Laidlaw & Company Helps Us Save Money

We have found quite a lot of reasons to invest our money, and I am using advice I received from a friend to call James Ahern and Matthew Eitner for assistance. I started an account at Laidlaw as soon as possible, and I speak to my broker often to ensure I am investing well. This article explains how I use Laidlaw to invest as much as possible.

#1: I Needed A Better Broker

I was in need of a broker when I made my first investment, and I did not have any help. There are several different people like me who are using Laidlaw to invest, and they are making money just as I am. I quite appreciate the way I have been handled by Laidlaw.

#2: They Explain Better Investment Choices

I have tried new investment options many times in the past, and I was not performing well as I did the work on my own. I quite enjoyed the way it felt to make better decisions, and I called to speak to my broker often.

#3: How Long Will I Invest?

Laidlaw is prepared to help me invest for many years at a time, and I have decided that I will invest in my retirement with their company. I am planning for the future, and I know what must be done to ensure I will have enough money to retire when I am ready.

I wanted to make better choices for my money while speaking with Laidlaw, and I know that it will be easier to save with their accounts.

Remalda Alters Lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company

Remalda is a major pharmaceutical company and has recently filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company. Recently, Remalda filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw in the Nevada court system. This lawsuit asserted that Laidlaw violated its fiduciary duty to Remalda when Remalda agreed to hire them. The lawsuit has changed to reflect an additional claim Remalda is making regarding materials that Laidlaw furnished Remalda with. Remalda claims that these materials were misleading and therefore violating the fiduciary law that requires Laidlaw to act in the best financial interest of Remalda. While many advisers aren’t fiduciaries, those that claim they are fiduciaries must act in the best interest of their client. In the lawsuit, Remalda is seeking damages that reflect the financial losses the company has suffered as a result of misleading information disseminated by Laidlaw. In the meantime, the court system has issued an injunction that bars Laidlaw from disseminating any further materials until the lawsuit is settled. A victory in the lawsuit would represent a major victory for both Remalda and its shareholders while dealing a major blow to the reputation of Laidlaw and its heads, Matthew Eitner and James Ahearn.

Matthew Eitner, CEO of Laidlaw, and James Ahern, senior managing partner, lead Laidlaw, a company with over 170 years of experience in the arena of investments and securities managements. With hundreds of offices scattered across the United States and Europe, Laidlaw serves a wide customer base. Laidlaw is one of the largest companies in the arena.

Laidlaw has developed its reputation by helping customers and clients reach their goals with unique and cutting edge business strategies. The investment team focuses its efforts on healthcare investments and combines a unique mix of young ideas employed by veteran and experienced leadership.