Vinod Gupta: The Successful Businessman From A Humble Background

Born in 1946 in India, Vinod Gupta is the current CEO of the Everest Group. The seasoned entrepreneur and business man applied for a $ 100 bank loan and then started a firm that he finally sold for $680 million. He previously worked for InfoUSA , and enabled the information technology company acquire more firms before it was finally renamed InfoGROUP. His investment firm, Everest Group, offers venture capital specifically for technology startups. The CEO also acquires struggling businesses and helps them use information technology to their maximum benefit in a bid to empower such businesses foster success. Former US President, Bill Clinton, has touted Vinod Gupta for his comprehensive and inclusive hiring process. The entrepreneur has provided multiple employment opportunities for the underserved populations.


In 1962, Vinod went to a village school in India where he received his high school education. In 1967, he earned his B.Tech degree from I.I.T, Kharagpur. Here, the businessman majored in agricultural engineering prior to joining University of Nebraska’s Department of Agricultural Engineering. After been awarded with a degree in engineering in 1969, he spent two additional years at the same university pursuing an MA in Business Administration. See This Page for related information.


Upon finishing his university studies in 1971, Vinod worked for the Commodore Corporation prior to relocating to Omaha, Nebraska, in search of employment. While working for the corporation, Vinod Gupta was responsible for compiling a list of all the mobile home dealers throughout the US. Vinod’s journey as an entrepreneur began shortly after securing a $100 million loan with Ralston Bank to launch his American Business Lists (ABL), a firm that focuses on providing B2B marketing information. Currently, his firm offers employment to over 2,000 people. He has made major charitable contributions and he highly recognizes the true value of education. Consequently, education has become a major beneficiary of his charitable contributions.


Read more about Vinod Gupta on Forbes’ 2018 “World’s Billionaires” list includes Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta.



Vinod Gupta has demonstrated great business skills regardless of his poor background. The entrepreneur is living proof for upcoming investors that one’s background doesn’t actually matter.


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Joe Arpaio’s Acquittal

Joe Arpaio was Donald Trump’s darling. He supported Donald Trump all throughout his election and presidency. Arpaio had a high position in law enforcement, and we all know how amative Donald Trump is of law enforcement.

In his position as Sheriff, Arpaio took a very conservative, straight-to-the-point stance of enforcing the rules and not caring about anyone’s feelings.

This contrasts with more liberal minded people, who believe that there are more dimensions to judging situations than just, “Oh, he technically broke what was written on paper, go get him and make him suffer!” Arpaio’s straight-to-the-point stance meshes well with the approach that Donald Trump takes. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

This is the reason why Donald Trump acquitted Sheriff Arpaio when Arpaio was about to receive jail time for pursuing people in his jurisdiction who entered the United States through illegal means.

Why It is Believed That Sheriff Arpaio Was Intolerant and Insensitive

Well, immigrants are human beings with respectable hopes, dreams and feelings. As a matter of fact, if many American citizens were in the shoes of Latin Americans, they would probably be hopping the border, too. There is a tremendous amount of violence going on in Latin American countries.

Many of these people absolutely have to come here in order to not live in a virtual war zone where every day brings the possibility of being another body in the street. Some people are escaping unreasonable friends and family members who want to do harm to them. Others are in situations where their families are starving to death in their countries of origin.

Something else to think about is the fact that for many, many years, people from Mexico have been seasonally going back and forth from Mexico to America for work. These migrants do not want to stay in America; they want to work, make money, and go back to their homeland where their friends, families and cultures are. They are not looking to “go on welfare” or use the system like a piece of toilet paper.

This migratory pattern has been going on for numerous generations. It was in full swing when the United States began its attempt to crack down on undocumented immigration over the Mexican border in 1924.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The founding of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was based on the idea that racial minorities need a strong voice in America. They always needed a strong voice, and it was a real shame that they were belittled so much in society.

However, as large pieces of America’s growing population are increasingly becoming everything other than “non-Hispanic white,” racial minorities need to be more vocal. Large blocks of America’s population are becoming “non-white” and racially mixed, though American society still has remnants of it’s exclusionary “whites only” culture and mindset.

