The NV Real Estate Academy: Nick Vertucci’s Second Great Founding

If you’ve ever had a roller coaster ride in terms of building your own business, Nick Vertucci can relate to you because he once found himself on it. Vertucci is the founder of NV Real Estate Academy, a company that has a real estate learning program where anyone can learn how to buy properties and resell them or make profits renting them. Vertucci came from two low points in his life to get to where he is today, and the NV Real Estate Academy is the best platform he has to share his real estate strategies with others.

Nick Vertucci had previously founded a computer hardware-based sales company at a time during which he was in poverty. His family couldn’t afford to send him to college and he had even spent time living out of his vehicle because things were bad. His tech company did quite well for a while and allowed him the opportunity to get married and provide for his family. But he had taken out a lot of loans and tech venture capital to make this company big, and when the dot-com crash hit in the year 2000, the company went under and he found himself way over his head in debt. He had to liquidate his assets and just about lost everything except his home. But just when things appeared to be at their lowest, Vertucci stumbled across something that would change his life forever.

Nick Vertucci was told by a friend about a real estate three-day seminar in town, and while he was skeptical about it at first, he found out while attending that he could turn foreclosed properties into gold with the right knowledge, the right strategies and the right tools at his disposal. He soon started buying homes across southern California and was amazed at how quick the turnaround for sales was. Within 10 years, Nick Vertucci overcame his debt problems and lived financially free, and he explains to everyone at NV Real Estate Academy how they can do the same. The academy has had people travel to it all the way from New York and Hawaii.

Doe Deere – Article Recap

For most of us, waking up in the morning involves nothing more than hitting the snooze button roughly 15 times more than we should, struggling to move ourselves to the coffee machine, and attempting to find the strength to shower. There is a very small percentage of the population that exists that doesn’t struggle to do any of these things. These people are called, “morning people” and Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, is one of those people.


If you don’t know who and what Lime Crime is, let me give you a brief over view of the company. It’s 2008, and a former musician in New York is looking for some lipsticks and eyeshadows that are as brightly colored as she is. The scene is definitely in need of a color boost, but the only ones that are available are shade of brows, beiges and pinks. The bandmate creates her own and begins selling them on eBay under the username “Lime Crime”.


Without realizing it, she had unintentionally started her brand – seeing as how the pigments were not found anywhere else, and were in high demand for the times. The company eventually grew, and other make up companies noticed her success – noting how they should bring more shades of every color to their collections as well as creating a space for themselves online.


Now were here, and Doe Deere, the former rocker turned entrepreneur goes to the office every day just like me and you. Before she does, she performs her morning rituals. Waking up at 8:30 every day, Doe gets out of bed and immediately drinks a cup of water. Water boosts everything in your body and makes everything better. After, she spends some time doing morning stretches, as we all should but probably don’t, and then she moves to breakfast.


Obviously, breakfast is the most important part (and the best part) of anyones morning routine. Doe Deere enjoys either grits or yogurt and fruit with her freshly squeezed orange juice but if she had to pick between the two – she’d pick grits. Once breakfast is done, it’s time for hair and make up.


“No shower?” You may ask. Well, Doe showers in the evening so all she needs is freshening up before she moves on to her every day look. It consists of foundation, eyebrows, blush, and a lip. A classic look that is clean and timeless. She then curls her hair into her every day curls, spends time with her pets and heads to the office around noon!


It’s a routine everyone could apply to their lives! Learn more:


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Treats the Whole Person

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded as a single hospital in Illinois in 1988. Since that time, it has grown to a network of five centers across the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers an integrative course of therapy to combat cancer in patients. This therapy might include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy or a vareity of other approaches.

One way in which Cancer Treatment Centers of America treatment approach can be seen is in the way they go about treating lung cancer. For early-stage lung cancer, various surgical procedures are available that seek to remove tumors in their entirety. Chemotherapy and radiation are available as stand alone treatments or as treatments used in conjunction with surgery. Targeted gene therapy along with immunotherapy are also options available for those with advanced lung cancers.

This is just one example of the way the the professionals at Cancer Treatment Centers of America go about treating the most virulent cancers known to humanity. They treat many different types of cancers, and all of the physicians are cancer specialists.

In addition to treating the cancer itself, the staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America help patients to cope with cancer. They can help patients with nausea, pain and the emotional upset that comes with having cancer. They want their patients to maintain their physical, emotional and spiritual strength so that the patient is in the best overall condition to do battle with their particular cancer.

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they are available to provide second opinions regarding treatment options. Those who have been diagnosed will come to the centers in the hope that their expertise can be of benefit when other medical providers have been unsuccessful. His facebook page

Larkin and Lacey: Arpaio’s Evil Legacy

Phoenix New Times co-creators Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are outraged at the recent pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio has been the subject of much debate since his original pardon was issued by President Trump that fell just weeks after he was sentenced for the violations that led to him being in contempt of a previous court ruling.

The article, “The Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio: Newspapermen Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Speak Out in Response to Donald Trump’s Pardon of America’s Worst Sheriff” published on discusses the long, corrupt history of Joe Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

From the very beginning, Lacey had been convinced that Arpaio is a political genius. While he hates to give the former sheriff credit for anything, he believes that his early support of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate was made in an effort to protect himself in the future.

When it came time for Arpaio to pay for some of the things that he had done, he relied on that alliance to save him from serving time. While Arpaio has been able to worm his way out of the repercussions of his actions this time, he is no stranger to the courtroom.

