OSI Group Continues To Build Its Global Vision By Making Strategic Acquisitions

OSI Group is one of the leading suppliers of value-added food products to the food service industry and retail food companies across the world. The company was founded over a century ago, which translates to a well-grounded experience in the food industry.

The firm has established a strong infrastructure that gives it the capability to deliver quality services anywhere in the world. The firm has its presence in 17 countries with over 65 facilities across these countries, which only adds to the global strength of OSI Group. The company guarantees the clients a tailor-made experience that will satisfy their food requirements. The firm possesses strong skills in supply chains and culinary, which the clients can leverage from. It is firmly founded on strong company values of integrity, teamwork, and continued innovation.


OSI Group clientele base is vast and spread across the world. In a bid to fulfill its commitment to them, the company invests in acquiring other food brands. Last year, the firm bought a plant owned by Tyson Foods in Chicago. The plant came in handy in helping the company meet the production requirements. The proximity to other existing plants owned by the firm provides the much-needed infrastructure. The company also acquired a European convenience food manufacturer, Baho Foods. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries. Therefore, acquiring the company widened the Group’s presence in Europe. The already existing capabilities in Europe only became stronger with the acquisition. The firm’s presence in Europe was further expanded with the acquisition of Flagship Europe, a supplier of frozen poultry and other products to the market. The company’s clients’ needs are constantly evolving. Acquiring the brand was a well-thought strategic move to satisfy these needs.


OSI Group always strives to be sustainable to the environment. It makes efforts to ensure that the environment risks are properly controlled. These efforts were recognized by the British Safety Council last year. The organization awarded the Group with a Globe of Honour Award. The award came after the company underwent an environment management audit the prior year. The firm achieved a five-star rating and was among 18 other companies to receive the award.

Learn more about OSI Group: https://www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

Benefits Of Beneful

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The wet styles of wet dog foods also come in a variety of packaging and flavors similar to the wet kind. You can buy single containers, 3 ounce cans, and even 10 ounce cans which often come in packages. The sizes range to make buying Beneful dog food easier and more convenient depending on what size and breed of dog they have.

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