Madison Street Capital – article recap

From Finance to Disaster, Madison street Capital is There to Help

Taking care of banking work of the middle market is what Madison Street Capital does best. They have garnered a stellar reputation of sorts, both domestically as well as internationally in the process. The headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois but they have offices in Oregon, Africa, and Asia as well. Their area of expertise is exit strategies, pairing buyers and sellers, putting together complex contracts, dealing with bankruptcy, M & A, and tax services. Some of the most important clients of Madison Street Capital include Central Iowa Energy, Bond Medical Group, and Fiber Science.
When it comes to corporate finance, the company puts its international expertise into action. Clients who are looking for experience in financial reporting, asset management, price allocation or business valuation, they know that they can count on a company like Madison Street Capital. An excellent example of a merger that Maddison Street oversaw was the merger between Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value. DCG is based in Pennsylvania and is a leader of sorts in software estimation services, value management, and project support. Spitfire Group, on the other hand, is a leading business and technology consulting company. The merger went so well that the staff of both companies had nothing but praise for Maddison Street Capitol and their amazing staff. Learn more:
Another feather in the cap was when Madison Street Capital reputation was solidified when they got several awards from M&A Advisory Award committee. The awards are given for several categories including financing, restructuring, and transactions. One of the reasons why the company won these awards is because of their involvement in Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Associates. Apart from the company as whole receiving top honors, the staff members also manage to garner awards. A recent example would be when the co-founder of the company, Anthony Marsala, got the 40 under forty to look out for, from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst.
However, Madison Street Capital is not only about business and finance. They are also actively involved in the philanthropic side of things as well, by being involved with the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster fund. They help out by promoting a strong business environment within these communities. United Way is a respected participant in many areas of community development, such as disaster relief, the partnership with local schools and voluntary neighborhood associations.

Dr Walden: A Pioneer in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Walden is widely acclaimed for her ability in the field of cosmetic surgery, being featured on TV networks such as ABC, Fox, VH1, and E! for her outstanding work in the field. Graduating as salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical school, and being one of the only women to sit on the board for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she has led the way in every aspect of the profession.

Using the most innovating and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D scanning equipment, she is able to provide her patients an experience unlike any other. By being able to visualize what they will look like prior to any surgery actually being done, they are able to go forward with a procedure without any reservations. Previously this was one of the largest issues with cosmetic surgery: the uncertainty. Dr. Walden has managed to effectively eliminate that fear.

Dr. Walden not only provides an excellent experience for her patients, she has also contributed to the profession as a whole. Authoring and Co-Authoring several books, as well as a textbook, she has improved the skills of cosmetic surgeons all over the country; thus improving the experiences of patients from coast to coast.

Although she currently lives and works in Texas, she has also been a big part of the New York Medical community. While completing her fellowship at a hospital in Manhattan, she was a part of an effort to reintroduce silicone breast implants. This turned out to be a great success and, as with many of her developments, are became a practice still used today.

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Roberto Santiago, the Brains Behind Brazil’s Most Famous Mall

Anyone who has visited Brazil is familiar with the Manaira shopping mall. It is prominent for its exceptional products and services. It boasts some five-star hotels where you and your family can get away, or if you are looking for a venue to conduct business meetings, then this is the place to do so. Here visitors can shop, bank, eat and even play within. It has everything under one roof. Now, most people know about it but have you ever sat and wondered about who the brains behind its existence? Due to its high flying success, you might think that it belongs to someone who was brought up in an affluent family but it is quite contrary to that.