The racial profiling of Hispanic people at the hands of Sheriff Arpaio was the inspiration for the founding of this organization. That is the reason for why the Frontera Fund’s center of attention is the Hispanic plight in America.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Ronald Fowlkes Primes First Spear For Major Success

Ronald Fowlkes is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps and is a graduate of the well-respected Army Jump School. Fowlkes has worked for the police department of the city of St. Louis and was a team leader for the city’s SWAT team.


Fowlkes was first exposed to the company First Spear while still serving as a Marine and continued to monitor the organization throughout the rest of his military career as well as during his time with the St. Louis Police Department. He found himself to always be impressed with the company.


Fowlkes has spent more than twenty years now designing, developing, and delivering the highest quality gear possible to be used by police personnel and members of the armed forces.


Ronald Fowlkes honed his skills at selling military style products as well as performing the duties of a business development manager while working with a company known as ITW. He would later further sharpen his skills as a business development manager with Eagle Industries.


Fowlkes’ present position is the Director of Business Development as he now works with the company he has been so impressed with for years, First Spear. His job calls for him to coordinate with leaders in the military and law enforcement communities to facilitate the enhancement of both the design and marketing efforts of the company.


While performing his duties with First Spear, Fowlkes has been able to make creative use of the two decades of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table. The unique experiences that Fowlkes has had also made him especially qualified to understand the needed objectives to allow the company to become a leader in its industry.


Fowlkes is well known within the ranks of First Spear as a tireless worker that pays no regard to what is considered to be the normal workday. The company has many international customers so Fowlkes routine is the get to the office early and to make himself available for communication at all hours to assure that all of the company’s customers have access to him when needed.


Once at the office, Fowlkes answers any emails he has received and returns phone calls. He pays special attention to large orders made by customers, many who are members of NATO, and assures that all is on schedule with production pipeline for these orders.


Fowlkes has made it known that the energy that fuels his tireless workday comes from drinking Mountain Dew soda. The military veteran who first attempted to apply for the Marine Corp at the age of 10, only to be disappointed with the repeated news that he would have to wait until he was 17 to serve his country, says he swore off coffee early in his military career.


Ronald Fowlkes is married with children and an avid fan of hockey.

Hussain Sajwani Is a Man Well Known, But There is More to His Story

Hussain Sajwani, what can be said about this man that hasn’t been said a hundred times before? There are many articles, interviews, and op-eds about Sajwani and almost every aspect of his life.

Few of these pieces address the man behind the most successful and powerful real estate company in the middle east, rather focusing on his professional accolades. It is true that he is an accomplished businessman and that in its own right is commendable, but there is more to him than just his powerful position as CEO of the DAMAC Group.

Hussain Sajwani started out life like most young boys growing up in the middle east in the late fifties and early sixties. His father was a shopkeeper, selling fine watches and ink pens to the up and coming businessmen who were taking advantage of the “Arabian Boom” of the era.

The sudden influx of money and power into the area brought about the bye oil and uranium industries meant that there were powerful men who wanted the best and Hussain’s father was known for the quality of his offerings. His mother sold fabrics to the women of her social circle as well as other household goods and crafts.

It was his father’s dabbling in real estate, however, that would give Hussain his first taste of a what would grow not only into a passion, but a very successful career.

It was a career that would carry him years later to the heights of success that those men who bought his fathers watches and pens enjoyed, and even further.

It was a foregone conclusion that Husain would join his father’s business when he was old enough, but he had other ideas. He wanted more out of life than the workaday struggles he saw his parents endure. He wanted to be one of those men, one of those professional men who had come into his father’s shop. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase and  Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

He worked hard in school and he soon won a government scholarship that paid his way to one of the best medical colleges in the region in Baghdad. He did well, but didn’t feel the passion he should for the work and soon left before completing. He had the taste of the real estate market in his system and he wanted to pursue that.

He worked in various capacities and even started the first incarnation of what would eventually become the DAMAC Group, and he did well. But it wasn’t until 2001 when a change of public policy opened the door that allowed him to become the success he is today.

Sajwani founded the current incarnation of the DAMAC Group in 2002 to take advantage of a government decree that allowed foreign entities to possess property in the U.A.E. for the first time in more than half a century.

The market was ripe and Sajwani and his company were ready to cash in. Between 2002 and 2013 the DAMAC Group and its investment partners developed more than 100 million square feet of exclusive space in the residential, retail, and recreation markets.

