Avaaz members protest Glysophate before the European Union

Avaaz continues to work against Monsanto. The organization has been in the news for its GMO modifications and its near monopoly on the agriculture industry. Avaaz, an online activist or slactivist organization, continues to lobby against the organization. Members of Avaaz recently showed up to protest Monsanto at a European Union governmental hearing.

The European Union invited Monsanto representatives to a hearing to discuss glysophate, a controversial agricultural chemical, according to the Common Dreams website. The chemical is a non-selective herbicide used by many farmers. It has been linked to certain forms of cancer, and many environmental and activist groups oppose its use.

As a non-selective herbicide, glysophate will kill any plant with which it comes in contact. Farmers must use it carefully to avoid killing off their primary crops. Monsanto counters that the product must be inhaled shortly after it is sprayed to have any ill effects upon the human body. Representatives of the European Union were not amused by the company’s failure to show up to testify for the hearing. The organization has banned the use of the herbicide within the 28-nation member block as a result of the snub.

Monsanto also remains controversial in the United States. The most recent controversy involved a lawsuit filed by the company. The company accused an Indiana farmer of violating its patents when he used seed corn stored in his silo. The farmer ended up losing his case when genetic testing confirmed the plants had cross-pollinated and Monsanto’s genetically engineered gene sequences were found in the farmer’s corn.

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