Drew Madden is an Expert in Development and Management of Electronic Medical Records Systems

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur and the president of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. This executive has over a decade of unparalleled expertise in managing, implementing, and optimizing electronic medical records projects. Drew Madden is a former student of the University of Iowa, and he is skilled in the management of Epic systems and healthcare information.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden began his career immediately after graduating from college. He took up a job at Cerner Corporation where he was in charge of implementing inpatient clinical solutions. After four years, Drew Madden took up an active role at Healthia Consulting where he rose above ranks to the position of senior epic consultant. During his tenure at Healthia Consulting, Drew Madden was mandated to install Epic Inpatient applications to various hospital systems. He also acquired certification in Inpatient procedure, inpatient medication orders, and clinical documentation.

Drew Madden also worked at Ingex Consulting as a sales director. In 2010, he became the executive president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. Within seven months, Drew Madden was promoted to president of the company and his role changed to recruiting and business development. Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. is one of the leading Epic consulting corporations in America. This business has won numerous prizes such as the KLAS Awards. Drew Madden was also able to grow the company’s employees from 10 to 725 people. Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. also increased its revenue to $130,000,000.

Drew Madden’s role at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Currently, Drew Madden works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He runs the operations of their company in the Madison, Wisconsin Area. Evergreen Healthcare Partners provides IT solutions to customers in the United States. This company services hospitals in need of electronic medical records. Under Drew Madden’s management, this business has continued to thrive while recruiting new customers every month. This professional is passionate about his job, and he has continued to build trusted client partnerships and unique caliber teams. Drew Madden has acquired certifications in four fields, including Epic Willow Inpatient, Epic Inpatient Procedures Orders, Epic Inpatient Medication Orders, and Epic Inpatient Clinical Documentation. Drew Madden spends his spare time reading and researching about various applications. He also volunteers at multiple charities in the United States.

Financial Expert David Giertz Gives Advice on Being Financially Ready to Retire

How much

One of the hardest things to plan for is how much money will be needed in retirement. This makes saving for retirement more of a guessing. Most people know to put money into a retirement plan, but what they do not realize that in most cases that will not be enough money. It is important to realize that most retirees will need to bring in money from other sources besides their retirement account.

Early retirement or no

Once you figure out the amount of money you will need to live a comfortable life, is an early retirement feasible? That depends on when you plan to take that early retirement. If you are planning to retire at the age of 55, plan on saving about 33 percent of your annual salary.

How to save

Besides the typical savings account and your 401 plan from work, consider getting involved with a stock brokerage. They can asset where you are financially, and provide you with other investment opportunities. Investing in a brokerage gives you more flexibility than with other traditional methods of investing. Also, consider putting money into a health savings account. This will help to offset any medical costs. Make sure to see a finical advisor before making any decisions regarding your retirement.

David Giertz

David Giertz is the president of the Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. and has been involved in the financial industry for more than 30 years. He is also a certified business coach.

Giertz spends a lot of his time educating people about the importance of a retirement plan. Giertz believes that there is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to social security benefits. He is also involved in many of his community organizations.

A Look at the Successful Business Career of Glen Wakeman

For over two decades, Glen Walkman has made a reputation for himself as an entrepreneur, mentor, and business revolutionary. He holds a BS in Economics and Finance which he earned at the University of Scranton in 1981, as well as an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. Through his decorated career, he has been able to hold P&L, business development, and even CEO positions. Glen Wakeman has also worked for companies like Doral Financial Corp and GE Capital. He founded the Nova Four company, as well the one where he currently chairs, LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Daily Forex Report.

About LaunchPad

LaunchPad includes an automated Software service that makes it easier for young entrepreneurs to categorize their ideas into actionable plans. Since inception, the program has received positive response, and the numbers are still rising. Glen Wakeman has also become renowned for his proven performance strategy that pays attention to five specific areas namely; risk management, leadership, human capital, governance, and execution.

Career Overview

His experience with corporate management, emerging markets and divestitures makes him a good market strategist. As a writer, Glen Wakeman regularly shares his thoughts about international fiscal matters through various blogs. He also acts as an advisor to Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees executive groups. In addition to that, Glen Wakeman stays actively involved in transformative business opportunities by blogging advice about angel financing and capital raising. With his desire for growth, executive development, and innovation, he has been able to revolutionize business by providing over $15 billion in assets, and over 17,000 workers. Read this interview at ideamensch.com.