It was this type of success that led to him and his longtime personal friend Donald Trump, international real estate mogul, billionaire jet-setter, and future president of the United States to team up and develop two super lavish golf courses.

The TRUMP International Golf Course in Dubai, which opened in 2017, one of the two projects, is the largest and most opulent country clubs in the world.

Hussain also prides himself on his work with charitable work with the wide variety of philanthropic organizations he supports. He routinely gives millions of dollars to help children and the underprivileged around the world to have a better life. He strives to live the principles of a good life that he learned from his parents and his humble origins.

Larkin and Lacey: Arpaio’s Evil Legacy

Phoenix New Times co-creators Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are outraged at the recent pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio has been the subject of much debate since his original pardon was issued by President Trump that fell just weeks after he was sentenced for the violations that led to him being in contempt of a previous court ruling.

The article, “The Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio: Newspapermen Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Speak Out in Response to Donald Trump’s Pardon of America’s Worst Sheriff” published on discusses the long, corrupt history of Joe Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

From the very beginning, Lacey had been convinced that Arpaio is a political genius. While he hates to give the former sheriff credit for anything, he believes that his early support of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate was made in an effort to protect himself in the future.

When it came time for Arpaio to pay for some of the things that he had done, he relied on that alliance to save him from serving time. While Arpaio has been able to worm his way out of the repercussions of his actions this time, he is no stranger to the courtroom.

In fact, the contempt charge that he earned was due to his non-compliance with the court ruling resulting from Melendres V. Arpaio. In this court case, Arpaio stood accused of racially profiling citizens of Maricopa to increase deportation efforts. He would needlessly harass citizens based on their appearance and stop them for phony violations in order to check their driver’s licenses. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio was found guilty of these practices and ordered to overhaul his department and report to a monitor. In addition, the class action lawsuit paid out more than 70 million in damages. His recent pardon was centered around his failure to adhere to the terms of the settlement.

In addition to this settlement, Arpaio and Maricopa County faced Larkin and Lacey after they were unjustly arrested for posting information in their newspaper and online. Arpaio did not maintain a good relationship with the media giant Phoenix New Times, even going so far as to ban their reporters from his press conferences.

When he saw the information that Larkin and Lacey shared, some information about a grand jury hearing that Lacey and Larking themselves were being called too, he decided to act and had his officers arrest the two men. Unfortunately for Arpaio, this was unconstitutional and a violation of Larkin and Lacey’s rights. They were soon released and sued the department. This resulted in an award of 3.74 million dollars.

Larkin and Lacey used that award to set up the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. This fund is aimed at socially conscious programs created for the immigrant population of Arizona.

They wanted to use their money to be part of the solution, instead of adding to it as Arpaio chose to do. In the end, even though Arpaio was pardoned he still leaves behind a legacy of corruption and deceit. One can be happy he is no longer serving as sheriff of Maricopa County.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Behind the men of the Frontera Fund

Who are these individuals? This is the first question that you might be asking yourself if you do not live in Arizona. If you are one of these people, you should not be worried. This is an article describing them in detail and explains the Frontera Fund.

Jim and Michael are the co-founders of FrontPage Confidential. This is not the first organization that they have worked together in. This partnership goes back to 1972. It was the year that Jim Larkin decided to start the Phoenix News Times. This was after he dropped out of Arizona State University. He decided that he was going to team up with Michael Lacey to set up the news corporation.

Jim Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer. His task was to ensure the traditional advertising of the News Corporation was effective. While Jim was the CEO, Michael Lacey was the Chief Editor. He provided that before any article or news was published, it was clean and readable to everyone.

Phoenix News Times started as the result of students’ public demonstrations towards anti war efforts. It was a platform that enabled the students to air their views.

Jim and Michael took advantage of this and grew it to be a big news company. These are two gentlemen who have been through a lot together; good and bad moments alike. A simple yet effective strategy was used by these two to make sure that the writing business was a success.

In the year 1983, Jim and Michael agreed to purchase Denver’s news-and-arts weekly paper. Indeed, this was the best strategy to expand their roots. This action made sure the Phoenix News Times became famous.