It belongs to Roberto Santiago a fifty-nine-year-old man born in Joao Pessoa back in the year 1958. He began working at a very tender age. Santiago has good writing skills, and that was the beginning of his road to success. Being born and brought up in Brazil, he had a lot of knowledge about his country, and that is how he started writing blogs. Due to his excellent writing skills and interesting blogs, Roberto earned a good reputation for himself and that way he ended up creating exposure for himself in the world of business. He put this exposure to his advantage by starting a small café at a place known as Café Santa Rosa. Through the profits earned, he began a company which manufactured and designed cardboards. These would later be supplied to other businesses for packaging purposes. He got his impressive business skills from the University center of Joao Pessoa where he got an undergraduate degree in Business administration. He also attended the Pio X-Marist College in the same town. He did not stop there instead Roberto took another step to success by moving into real estate. Here he bought his first piece of land where the Manaira shopping mall now lies. The mall has continued to grow better every day since its establishment two decades ago and is currently the most famous in Brazil. It boasts immense space in which can accommodate up to five concerts at the same time and the latest technology. It has state of the art movie theatres and even fitness centers. As if not enough, Roberto Santiago recently opened another mall which he named Mangeira. Similar to Manaira, it also boasts the latest technology and a lot of space. It is a one stop destination with everything that you might need. Through his many investments, Santiago has managed to make the lives of the people of Joao Pessoa through the provision of employment. He plays a significant role in the country’s economy through his investments which attract hundreds of visitors. Apart from being a great businessperson, he is also involved in many other activities such as the motor cross, bowling and is also a script writer. He is surely someone everyone seeking success should look upto.


Fantasy Football Defense Rankings 2017

It is not easy to draft a defense team in fantasy football. Most of the mid level defenses for last season have stocked up and can end up being surprise sleepers just as was the case with the Vikings in 2016. The defense ranking for 2017 has already been sorted out, and the cheat sheet is available.

The current rankings for the team are listed below, but this is bound to change with time. Top of the list is Denver Broncos who have finished among the top two for two consecutive years. They were among the top five in points allowed and were ranked position six with four touch downs.

Second on the list is Kansas City Chefs. They performed well in almost all of last season’s facets of defense. In the third position is Seattle Seahawks whose schedule will lighten up remarkably after one week. These are the top three so far in the 2017 Fantasy Football Defense rankings.

The DRAFT provides you with an opportunity to play each day of the week. You can play at your own convenience anywhere and at any time. The DRAFT also gives you a chance to follow up with live scores, and you can check back for your winnings once the game is over.

Attempting to Catch the White Shark

Did you know that White Shark Media is the leader in digital marketing? There are numerous agencies that handle marketing, SEO, AdWords, and social media, but White Shark Media is clearly the leader. The company’s passion is to assist small businesses with their marketing campaigns. The goal? The goal is to help each business target their audience and help them persuade their audience to come to them for what they need. This is why the digital industry leader is helping their clients become their own industry leaders.

Many marketing agencies are trying to trail White Shark Media, but they have taken the lion’s share of the market with their expertise. Whether a client is looking for help with PPC campaigns, AdWord campaigns, or holiday promotions of any kind, this is the right agency for the job. There is no doubt an increase in the requests for help with digital marketing.

The small business clients of White Shark Media are growing their revenue after they have expanded their horizons on marketing. This means that these clients are becoming more profitable and more likely to success in all of their online endeavors. The company itself has been rated as one of the top digital marketing agencies in the world and they continue to excel each year that they have been open for business.

There is no time like the present to build your online presence and build a compelling marketing campaign. Today, your web presence is everything. White Shark Media has been able to help small to medium sized businesses achieve their goals and increase their revenue. Additionally, there is nothing more important than marketing the right message to your audience. White Shark Media gets it!

The Success of Eric Pulier in Entrepreneurship and Publishing

Eric Pulier is a real definition of what success is. Having graduated from Harvard with degree in English and American literature, he has fought all odds to be the best he can be. He is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and a public speaker. He is also a founder of about 15 companies and a technologist.

Education Background

Eric was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. His career started while he was in fourth grade. He stated his first database computer company while in high school. He studied at Teaneck high school from 1980 to 1984. After completing his high school education, he joined Harvard University for a BA in Magun Cum Laude. At Harvard, he doubled as an editor of Harvard Crimson, writing articles for the school’s newspaper and as a student. For more info about us: click here.