One of his outstanding tenures was while he was at GE. Glen Wakeman was CEO of GE Money Latin America. From scratch, he was able to establish an operation that spanned over 30 countries and amassed over $12 billion in assets. Over that period, he has lived in six different countries and was able to establish new products, initiate new partnerships, and build an empire that boasted over 1000 locations. The GE Board of Directors even honored him as a Growth Leadership role model, and his career has only soared higher, turning him into a significant global business figure.

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Dr. Samadi: Making The World Better

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the distinguished Dr. Samadi chose to interview the perfect person to for the occasion on his show, Housecall.: Dr. CynaraCoomer. Dr. Coomer is not only a friend and colleague of Dr. Samadi, but has an expertise in breast health like no other, anywhere. Dr. Samadi brought her insights and wisdom into the homes of thousands who watched, and highlighted her accomplishments throughout her professional career.

Dr, Coomer is the founder of the first Comprehensive Breast Center on Staten Island, and worked as one of the leading breast surgeons at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC. After her time there, she began a well-esteemed private practice treating patients for benign and cancerous breast disease. Many former and present patients sing the praises Dr. Coomer throughout the area, and highly recommend her to their friends and families. Many agree that Dr. CynaraCoomer has indeed made the world a better place for having been in it.

Dr. David Samadi also has bettered humanity for having been in the world. He is not only a celebrity, board-certified doctor, but a urologist specializing in treating prostate, kidney and bladder cancer, with both radical and minimally invasive laparoscopy and robotic surgery. In fact, he presently holds a position at Lenox Hill Hospital serving as Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery.

Dr. Sanad was raised in Iran, within a small Persian Jewish community. He and his little brother had it hard, and left Iran in 1979 after suffering through the Iranian Revolution. Both went on to be educated in London and Belgium, and moved to the USA right afterward where they finished high School in New York. Samadi then attended Stony Brook Univeristy and obtained a degree in biochemistry, earned an M.D. from the State University of New York . Dr. Samadi interned at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine both within the urology and proctology departments, and also interned at Mondor Hospital Creteil located in France.

His first place of official employment was the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, and then became part of the staff at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in 2007 where he was promoted to Vice Chair of the Urology Department. After becoming the leading expert in Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery, he became the highest paid Dr. In NYC earning a yearly $7.6 million. In 2013, he and his team moved to Lenox Hill Hospital where he served as the Chair of Urology And Chief of Robotic Surgery, and went on to be appointed Professor of Urology and Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.

Dr. Samadi has been on vasrious news outlets including Fox & Friends, and presently has his own show on every Sunday at 12:30pm EDT, which you can watch LIVE at Samaditv.com. The show can also be seen live on Facebook you tube and twitter as well. In addition, you can listen to him on the radio at AM 970 NYC.

Learn More: prostatecancer911.com/david-samadi/

A Look At An Ecommerce Recommendation Engine And How It Functions

What Is An Ecommerce Recommendation Engine And How Exactly Does It Work?


You may have heard of the term ecommerce recommendation engine before, but are probably not sure what it means and how it functions. Major online retailers such as Amazon and eBay use eCommerce recommendation engines on their websites. It is also likely that you have seen ecommerce recommendation engines at work while browsing online retail sites without even noticing it or knowing about it.


Ecommerce recommendation engines work in two primary ways. The first way is through what is called collaborative filtering. This is when you will be given suggestions of products to buy on a site based on the purchasing habits of another customer that has a similar profile to you. For example, maybe that customer is a similar age, gender, income level, location etc. The recommendation engine will show products that the other “similar” customer has bought in a suggestion box often found at the bottom or side of the shopping page.


The other way that ecommerce recommendation engines function is through what is called content filtering. This is when the engine suggests products you may like based on previous products you purchased or have looked at. So, for example, if you bought Levy jeans in the past, you will be shown additional Levy brand items based on your past purchase and browser history.


The Benefits Of Ecommerce Recommendation Engines To Businesses


There are many benefits to ecommerce recommendation engines, especially to online retailers to whom this technology is targeted at. It offers online retailers the opportunity to cross sell other related or similar products. For example, the engine can suggest a skirt to compliment a shirt that a woman has bought. This provides an excellent way to boost sales through cross selling.


Ecommerce recommendation engines have been found to increase sales significantly. This is because recommendation engines have a high rate of being able to show products that a customer would be interested in buying. Thanks to advances in machine learning and deep learning, ecommerce recommendation engines are becoming more powerful and accurate. They can be made to function based on individual user shopping history instead of an aggregated base of information or a similar customer.


