How ClassDojo Has Empowered Educators and Made Learners Enjoy Classroom and School Work

Education technology is an industry that has shown an upward trajectory right since the beginning of 2015. Even though revenue in the industry dropped from $1.5 billion in 2015 to $1.4 this year, education tech entrepreneurs are optimistic that 2018 will come with an improved market. Among the education tech applications that have disrupted the traditional model of school operation include ClassDojo, Nearpod, and Classcraft. ClassDojo, in particular, has championed the transition of learning from analog to digital learning. It is a communication platform that all education stakeholders have successfully exploited as a transformative tool in the education sector.

A Teacher-Friendly Platform

ClassDojo’s highlight achievement is the way it has empowered teachers for effective content delivery to students as well as bringing parents on board in a move aimed at creating a positive culture in the schools. Thanks to the platform, kids now find learning fun and engaging both inside and outside the classroom. However, ClassDojo and other education tech applications have a lot on their hands and must deliver optimally if they are to keep up with the upward trajectory. Besides, they must re-strategize and come up with marketing channels whereby they pass through teachers as opposed to entering the market through school administrators and support staff.Creating a rapport with teachers is a sure way of getting honest reviews and advice on the areas to upgrade on. ClassDojo co-founder, Mr. Sam Chaudhary, got an upper hand over competitors by interacting with teachers and getting to hear their challenges and experience firsthand. He also interacts with students as well as their parents from whom he gets feedback from them on the learning development process. By so doing, ClassDojo has created a platform that is teacher-friendly and that addresses their real-time challenges. It enables the teacher to involve parents at every stage of student development, something that was nearly impossible in the past. It is more of a parent-teacher conference taken to a level higher.


ClassDojo has received an overwhelming acceptance in the United States. Today, about 9 out of 10 K-8 school districts use the platform. By making its services free for all teachers, the app has found favor in the eyes of educators thus its unprecedented success.