In addition to that, it was able to cover the news from all corners of the country. Things were successful and continued on. However much this was good, there was a Sheriff who was not happy with these actions. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County in Arizona took action against them.

On the 18th of October 2007, Jim and Michael were arrested in their homes in Phoenix. All this was under the orders of the Sheriff. As if that was not awful enough, they were taken to Mexican Jails.

It is said that this action was affirmative so the Sheriff’s Agenda would be secure. However, this did not last for long. They were released the same day since they were no relevant charges against them. This irrelevant arrest made them request a lawsuit. The county ended up paying them $3.75 million as a result of it.

As always, when someone is offered this kind of money, he/she starts planning to make sure to have a good life ahead, or avenge the arrest. With these two individuals, the funds were used to establish the Frontera initiative.

This was an initiative that made sure that the Latino community had enough settlement and access to civil liberties. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey fought for the rights of Latino communities in the USA.

Lacey and Larkin and the Decade-long Joust with America’s Worst Sheriff

The co-founders of the Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spoke ou on what happened between them and the opposition Joe Arpaio, who was dubbed the worse sheriff in the United States.

The states were outraged when Tump pardoned the criminal. After that, however, while the criminal thought he was let off the hook, judges stated that they will not be letting go and that his criminal record is not history.

About a decade ago the journalists Michal Lacey and Jim Larkin went through the ordeal of being involved in the criminal schemes of the former sheriff of the Maricopa County Joe Arpaio. For many years, Arpaio had been dedicating his time to racial profiling and used his sheriff’s badge to have his deputies do his bidding.

Because of that, a few thousand immigrants and citizens of another race within the county have been arrested unlawfully, fined for no reason, refused drivers licenses, refused services, or racially profiled in other ways.

Racially profiling citizens and immigrants was not the end to the racism of Joe Arpaio and he added another course to the animosity and started profiling anyone, regardless of their race but whether they had written or read articles about him. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The media in California and specifically in Maricopa County has started discussing the doings of Joe Arpaio in unflattering articles that most of the population had read. Suh pieces of news would appear nearly on a daily basis, and Joe Arpaio disliked the negative light that was shining on his crimes.

In their publications, business partners and journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also talked about Joe Arpaio and soon after received a demanding email from him wanting a list f the people who had visited the online page and read the articles about him.

The profiling of citizens was continuing way too far, and Lacey and Larkin wrote a lengthy expose about the email, and the next stage of targeting was for Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were later taken away from their homes in the night and boarded into unlicensed cars, and locked up into separate prisons, both of which were under the authority of Joe Arpaio.

Release less than 24 hours later due to people’s outrage, the two journalists were not just going to stand by and ignore what had transpired. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started a court case not only against Joe Arpaio but the entirety of Maricopa County Department. They won after a difficult battle and received a settlement as large as nearly 4 million dollars.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund rose from that money to fight against criminals such as Joe Arpaio and support other organizations with the same cause. Not all of them will receive a pardon from Trump, after all, so there is hope that America will lower its crime rate against officials someday.

Frontera Fund supports a vast number of organizations that provide civil and judicial help to immigrants and minorities, as well as medical help, education, housing, and more.

Adam Milstein’s Work in Real Estate, Advocacy and Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is one of America’s most respected individuals. He is one of the most popular philanthropists, and he is an advocate for the Israeli-American community in the US. The co-founder, and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein does a lot of work in spreading the Jewish culture across the country and beyond. He is also in charge of the national affairs of the Council.

Most people also know Milstein because of his support for various organizations. He sits on boards of these organizations, and they include Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Israeli on Campus Colaition, as well as the Jewish Funders Network. Milstein believes that in order to make a change, you must be part of the change yourself.

More about Milstein’s Past

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel, where he was also born. He came from a humble background. His father, a real estate developer, was married to his mother, a homemaker. Both his parents were immigrants, and they married in Haifa in 1950.

When he was old enough, Milstein joined, and served in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). After the compulsory service, he decided to enroll for a degree in Business and Economics at the Israeli Institute of Technology, otherwise known as the Technion.

After obtaining his degree, and working for his father’s company for a while, Milstein moved to the United States with his young family. By this time, he had married his wife, Gila. They have three children together. When he moved to the US, Milstein pursued a Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California. Adam Milstein decided to pursue a career in real estate. He started out as a real estate broker, before he decided to establish his own real estate investment firm. He is the proud co-founder, and managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.