The recommendation engine is a great tool for ecommerce businesses and online retailers to use to increase sales and conversions. A different form of recommendation engines exists on other online platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The people you may know suggestion and videos you may like are recommendation engines at work in the social media sphere. It is also expected that recommendation engines will continue to be used more often by more businesses and online platforms in the future.

Lime Crime Introducing the Nostalgic Polly Inspired Palettes From 1990s

Lime Crime is a beauty and makes up brand that was launched in the year 2008. Doe Deere is the founder of this revolutionizing beauty and Makeup Company, and her vision can be clearly seen in the products offered by Lime Crime. The company has been able to craft a niche for itself in the industry by providing a wide range of beauty and makeup products that are in unique and different from the conventional products available in the market. There are a variety of shades that Lime Crime offers that most other brands don’t, especially the bright and flamboyant hues, which has become highly popular among the youth.

Lime Crime recently stormed the market by introducing Polly Packet inspired palette that is beautifully packed into boxes that resemble the Polly Packets of the 1990s. It was a hugely popular game among girls of that time and for women who lived through those days, this new palette collection would certainly hold a lot of nostalgic value. The new palette comes in three combinations, namely Pink Lemonade Palette, Sugar Plum Palette, and Bubblegum Palette. These palettes have five shades each and the most flamboyant of all is the Sugar Plum palette, while the softest one is the Bubblegum. The customers can choose which palette they want to buy after carefully going through the hues choices available for each palette at the company’s site. The products offered by Lime Crime are certified to be Vegan and are even certified by PETA to be consisting of constituents that don’t encourage or involve animal cruelty.

The snap cases of the Pocket Candy Palettes are going to be hugely popular among the girls of today, who love to stay aligned with the latest fashion trends. Polly Pockets were highly famous among the women in the yesteryears, and same would be the case now as the company has marketed this new launch efficiently. The sale of the Polly palettes has been soaring since its start in September. The customers can buy all three palettes together at a discounted price on the company’s site, and can even choose to purchase one as per their preference.

Greg Secker Wants to Teach People How to Make Money Trading

CEOCFO recently published an interview with Greg Secker. The English businessman who created Learn to Trade created a philosophy around saying “yes” to opportunities and figuring out the “how” later.

Secker studied agriculture and food science at university, but he made the leap to finance after discussing it at a job fair. He had been building computers and learning to code but he was able to gain an interview with the prestigious Thomas Cook Financial Services. He began at the Virtual Trading Desk, one of the early models of online currency trading platforms. He began to take trading strategies and converting it into code for computer programmes.

His interest in Forex began at the Virtual Trading Desk. Because of the precision required for creating code, he began to understand why the functions of the trading strategies worked the way they did. After borrowing a small sum, he was able to turn $5,000 to $60,000 in a little under a year. He understand that success was dependent on several core principles that has a approaches risk management with a disciplined trading plan.

After growing bored in retirement, he attended a variety of seminars with self-help gurus like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. He realized he wanted to do something similar from a trading point of view that teaches people how to trade and providing them tools to help them make money. He has spoken at seminars nearly 6,000 times.

Secker also created the Greg Secker Foundation to help youths build life skills early in their education. He began with a summit to help them learn about relationships, entrepreneurship, health, leadership, and wealth. The non-profit organization has been focused on helping victims from typhoon victims in the Philippines build houses that will survive further disasters.

Greg Secker, the English businessman from Norfolk, gained early success in trading companies. He became a multi-millionaire by his twenties. He created a trading company that coaches and helps the average person gain financial freedom through learning to trade. He owns Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and SmartCharts Software, tools which help people learn how to trade in the stock market.

Greg Secker is also a dedicated philanthropist. He created the Greg Secker Foundation which partners with youth programs to improve the life skills, leadership abilities, and education to improve the quality of life for people. He also started the “Build a House, Build a Home” foundation in the Philippines which have built over 100 permanent homes.

Preston Smith and the Many Things He Learned at Rocketship Education

Preston Smith was born in San Jose in the early 1980s to a working-class family. From the time he was in elementary school, Smith knew that he wanted to become a teacher eventually, though he did have to exercise a great deal of patience. Beginning in 1997, Preston moved away from his Californian birthplace of San Jose to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the best universities in the United States.

There he studied Latin American culture, as he was well aware of how densely populated San Jose – much like the rest of California – was with Latinos and other Spanish-speaking people, including how effective the ability to speak Spanish would prove in practice in San Jose’s field of education.

