Upwork Provides Tips For Breezing Through Your List Of Things To Do

Upwork, perhaps the largest freelancing platform in the world, published an article providing tips to those looking to breeze through their list of things to do. The first tip was to write every single thing down, even if you have a great memory. This will make remembering tasks much easier.

Another tip from Upwork, which was launched in 2015 and whose CEO is Stephane Kasriel, was to prepare your list the night before. Write down the things you have to do the following day and then tackle as much as you can upon waking up. This is because that’s when you have the most energy.

Keeping your list in one single place and not scattered across various apps and emails (for example) was another piece of advice. You don’t want to be spending time looking at various sources when you can have everything in a single place.

One of the most unique tips was the recommendations of adding time attributes. Write down the time that each task should be tackled at. For example, you can jot down 7AM for one task and 10AM for another task. You’ll breeze through your list when you know when they should be done by.

Different tasks require different levels of energy. Assign energy levels next to each task on your list. For example, the tasks that require the most focus and time should be tackled when you know you are the most productive, which is probably in the morning or in the late evening hours if you’re a night owl.

Besides doing the above, you can delegate your tasks by using a freelancer, such as ones available via Upwork. The platform connects freelancers of all kinds with people seeking work and/or tasks to be done. The company is based in California, but they serve clients who are located all around the world.

The Success of Eric Pulier in Entrepreneurship and Publishing

Eric Pulier is a real definition of what success is. Having graduated from Harvard with degree in English and American literature, he has fought all odds to be the best he can be. He is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and a public speaker. He is also a founder of about 15 companies and a technologist.

Education Background

Eric was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. His career started while he was in fourth grade. He stated his first database computer company while in high school. He studied at Teaneck high school from 1980 to 1984. After completing his high school education, he joined Harvard University for a BA in Magun Cum Laude. At Harvard, he doubled as an editor of Harvard Crimson, writing articles for the school’s newspaper and as a student. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier click here.

Entrepreneurial history, publications and philanthropy

In 1991, Eric moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He established his first company, People Doing things (PDT). PDT is a company that deals with health care, education and technology. In 1994, he founded Digital evolution later Starbright World. He also started XPrize which is a competition for individuals based on their willingness to pursue their goals. In 1997, he created the presidential technology exhibition, and in 1998 he co-founded the Interactive Video Technology (IVT). He founded SOA software Akana in 2000 but later sold it in 2016.

He is an established author who has published a lot of books under his name. One of his most successful books is the Understanding Enterprise SOA; the book educates entrepreneurs on the basics of the topic. Eric Pulier generous philanthropist who has been involved in most charity works. His passion is mostly geared to young kids suffering from chronic diseases. He uses his already developed software to solve problems in physically impaired children.