Doe Deere – Article Recap

For most of us, waking up in the morning involves nothing more than hitting the snooze button roughly 15 times more than we should, struggling to move ourselves to the coffee machine, and attempting to find the strength to shower. There is a very small percentage of the population that exists that doesn’t struggle to do any of these things. These people are called, “morning people” and Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, is one of those people.


If you don’t know who and what Lime Crime is, let me give you a brief over view of the company. It’s 2008, and a former musician in New York is looking for some lipsticks and eyeshadows that are as brightly colored as she is. The scene is definitely in need of a color boost, but the only ones that are available are shade of brows, beiges and pinks. The bandmate creates her own and begins selling them on eBay under the username “Lime Crime”.


Without realizing it, she had unintentionally started her brand – seeing as how the pigments were not found anywhere else, and were in high demand for the times. The company eventually grew, and other make up companies noticed her success – noting how they should bring more shades of every color to their collections as well as creating a space for themselves online.


Now were here, and Doe Deere, the former rocker turned entrepreneur goes to the office every day just like me and you. Before she does, she performs her morning rituals. Waking up at 8:30 every day, Doe gets out of bed and immediately drinks a cup of water. Water boosts everything in your body and makes everything better. After, she spends some time doing morning stretches, as we all should but probably don’t, and then she moves to breakfast.


Obviously, breakfast is the most important part (and the best part) of anyones morning routine. Doe Deere enjoys either grits or yogurt and fruit with her freshly squeezed orange juice but if she had to pick between the two – she’d pick grits. Once breakfast is done, it’s time for hair and make up.


“No shower?” You may ask. Well, Doe showers in the evening so all she needs is freshening up before she moves on to her every day look. It consists of foundation, eyebrows, blush, and a lip. A classic look that is clean and timeless. She then curls her hair into her every day curls, spends time with her pets and heads to the office around noon!


It’s a routine everyone could apply to their lives! Learn more: