Information of Milan Kordestani

Starting his life, Milan Kordestani schooled at Philips Brooks Elementary School despite being born in Stanford, California. In 2009, together with his parents, they moved to stay in London, England. It was after the parents got divorced where he continued with his education by attending Eaton Square school. He later went back to Bay Area in 2010 and attended another school located in Atherton called Sacred Heart Preparatory. He graduated from his high school education in 2017.

When he was at age of 10 years, it is the time Milan started riding horses. He was once thrown off from a runaway horse, a time when he was trail riding. When he was an interview with The National Horseman, it was written by Omid Kordestani who said that even after being thrown off, Milan went back in the camp riding a horse. He didn’t consider like most of the young could have, after being thrown where he was supposed to fear to ride again.

According to Betts Coup, a worker at The National Horseman, he said in a writing that Milan Kordestani is a person with a natural form, a person dedicated to hardworking and therefore he requires a riding challenge at world class horses. He is the person who can drive to win the blue ribbons because he was able to achieve major sports goals. Milan had started riding horses at Atherton and he had high progress where he could compete for world champion horses level. He even in 2015 won the first leg and ranked fourth in a world championship horse show.

In addition, Milan Kordestani is the founder and CEO of Milan Farms. He is a writer for the Huffington Post. The farm became a trademark company for its logo and brand in 2016 where it has been able to expand three more farms. They have been able to distribute the eggs on the west coast, which also includes Saffron and Colorado across the world. The farm recognizes that traditional methods of cultivating and producing saffron, but they also have a belief in innovations. In addition to drip irrigation use, the farm is also conducting some research on aquaponic and hydroponic growing systems for saffron.