Entrepreneurial history, publications and philanthropy

In 1991, Eric moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He established his first company, People Doing things (PDT). PDT is a company that deals with health care, education and technology. In 1994, he founded Digital evolution later Starbright World. He also started XPrize which is a competition for individuals based on their willingness to pursue their goals. In 1997, he created the presidential technology exhibition, and in 1998 he co-founded the Interactive Video Technology (IVT). He founded SOA software Akana in 2000 but later sold it in 2016.

He is an established author who has published a lot of books under his name. One of his most successful books is the Understanding Enterprise SOA; the book educates entrepreneurs on the basics of the topic. Eric Pulier generous philanthropist who has been involved in most charity works. His passion is mostly geared to young kids suffering from chronic diseases. He uses his already developed software to solve problems in physically impaired children.

The Efforts by Lacey and Larkin Towards Improving the Welfare of Migrants

Most migrants do not have a dedicated advocate that can defend them because of the fractured nature of the UN system. As a result of this, migrants around the world continue to suffer because of the ever increasing gap in global advocacy that specifically focuses on defending the rights of migrants.

Most migrants are denied their basic human rights and freedoms as they continue to live in vulnerable situations. The situation is similar in most countries around the world including the United States.

There are some groups and organizations that have come up to help in improving the plight of migrants around the world, but there is a need for some support from relevant states.

There are many instances where states have come up with some restrictions that tend to frustrate the efforts of many advocacy groups, and this is an issue that needs to be given some consideration.

It is important for all the stakeholders to have a better understanding of migrants rights before they can get involved in improving the working and living condition of migrants.

Some of the key stakeholders that need awareness include employers, migrant communities, government officials, as well as the host communities.

The stakeholders can learn about the fundamental rights and freedoms of migrant communities through consultative meetings, awareness raising courses, and migrant rights workshops.

Some of the achievements of migrant advocacy groups include; assisting migrant workers to get jobs, initializing policy changes, exposing exploitative and abusive labor practices, and helping migrant communities to know their rights.

However, it is important to point out that most countries continue to disregard internal laws and treaties by creating an environment of vulnerability.

Migrant communities face a wide range of challenges such as; securing housing, cultural barriers, securing work, accessing services, and unfamiliar language.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an example of the many organizations that have come up to help in improving the welfare of migrants in the United States.

The Arizona-based organization has played a major role in advocating for migrant rights in the state of Arizona. There are many migrant rights advocacy groups in Arizona and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports their efforts through funding.

The Frontera Fund was specifically set up to protect the Hispanic community in Arizona from various forms of abuses and discrimination. The organization was formed by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, who are renowned journalists in Arizona.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund also funds other initiatives that are aimed at promoting civil rights, freedom of speech, civil participation and general human rights. Lacey and Larkin co-founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, and have always been involved in efforts to defend the First Amendment.

They used the $3.75 million they received from a court settlement to set up the Frontera Fund. The Hispanic communities living on the Mexican border have been the biggest beneficiaries of this Fund.

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ClassDojo App Helps Educators Improve Their Communication with Parents

A lot of teachers and parents are connecting through technology in a very interesting way. The ClassDojo app has become what they are using to keep in touch about the progress that the children are making in the classroom. The parents do not have to worry about scheduling time off to come to a meeting anymore because there is a line of communication that is now open through the ClassDojo app.

This has become one of the most successful education apps because it allows the teacher to build a profile for each student and give parents access to the inside of the classroom.

Sometimes the teacher makes the choice to include intriguing videos of class activities. Teachers can also bring pictures into the mix to give parents a much better idea of what their children are doing inside of the classroom. There are a lot of possibilities for people that want to stay connected to the teacher and have a great amount of access to the different types of assignments that are due inside the classroom.

The Classdojo app definitely serves as a great way for teachers to stay connected with parents, but it also serves as a great app for teachers to stay connected with other teachers. There is always a great chance of getting motivation on ideas that can be implemented inside the classroom.

