ClassDojo App Helps Educators Improve Their Communication with Parents

A lot of teachers and parents are connecting through technology in a very interesting way. The ClassDojo app has become what they are using to keep in touch about the progress that the children are making in the classroom. The parents do not have to worry about scheduling time off to come to a meeting anymore because there is a line of communication that is now open through the ClassDojo app.

This has become one of the most successful education apps because it allows the teacher to build a profile for each student and give parents access to the inside of the classroom.

Sometimes the teacher makes the choice to include intriguing videos of class activities. Teachers can also bring pictures into the mix to give parents a much better idea of what their children are doing inside of the classroom. There are a lot of possibilities for people that want to stay connected to the teacher and have a great amount of access to the different types of assignments that are due inside the classroom.

The Classdojo app definitely serves as a great way for teachers to stay connected with parents, but it also serves as a great app for teachers to stay connected with other teachers. There is always a great chance of getting motivation on ideas that can be implemented inside the classroom.

Teachers can reach out to other teachers that maybe at other schools and get ideas for things that they can do in their own classroom. This is another reason that the ClassDojo app has become as popular as it is within the last decade. This has become an app that is used in many countries because it makes communication so much more convenient for students, teachers and parents. The ClassDojo app has transformed communication.


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Lori Senecal-A Female Advertising Icon That Believes In Taking Risks

With laser focus, Lori Senecal understands the importance of timing, strategy and target audience when her team develops an award winning campaign. At Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, they use eye catching color schemes, ads that are geared towards the use of mobile phones and tablets, and they offer real world application in their advertising such as ads geared toward women and the use of women role models in their campaigns. They use humor as much as possible to create a relatable situation.

Lori Senecal is an world known female advertising industry executive with years of experience in promoting top brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Hershey, American Express, and BMW. She currently holds the position of Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky one of the top advertising agencies in New York City, as well as one that has been named the best places to work in NYC.

In partnership with the executive management team at Crispin, Porter & Bogusky she is responsible for overseeing the expansion of the company as well as management of the company’s other 9 international branch offices. As a strategist and accessible leader, she is known for driving growth and profitability with expertise in developing lead advertising campaigns for the world’s top brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Hershey, Kraft, and American Airlines. Visit Adweek to know more.

Prior to the post of Global CEO, Lori held a number of increasingly responsible roles in executive and general management such as her first role with McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Inc, as a young adult she created campaigns geared with young adults in mind, and this success as well as others sent her up the ranks of the company, finally reaching the position of CIO, and later becoming President of the parent company McCann World Group. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Likewise, she moved into another executive role with Kirshenbaum Bond Lori Senecal Partners where she later became the President and CEO. As a manager and mentor, Lori is known for her strong project management skills, and creating executive corporate strategies that has taken all of the companies that she has worked for to the top of the advertising world.

Lacey & Larkin

The Young Center is an Organization that helps to find advocates for children who have crossed the border alone. When they are apprehended, they are expected to represent themselves in court. If there were no advocacy groups, there would be no one to help immigrant children according to their specific needs.

The Young Center Strives to influence the legal system so that immigrant children are recognized as unique individuals with unique needs. In Arizona, about 70% of the children who come through the order are from Guatemala, which means that many of the speak indigenous languages, which further complicates matters. The Young Center

The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition advocates for immigrant rights, human rights and lower rates of college tuition. This organization was founded by undocumented students in response to a law made in 2006. This law required undocumented students to pay-out-of-state tuition. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

The ADAC is currently involved in a lawsuit against the governor of Arizona. According to their accusations, the governor of Arizona refused to grant DREAMers drivers’ licenses, despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security gave them permission to stay in the United States.

There is a large organization that exists to protect the rights of Islamic people. This organization is called CAIR, or the Council on American Islamic Relations. Since it’s founding in 1994, it has focused on advocating for the rights of Muslims and promoting positive, wholesome portrayals of Muslims. For those who ask whether CAIR is some sort of radical or violent organization, the answer is no.

As a matter of fact, CAIR heavily frowns upon acts of violence, and upholds freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other values of freedom and equality. They operate by keeping a close watch on media portrayals of Muslims, taking part in litigation, community outreach and providing news.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin showed leadership in their community by publishing facts about corruption. As a result of their brave leadership, they were illegally thrown into jail. After about six years of legal battles following the incident, they finally earned what they deserved: a $3.7 million settlement from the county that jailed them. They decided to put their money where their mouths were and further help their community by establishing the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

Two lawyers founded the Southern Poverty Law Center, also known as the SPLC, in 1971. The purpose of the SPLC is to ensure that people’s civil rights are maintained.

The SPLC has taken part in lawsuits that have fought discrimination and institutional racism. They are currently conducting the Intelligence Project—an effort to track and expose hateful activities. On their website, there is a place where you can see the fruits of the Intelligence Project. If you click on “Hate Watch,” you will be directed to a map of the United States that pinpoints hate groups and describes what each one is for.

As of August 5th, 2017, the SPLC reports that there are 917 hate groups in the United States of America. On their website, they also have a “Hatewatch” section that shows headlines from previous days concerning hatefulness, politics and economics.

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How David McDonald Skillful Techniques Are Driving OSI Group To The Top

David McDonald is the executive officer at OSI Group, a privately based animal product company. Mr McDonald completed his degree in Animal Science at the Lowa State University. He later worked at the North American Meat Institute until the year 2015. For several years McDonald served both as the chairman of the company and the chairman of the company’s board. By the end of 2015, he left the company and started serving at the OSI Industries as project manager. After the company’s acquisition by Marfrig Frigorificos e Comercio de Alimentos, he was appointed to be the director at Marfrig Global Foods. David McDonald became the director at OSI International Foods Ltd in Australia. He is currently a member of the director’s committee at the company, where he is the company’s president.

As the manager of the OSI Group, Mr McDonald serves to ensure that all their services live up to the customers’ business need. He provides global sourcing to find the ultimate solutions to challenges the company faces. By facilitating the maximum involvement of the customers, Mr McDonald ascertains that the firm has insight that will enable the best response to their needs. The company that has subsidiary company globally has incorporated a diverse personnel team. This diversity ensures that they have firsthand local management respective to their customers’ local culture and preferences.

The OSI Group has branches in China, US and Europe. In China, it has operated for twenty years where it’s reputable for being the biggest poultry producer in the country. Due to the country’s economic robust the company has also grown entering into ventures with other enterprises like the DOYOO Group. China being a densely populated country has provided a broad base of customers. The main target clients who OSI Group serves include food services and retail brands like Starbucks, Burger King, Subway and Mc Donald’s.

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