still has remnants of it’s exclusionary “whites only” culture and mindset.

The racial profiling of Hispanic people at the hands of Sheriff Arpaio was the inspiration for the founding of this organization. That is the reason for why the Frontera Fund’s center of attention is the Hispanic plight in America.

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