Teachers can reach out to other teachers that maybe at other schools and get ideas for things that they can do in their own classroom. This is another reason that the ClassDojo app has become as popular as it is within the last decade. This has become an app that is used in many countries because it makes communication so much more convenient for students, teachers and parents. The ClassDojo app has transformed communication.


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The Friendly George Soros

Due to the threat of global warfare, several nations around the world remain searching for resolutions to their problems. To expound further, these nations remain in need of proficient leaders. Moreover, these leaders need to remain able to solve numerous problems. In addition, these nations remain in need of leaders that place the interest of their people before theirs. With that being said, few leaders can compare to George Soros. To expound further, George Soros remains a globally respected leader. Moreover, Soros remains an activist and provides a voice for the voiceless. Although it may appear that George Soros lived a nice and easy life, nothing could remain further from the truth. In fact, George Soros’ life remained far from nice and easy. Read more on

This remains attributed to the fact that George Soros survived the Holocaust. To expound further, George Soros remains one of the last survivors of the Holocaust. During this tumultuous period, millions of Jews succumbed to the tyranny of Nazi Germany. Moreover, Nazi Germany conquered much of Europe during this time. Fortunately, George Soros and his family managed to escape. Due to these circumstances, George Soros moved to London and studied at the London School of Economics. To expound further, George Soros soared past his classmates in terms of academics. Moreover, George Soros went on to obtain two degrees from the school.

In particular, he received his degrees in philosophy. Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, George Soros put his desire to succeed to good use. Therefore, George Soros created a company called the Double Eagle. To expound further, the Double Eagle remains the world’s most successful hedge fund. Due to the success of his first hedge fund, George Soros created a second hedge fund in the following year. Aside from dabbling in hedge funds, George Soros also remained influential in politics. As an outspoken supporter of the Democrats, George Soros has donated a large amount of money to support their cause. In addition, George Soros occasionally expresses his displeasure for the Republican Party. To expound Further, George Soros also remains an avid supporter of minority groups in the United States. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

With that being said, these include African Americans and Latinos. For those unaware, African American and Latino communities have remained the victim of police brutality. It is an issue that George Soros takes seriously. As a result of his activism, George Soros used both his wealth and influence to combat societal ills. In fact, George Soros remains known for his philanthropic efforts. In the past 30 years alone, George Soros has donated at least $10 billion dollars to support charitable causes. As a result, he has provided educational and job opportunities for countless people around the world.

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Lori Senecal-A Female Advertising Icon That Believes In Taking Risks

With laser focus, Lori Senecal understands the importance of timing, strategy and target audience when her team develops an award winning campaign. At Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, they use eye catching color schemes, ads that are geared towards the use of mobile phones and tablets, and they offer real world application in their advertising such as ads geared toward women and the use of women role models in their campaigns. They use humor as much as possible to create a relatable situation.

Lori Senecal is an world known female advertising industry executive with years of experience in promoting top brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Hershey, American Express, and BMW. She currently holds the position of Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky one of the top advertising agencies in New York City, as well as one that has been named the best places to work in NYC.

In partnership with the executive management team at Crispin, Porter & Bogusky she is responsible for overseeing the expansion of the company as well as management of the company’s other 9 international branch offices. As a strategist and accessible leader, she is known for driving growth and profitability with expertise in developing lead advertising campaigns for the world’s top brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Hershey, Kraft, and American Airlines. Visit Adweek to know more.

Prior to the post of Global CEO, Lori held a number of increasingly responsible roles in executive and general management such as her first role with McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Inc, as a young adult she created campaigns geared with young adults in mind, and this success as well as others sent her up the ranks of the company, finally reaching the position of CIO, and later becoming President of the parent company McCann World Group. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Likewise, she moved into another executive role with Kirshenbaum Bond Lori Senecal Partners where she later became the President and CEO. As a manager and mentor, Lori is known for her strong project management skills, and creating executive corporate strategies that has taken all of the companies that she has worked for to the top of the advertising world.