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The Young Center is an Organization that helps to find advocates for children who have crossed the border alone. When they are apprehended, they are expected to represent themselves in court. If there were no advocacy groups, there would be no one to help immigrant children according to their specific needs.

The Young Center Strives to influence the legal system so that immigrant children are recognized as unique individuals with unique needs. In Arizona, about 70% of the children who come through the order are from Guatemala, which means that many of the speak indigenous languages, which further complicates matters. The Young Center

The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition advocates for immigrant rights, human rights and lower rates of college tuition. This organization was founded by undocumented students in response to a law made in 2006. This law required undocumented students to pay-out-of-state tuition. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

The ADAC is currently involved in a lawsuit against the governor of Arizona. According to their accusations, the governor of Arizona refused to grant DREAMers drivers’ licenses, despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security gave them permission to stay in the United States.

There is a large organization that exists to protect the rights of Islamic people. This organization is called CAIR, or the Council on American Islamic Relations. Since it’s founding in 1994, it has focused on advocating for the rights of Muslims and promoting positive, wholesome portrayals of Muslims. For those who ask whether CAIR is some sort of radical or violent organization, the answer is no.

As a matter of fact, CAIR heavily frowns upon acts of violence, and upholds freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other values of freedom and equality. They operate by keeping a close watch on media portrayals of Muslims, taking part in litigation, community outreach and providing news.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin showed leadership in their community by publishing facts about corruption. As a result of their brave leadership, they were illegally thrown into jail. After about six years of legal battles following the incident, they finally earned what they deserved: a $3.7 million settlement from the county that jailed them. They decided to put their money where their mouths were and further help their community by establishing the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

Two lawyers founded the Southern Poverty Law Center, also known as the SPLC, in 1971. The purpose of the SPLC is to ensure that people’s civil rights are maintained.

The SPLC has taken part in lawsuits that have fought discrimination and institutional racism. They are currently conducting the Intelligence Project—an effort to track and expose hateful activities. On their website, there is a place where you can see the fruits of the Intelligence Project. If you click on “Hate Watch,” you will be directed to a map of the United States that pinpoints hate groups and describes what each one is for.

As of August 5th, 2017, the SPLC reports that there are 917 hate groups in the United States of America. On their website, they also have a “Hatewatch” section that shows headlines from previous days concerning hatefulness, politics and economics.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: