Innovacare health present in North America is the leading provider of the health services. DR. Richard Shinto laid the foundation of INNOVACARE HEALTH when he joined North American medical management in California with the mission to redefine the healthcare management so that complex environment of healthcare can be accomplished.

The company is using all the advanced technologies so that they could accommodate the patients with ease and high success rate of treatment. They also have professional physicians and doctors who are master of their work.

The leadership team of INNOVACARE HEALTH consists of the preeminent experts having the expertise in their own respective field and thus they have the tendency and the capability to effectively meet and surpass the demands of the customer and the industry.

Since the base of the InnovaCare health care was laid it has elevated in the positive direction improving annual revenue from $900 million in 2005 to $2.5 billion dollars in 2016. Check out to see more.


  • Their perception is to provide the strong relationship between the patient and the provider.
  • They give top most priorities to their patient’s.
  • Their only and the foremost goal is to provide the Quality medical care.
  • INNOVACARE HEALTH envision’s that teams make the most impact and make it possible in finding the solution to the tough challenges.

Innovative leaders of INNOVACARE HEALTH:

The two great minds and also the backbone of the company responsible for leading the health care to new heights through their leadership skills and experience.

1)Richard Shinto


1) From University of California, Dr. Richard Shinto received his B.S

2) From the State University of New York, Rick Shinto received his Medical Degree

3) He completed his M.B.A. from the University of Redlands


Dr.Shinto has nearly two decades of experience in clinical and operational healthcare in managed care.

1) CEO and President at INNOVACARE HEALTH

2) CEO at MMM Healthcare, Inc

3) CEO at Aveta, Inc

4) CMO at Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, California

5) Corporate Vice President of Medical Management at MedPartners

Awards and Honour:

1)Dr. Richard Shinto has won the CARING AWARD at the Western University of Health and Science which is given as a tribute to the person who has made the availability of health care to the person who is less fortunate to have its access because of their financial condition.

2)Penelope Kokkinides


1)Penelope completed her B.S. in Biological language and classical language from Binghamton University.

2)Has completed her M.S. from the University of New York in Social work.

3)Completed Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.


Ms. Kokkinides has 15 years of experience In Healthcare specializing in government Programmes.


2)CEO: Touchstone Health HMO, Inc

3)Corporate Vice President: AmeriChoice

Thus, InnovaCare Health has the composition of quality and innovation to devise and progress in providing the value-based model to its customers.

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About Drew Madden

Drew Madden began his career immediately after graduating from college. He took up a job at Cerner Corporation where he was in charge of implementing inpatient clinical solutions. After four years, Drew Madden took up an active role at Healthia Consulting where he rose above ranks to the position of senior epic consultant. During his tenure at Healthia Consulting, Drew Madden was mandated to install Epic Inpatient applications to various hospital systems. He also acquired certification in Inpatient procedure, inpatient medication orders, and clinical documentation.

Drew Madden also worked at Ingex Consulting as a sales director. In 2010, he became the executive president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. Within seven months, Drew Madden was promoted to president of the company and his role changed to recruiting and business development. Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. is one of the leading Epic consulting corporations in America. This business has won numerous prizes such as the KLAS Awards. Drew Madden was also able to grow the company’s employees from 10 to 725 people. Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. also increased its revenue to $130,000,000.

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