When he is not handling his real estate firm matters, Milstein loves to take part in philanthropic activities. He has an organization, Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which he co-founded with his wife. The Foundation has made an impact on the lives of many people.

Susan McGalla Encourages Women’s Executive Scholarships

Susan McGalla is an executive and senior consultant who has worked in American business for a number of decades. Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and attended Mount Union College. During her time there she displayed a strong sense of leadership and served on the college board of advisors while she earned a degree in business and marketing.

Susan McGalla soon found success in the business world where she became the President of American Eagle Outfitters. She then went on to work for the company Wet Seal LLC and became the Chief Executive Officer. Susan McGalla has strong connections to the community where she served on the Board of Trustees for the University of Pittsburgh. She has Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Susan McGalla currently sits on the board of HFF Inc. This company provides commercial real estate services.

Susan McGalla has personally served as an example of the success women can have in the business world. She currently works to promote women in business with a specific focus on Women’s Executive Scholarships. This is a relatively new way to promote women in business, and Susan McGalla encourages these scholarships over traditional women’s leadership councils. Susan McGalla explains that these women’s leadership councils tend to isolate women from the rest of a business, and that the major purpose of these women’s leadership councils is for them to falsely show that a business is trying to encourage women’s executive leadership. However, a program such as a women’s executive scholarship program offers an active means for a women to enter into executive roles in a company. This provides the experience and connections that women need in order to find success leading major corporations.

Susan McGalla is able to provide many reasons why companies should promote both women’s leadership and leadership by women of color. She is able to show that a company with women’s leadership generally performs fifteen percent better than a company with no women’s leadership. Susan McGalla also shows the lack of women’s representation in C- leadership roles while showing the benefits that come from placing women in these roles.



Brilliant Plans Laid Out By Louis Chenevert That Brought Success to UTC

For those people who have made it in any business sector, they can always confirm that it does not come easy but rather through much dedication and effort. One man who has such testimony is Louis Chenevert who is has a brilliant career in the business and finance sector. Louis Chenevert was a former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation which is an international firm that engages in the production of high-quality products in various fields such as airplane engines. United Technologies Corporation is a huge firm that contributes a lot to the US economy since Louis Chenevert took its leadership.

Before his term as the CEO Louis Chenevert had served in other business sectors such as Pratt & Whitney where he was the production manager. He was also the chairman of the UTC before assuming the CEO position and also a board member of multiple companies in the finance sector. During his tenure, he made sure that the company became a prolific firm which employs thousands of skilled workers. One of his excellent achievements was realized when he was able to hold the company to maintain its production, market and its workers when the world was facing a global recession that made many companies reduce the number of employees by firing them and even some shutting down completely. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert believed in employing the latest technology in executing his role. He always knew that technology leads to the production of high-quality products that will enhance efficiency. This was the reason he was able to invest a lot in technology in UTC where the organization is perceived as one of the most advanced firms in applying technology to deliver professional work. He is always concerned about building a motivated team of workers who can work in group work. Louis Chenevert always emphasizes that a coherent team always deliver excellent work because they can share useful ideas thus being able to come up with unique products. He made his workers appreciate their positions by interacting with them occasionally where they could feel comfortable working around their CEO unlike the case in many organizations where workers fear their executives.

During his term at the United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert developed the interest to invest in the future to enable his current work to propel and become an achievement to look back an confirm that his efforts were worth taking. Louis Chenevert always makes a followup on the latest technologies and made sure that he employed the latest technologies in the UTC. This was a remarkable move as UTC became one of the most successful firms who build the most advanced jet engines used to propel many aircrafts all over the world. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

Louis Chenevert was always to leave the organizations where he worked much better than he found it. This is advice which he offers to company executives to invest in technologies and human resource. Building strong and motivated team can make a firm develop a long-term plan which can help a firm to run effectively fo a long time even making it easier to the incoming executives have an easy time in running the firm. If leaders are committed to their set objectives and have interest in making their work recognized and admired, most of the firms would remain stable for a long time. United Technologies Corporation remains a high profile company up to date and employs many people from the efforts of Louis Chenevert.

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