Following completion of the bachelor’s program in 2001, he quickly flew back to San Jose to begin a short stint as a first-grade teacher at Arbuckle Elementary School. In 2003, he began initial proceedings in founding an elementary school; in 2004, the plan was finalized, soon serving as the Founding Principal of L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School. Three years later, he founded Rocketship Education, soon to be known as a pioneer in customized learning plans that students completed using modern compact tech devices like tablets and laptops.

During his first ten years with Rocketship, Mr. Smith became privy to loads of important ideas – here are the most important three.

Interviews are conducted with help from – most all schools haven’t even thought about doing so – parents. They listen to ¬¬¬ of info children wouldn’t dare repeat at school, or even at home in front of friends. As such, interviews with help from parents make nothing but loads of sense.

Parents send feedback to Rocketship Education’s nearest location and to headquarters. Teachers are evaluated in large part for how these surveys depict their classroom behavior, attitude, and effort, keeping them honest and helping eliminate backtalk and sass from kids.

In concern for children being unruly, teachers are selected based on whether their cultural backdrops match that of the average students. This increases how well students behave, as well as their willingness to learn. Educational attainment goes down the proverbial drain whenever students aren’t interested in what teachers have to say, exactly why this guideline was enacted by Preston Smith.

Avaaz members protest Glysophate before the European Union

Avaaz continues to work against Monsanto. The organization has been in the news for its GMO modifications and its near monopoly on the agriculture industry. Avaaz, an online activist or slactivist organization, continues to lobby against the organization. Members of Avaaz recently showed up to protest Monsanto at a European Union governmental hearing.

The European Union invited Monsanto representatives to a hearing to discuss glysophate, a controversial agricultural chemical, according to the Common Dreams website. The chemical is a non-selective herbicide used by many farmers. It has been linked to certain forms of cancer, and many environmental and activist groups oppose its use.

As a non-selective herbicide, glysophate will kill any plant with which it comes in contact. Farmers must use it carefully to avoid killing off their primary crops. Monsanto counters that the product must be inhaled shortly after it is sprayed to have any ill effects upon the human body. Representatives of the European Union were not amused by the company’s failure to show up to testify for the hearing. The organization has banned the use of the herbicide within the 28-nation member block as a result of the snub.

Monsanto also remains controversial in the United States. The most recent controversy involved a lawsuit filed by the company. The company accused an Indiana farmer of violating its patents when he used seed corn stored in his silo. The farmer ended up losing his case when genetic testing confirmed the plants had cross-pollinated and Monsanto’s genetically engineered gene sequences were found in the farmer’s corn.

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Daniel Taub Success Trail

Daniel Taub, the strategic planning Director for Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild Foundation in Jerusalem is a former Israeli Ambassador to the UK. Prior to joining the ministry of foreign affairs in Israel in 1991, he was a combat medic in the country’s military forces.

He advised on international legal matters and diplomacy as well as representing the country in conventions and peace negotiations with other nations like Syria and Palestine.

Daniel Taub was born to Jewish parents in London, the United Kingdom in the year 1962. Daniel Taub studied in the UK in Oxford, London, and Harvard. In 1989, he went to Israel to with his wife and settled there permanently.

All of his six children were raised in Israel. With his prowess in counter-terrorism and laws of warfare, the Israeli government has been benefited tremendously from his services in security issues and other representative roles that he has been involved in. upon being appointed the Israeli envoy to the UK, he changes his citizenship and became an Israel citizen. As an ambassador, he achieved a lot of respect and admiration from for his diplomacy skills.

The Jewish community in the UK particularly supported his service and shared in his hope and vision to see the two nations come together and promote peace. He pointed out that his main and simple role was that of letting the world know where the Israel people stand in leadership and as a country. He supported trade business and technology and inter-faith participation.

Many Christian and Jewish leaders have invited him on many occasions in Israel and the UK to give classes on religious studies. He has also worn the grassroots diplomacy award for supporting young innovative entrepreneurs. He continues to educate and entertain people in Jewish studies through the contribution of articles to various media houses as well as a dram TV series that has gained popularity in the nation.

Daniel Taub also made a great impact on the relations between Israel and the United Kingdom. In his time as the ambassador, the trade deals between the two countries doubled from what existed in the earlier years. Also, the business community expanded its territory in the United Kingdom with hundreds of Israelis setting up business ventures in various cities across the country.

Daniel Taub also enhanced interactions on cultural exchanges and education. His experience living in these two countries played a key role in making the interactions effective.

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