In fact, the contempt charge that he earned was due to his non-compliance with the court ruling resulting from Melendres V. Arpaio. In this court case, Arpaio stood accused of racially profiling citizens of Maricopa to increase deportation efforts. He would needlessly harass citizens based on their appearance and stop them for phony violations in order to check their driver’s licenses. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio was found guilty of these practices and ordered to overhaul his department and report to a monitor. In addition, the class action lawsuit paid out more than 70 million in damages. His recent pardon was centered around his failure to adhere to the terms of the settlement.

In addition to this settlement, Arpaio and Maricopa County faced Larkin and Lacey after they were unjustly arrested for posting information in their newspaper and online. Arpaio did not maintain a good relationship with the media giant Phoenix New Times, even going so far as to ban their reporters from his press conferences.

When he saw the information that Larkin and Lacey shared, some information about a grand jury hearing that Lacey and Larking themselves were being called too, he decided to act and had his officers arrest the two men. Unfortunately for Arpaio, this was unconstitutional and a violation of Larkin and Lacey’s rights. They were soon released and sued the department. This resulted in an award of 3.74 million dollars.

Larkin and Lacey used that award to set up the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. This fund is aimed at socially conscious programs created for the immigrant population of Arizona.

They wanted to use their money to be part of the solution, instead of adding to it as Arpaio chose to do. In the end, even though Arpaio was pardoned he still leaves behind a legacy of corruption and deceit. One can be happy he is no longer serving as sheriff of Maricopa County.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Behind the men of the Frontera Fund

Who are these individuals? This is the first question that you might be asking yourself if you do not live in Arizona. If you are one of these people, you should not be worried. This is an article describing them in detail and explains the Frontera Fund.

Jim and Michael are the co-founders of FrontPage Confidential. This is not the first organization that they have worked together in. This partnership goes back to 1972. It was the year that Jim Larkin decided to start the Phoenix News Times. This was after he dropped out of Arizona State University. He decided that he was going to team up with Michael Lacey to set up the news corporation.

Jim Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer. His task was to ensure the traditional advertising of the News Corporation was effective. While Jim was the CEO, Michael Lacey was the Chief Editor. He provided that before any article or news was published, it was clean and readable to everyone.

Phoenix News Times started as the result of students’ public demonstrations towards anti war efforts. It was a platform that enabled the students to air their views.

Jim and Michael took advantage of this and grew it to be a big news company. These are two gentlemen who have been through a lot together; good and bad moments alike. A simple yet effective strategy was used by these two to make sure that the writing business was a success.

In the year 1983, Jim and Michael agreed to purchase Denver’s news-and-arts weekly paper. Indeed, this was the best strategy to expand their roots. This action made sure the Phoenix News Times became famous.

In addition to that, it was able to cover the news from all corners of the country. Things were successful and continued on. However much this was good, there was a Sheriff who was not happy with these actions. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County in Arizona took action against them.

On the 18th of October 2007, Jim and Michael were arrested in their homes in Phoenix. All this was under the orders of the Sheriff. As if that was not awful enough, they were taken to Mexican Jails.

It is said that this action was affirmative so the Sheriff’s Agenda would be secure. However, this did not last for long. They were released the same day since they were no relevant charges against them. This irrelevant arrest made them request a lawsuit. The county ended up paying them $3.75 million as a result of it.

As always, when someone is offered this kind of money, he/she starts planning to make sure to have a good life ahead, or avenge the arrest. With these two individuals, the funds were used to establish the Frontera initiative.

This was an initiative that made sure that the Latino community had enough settlement and access to civil liberties. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey fought for the rights of Latino communities in the USA.

Lacey and Larkin and the Decade-long Joust with America’s Worst Sheriff

The co-founders of the Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spoke ou on what happened between them and the opposition Joe Arpaio, who was dubbed the worse sheriff in the United States.

The states were outraged when Tump pardoned the criminal. After that, however, while the criminal thought he was let off the hook, judges stated that they will not be letting go and that his criminal record is not history.

About a decade ago the journalists Michal Lacey and Jim Larkin went through the ordeal of being involved in the criminal schemes of the former sheriff of the Maricopa County Joe Arpaio. For many years, Arpaio had been dedicating his time to racial profiling and used his sheriff’s badge to have his deputies do his bidding.

Because of that, a few thousand immigrants and citizens of another race within the county have been arrested unlawfully, fined for no reason, refused drivers licenses, refused services, or racially profiled in other ways.

Racially profiling citizens and immigrants was not the end to the racism of Joe Arpaio and he added another course to the animosity and started profiling anyone, regardless of their race but whether they had written or read articles about him. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The media in California and specifically in Maricopa County has started discussing the doings of Joe Arpaio in unflattering articles that most of the population had read. Suh pieces of news would appear nearly on a daily basis, and Joe Arpaio disliked the negative light that was shining on his crimes.

In their publications, business partners and journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also talked about Joe Arpaio and soon after received a demanding email from him wanting a list f the people who had visited the online page and read the articles about him.

The profiling of citizens was continuing way too far, and Lacey and Larkin wrote a lengthy expose about the email, and the next stage of targeting was for Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were later taken away from their homes in the night and boarded into unlicensed cars, and locked up into separate prisons, both of which were under the authority of Joe Arpaio.

Release less than 24 hours later due to people’s outrage, the two journalists were not just going to stand by and ignore what had transpired. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started a court case not only against Joe Arpaio but the entirety of Maricopa County Department. They won after a difficult battle and received a settlement as large as nearly 4 million dollars.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund rose from that money to fight against criminals such as Joe Arpaio and support other organizations with the same cause. Not all of them will receive a pardon from Trump, after all, so there is hope that America will lower its crime rate against officials someday.

Frontera Fund supports a vast number of organizations that provide civil and judicial help to immigrants and minorities, as well as medical help, education, housing, and more.